It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 424 – The Buddha Road Opens, Clouds Move in Eight Directions

Somewhere in the heavenly realm, the mist was heavy, and the haze was erupting.

Twoo rows of columns were spread far away in the auspicious purple air.

Each column was carved with a ferocious beast pattern, a dragon, a phoenix, a qilin, a bluebird…… each ferocious beast seemed to break through the column bondage and break away.

At the end of the column, a temple stands in the air.

On the temple, the golden light flowed and gleamed.

That majestic Buddha Dao aura extends in all directions, making people have an impulse to hold a pilgrimage.

In the temple.

A great Buddha sat in the main seat, and his eyes closed in meditation.  In front of him, on either side, stood the four bodhisattvas and the ten great vajras.

Three thousand Buddhas stood all over the hall.

On the square outside the temple, it was even filled with thousands of Buddhist monks, either kneeling, worshipping, standing, or squatting …… vary.

They all have a Buddha light disc behind them.

At this moment, all closed their eyes with pensive faces. The Buddha’s light was shining, and the Dharma was solemn.

“Buzz ……”

Suddenly, the great Buddha opened his eyes, and the whole heaven and earth roared.

At this moment, all the Buddhas opened their eyes one after another, looking at the great Buddha with a devout face.

“Faith power becomes weak, and something is happening in the Buddha kingdom!”

The Great Buddha murmured, and the golden light flowed into his eyes.

He pinched his fingers and calculated the amount of money he would receive!

“Buddha, did something happen?” A Bodhisattva asked.

“The Buddha’s faith has turned for the worst, and moths are invading!”

“Two strands of moths are invading, one of them, the remnant soul of the holy spirit. The other one has a mysterious aura enveloping it and cannot be calculated!”

“These two strands of power, I’m only afraid that will be detrimental to the Kingdom of Buddha!”

Speaking of this, the Great Buddha looked at a Buddha.

“Venerable A Nuo!” The great Buddha said.


With his hands folded, the Buddha came forward and bent his body in salute.

“There is a change in the Buddha kingdom. Please come down to the realm and investigate the situation!” The great Buddha said.

“Yes, Buddha Ancestor!” Venerable A Nuo answered.

“Remember, the Infinite Tribulation is about to begin, and the Dark Era will return!”

“In order to ensure the prosperity of the Buddha Sect, the Buddha Kingdom is vital!”

“At present, the Buddha’s path is opening!”

“What you need to do is to ensure that the Buddha Road is not disturbed by moths, do you understand?” The Great Buddha said.

“I obey the Buddha’s dharma!”

After saying that, Venerable A Nuo floated away.

“Buddha, is it possible to send only Venerable A Nuo alone?” A Bodhisattva asked.

“The Buddha kingdom has been through the Dark Ages and is already shaky, so it cannot withstand too much power!”

“Everything has its own destiny, and we should just take it with a pinch of salt!” The great Buddha said.


All the great Buddhas, in unison, bowed.



The Heavenly Horse Star Domain, the Heavenly Horse Galaxy, on the Heavenly Horse Planet.

In a golden temple.

A golden-robed young man sat cross-legged in front of a Buddha statue, his mouth chanting.

A line of scriptures slowly flew out of his mouth and circled around his head. An ancient Buddha coalesced and took shape above the golden-robed boy’s head.

The ancient Buddha sitting on the golden-robed boy’s head, hands together, looks solemn and extraordinary.

Once this scene appeared, the eyes of the group of monks standing in the hall were glowing.

The color of worship was written all over their faces.

“Lord Wu Hong is really powerful!”

“Yes, he has condensed the Buddha Dao’s golden body. I am afraid that in the future, it is not a problem for him to obtain the Buddha position in the future!”

“Of course, among the human race, how many Buddhists can compare with Lord Wu Hong?”

“I heard that Lord Wu Hong is not yet five thousand years old!”

“What? He’s not even five thousand years and has condensed his golden body, my God!”

The crowd looked at the golden-robed boy, with their faces full of surprise. That look was like watching the Buddha descend.

Only after a long time did the golden-robed boy open his eyes, stand up, and perform a Buddhist salute to the monks.

