It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 416 – Blood Refining Heavenly Formation

On the Tian Luo Continent, in a certain mining cave at the edge of the Primordial Mines.

The lights were bright as daylight.

“Ding ……”

The sound of hammering resounded through the mine cave.

A man stood in the mine cave, holding a few branches in his hand and continuously examining them.

 “Why did the branches of the Sinking Soul Divine Wood appear here?”

“And this thing can actually dispel the demons?”

The man muttered and frowned in thought. If Sun Hao were here, he would have recognized this man.

This man was none other than the Sect Master of the Origin Heavenly Sect-Zhang Tianming.

However, compared to before, he looked considerably younger.

“Hall Master!”

At this moment, a bald man quickly ran over, with a glow of joy on his face, “The excavation is done!”

“It’s excavated?”

Zhang Tianming’s eyes glowed as he followed the bald man quickly.

Standing in front of a hole that led deep into the ground, Zhang Tianming threw down a few glowing gems before walking inside.

“Swoosh ……”

After gliding down for a while, he landed at the bottom of the ground. It was a tomb, and it was obvious that the inside had just been cleared of mud.

Standing in front of an ancient bronze coffin, Zhang Tianming frowned with a look of deep thought.

“The first ancestor of the Origin Heavenly Sect was buried in this bronze ancient coffin.”

“Could the old ancestor be in here?”

Zhang Tianming muttered.

Inside the bronze ancient coffin.  An old man with a withered body suddenly opened his eyes.

All his body was covered in red hair, which lit up like a scarlet aura, illuminating the ancient coffin.

The two scarlet eyes revealing a breathtaking red aura.

“Another descendant has come?”

With a grin, the root-tipped teeth covered its entire mouth, making people’s hearts leap with fear.

“Child, open it, open it quickly!” On the face of the withered old man, there was a look of anticipation.

“Hall Master, should we open it?”

A sound came from outside the ancient coffin.  Hearing this sound, the withered old man’s eyes glowed with joy.

Finally, this day has come.

His soul almost flew away when he encountered that terrifying existence last time.

Now, no longer able to perform body snatching. He could only wait for others to release him.

Then, in return, to devour their blood and physical strength only.

“No, the Origin Heavenly Sect’s founding ancestor must have transformed into a red-haired monster, and it will be ominous for us to open it!”

Hearing this sound, the withered old man’s face blackened, hating that he could jump out now, pointing at Zhang Tianming and bashing.

“Dang ……”

He was so angry that he crashed heavily against the ancient bronze coffin.

The bronze coffin shook and scared Zhang Tianming and the others, that they took several steps back.

“Hall Master, what should we do?”

“Stay away, do not come near the coffin!” Zhang Tianming said.


All of them stayed away. Zhang Tianming stood before the ancient bronze coffin, revealing a thoughtful look.

Ever since the last time he met the Godly Cunning Immortal and gave him a great transformation, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds. In just a few months, he had reached the Heavenly Immortal realm.

Moreover, he successfully joined the Evil Suppression Alliance and became the head of the Northern Domain, responsible for all matters in the Northern Domain.

In the past months, strange things had happened in the Primordial Mine, and the spirits living in a hundred square meters had disappeared for no reason.

As a hall master investigating the truth was duty-bound.

Therefore, he led a group of disciples of the Red Refinement Sect to the mine to find the truth.

With this group of bald heads in, the Yang Qi scared off the evil Qi, it was not a problem.

However, half a month has passed, and the Primordial mines are surprisingly quiet, with no semblance of strange happenings.

“Could it be that they are afraid of us?” Zhang Tianming said secretly.

These words were just finished.

“Boom! Boom ……”

A burst of dull sound was heard from the top of their heads, and the sand and rocks at the top of the wall, fell shabbily.

“Hall Master, this?”

“Don’t move!”

Zhang Tianming stood still and listened with open ears.

Overhead, like ten thousand horses galloping, straight to the center of the Primordial mine.

The sound faded away.

The crowd looked up at the top of their heads with frightened expressions. They hadn’t come to catch their breath.

At this time.

“Boom ……”

The ancient bronze coffin vibrated wildly as if a monster was about to jump out of it.

The vibration was getting more violent, driving the whole tomb chamber trembling in a straight buzz.


Zhang Tianming shouted. Everyone hurriedly retreated and just ran to the corner.


There was an explosive sound.

The ancient bronze coffin shot straight up to the top of the wall, cracking the ground at once, drilling into it and disappeared.

“Boom ……”

A piece of rubble fell straight down, burying them under the broken stones. Zhang Tianming created an immortal power shield to cover everyone.

“Swoosh ……”

With a wave of his right hand, a ray of light flew out from his fingertips and exploded above the shattered rocks.

“Boom ……”

The broken stone exploded into dust, enveloping the entire space for a long time before it dissipated.

Everyone looked up, at the giant hole at the top of the wall, with a startling expressions.

“Hall Master, the ancient coffin has escaped, should we follow it up and take a look?”

“Of course! Maybe we’ll find the truth soon!”

Zhang Tianming led them up into the sky and flew mid-air, looking at the center of the Primordial Mine with a gloomy face.

“Is everyone ready?” Zhang Tianming asked.


Neat voices resounded through heaven and earth. Under the sunlight, these thousands of bald heads glistened.


They transformed into a vanishing light and sprinted straight to the center of the Primordial Mine.

A moment later.

Zhang Tianming and the others stood in the sky, looking down, and couldn’t help but have their scalps explode with cold sweat.

Only to see.

Thousands of meters of dust envelop the sky.

“Howl ……”

 Among the dust, a skinless humanoid monster kept hissing in the dust, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth. A stream of blood mist gushed out from their mouths, whistling in all directions and quickly enveloping the sky and earth.

In a few moments, the entire dust reflected in blood red. The cold breath, from the blood fog whistling to.

It hit the crowd and chilled