The spring breeze and smile emanated from his face, making people feel comfortable.

“Lord Wu!”

At this time, an old monk with a white beard came forward.

“Greetings, Abbot!” The golden-robed boy was courteous.

“Lord Wu, you are welcome! Although you are a secular disciple, your attainment in Buddhism is far inferior to that of a poor monk!”

“In two days, the Buddhist passage will be opened. Are you ready?” The old monk said.

“Abbot, I am ready!” The golden-robed boy nodded slightly.

Hearing this, the old monk stroked his long beard with a satisfied look.



Deep in the universe, somewhere in space.

A woman dressed in a blue veil sat on the ground, her hands kept on clenching.

“Buzzing well ……”

A golden dragon shadow began to circle around her.

These golden dragons quickly merged, and the silhouettes gradually became solid.

 A few moments later.

A golden dragon took shape and kept scurrying at the woman’s fingertips.

“Howl ……”

Each hiss of the golden dragon would shake the space to distort as if to crack open.

The blue-veiled woman looked at this scene, and her golden eyes blossomed with a different kind of bright aura.

“It’s done!”

The corner of her mouth raised, reaching to touch a dragon horn on top of her head. The golden dragon drilled into it and disappeared.

“The Buddha path is about to open. This time, I will obtain a Buddha position!”

“Father, I’ll go to the Buddha Kingdom first to obtain a Buddha position!”

The blue-veiled woman took out a transmission jade slip, sent a message, and then put it away.

“Buzz ……”

The blue-veiled woman’s body flashed and instantly disappeared from the spot. Scenes like this one kept playing out all over the Human Realm universe.

And yet, all the demigods who had cultivated the Buddha Dao had come out of the gate.

A dragon and tiger storm was about to be staged in the Buddha Kingdom of Rulai ……



Purple Sun Planet, east of the Tian Luo Continent, hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. There was a vast and boundless continent called the World of Ultimate Bliss.

The center of the continent was in a mountain range called Sumeru Mountain.

On this day, above Sumeru Mountain.

“Hoo ……”

The sky shook up layers of ripples, and three figures came out from the ripples and stood over Sumeru Mountain.

These three people were Sun Hao, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, and the Six-Eared Macaque.

They looked at Mount Sumeru with doubts all over their faces.

“Strange, how come none of the baldies are here?”

The Six-Eared Macaque scratched his head and ears and spoke.

“Six Ears, you didn’t bring us to the wrong place, did you?” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

“How is that possible? I can sense my other flesh body, and it’s down there!” Six-Eared Macaque said.

“Then how come all the baldies here have disappeared?” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign asked.

“How should I know?” The Six-Eared Macaque said.


Sun Hao waved his hand, and the two immediately stopped arguing. He swept his gaze to the Sumeru Mountain.

“Six Ears is right, and it’s indeed down there!”

After saying that, Sun Hao extended his finger and pointed toward the sky.

 “Phew ……”

Nine suns, straight to the sky traces, quickly merged into one. The suns shed its light and enveloped Sumeru Mountain.

At this moment.

“Swoosh ……”

Everything on Mount Sumeru quickly evaporated.


A Buddha’s hand enveloped the earth and stood proudly on Mount Sumeru.  Under the Buddha’s hand, the six-eared macaque statue was suppressed.

After the palm of submission just revealed.

“Hoo ……”

A Buddha statue’s virtual shadow called straight up and instantly stood before Sun Hao.

“Fellow Daoist, you and I meet again, this ……”

The words were not finished. The face of the Buddha image’s virtual shadow changed dramatically.  Looking at Sun Hao’s outstretched finger, he waved his hand repeatedly.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t …… don’t ah!”

“No ……”

The Buddha Avatar quickly crumbled away. The cries came to an abrupt end.

“Boom ……”

The Six-Eared Macaque statue seal exploded. The doppelganger rushed up to the sky and turned into a monkey hair, returning to the back of the Six-Eared Macaque’s head.

“Boom ……”

The five-horned black tower exploded, and two soul shadows whistled up and stood before Sun Hao.  Looking at these two soul shadows, Sun Hao’s face showed surprise and doubts all over his face.

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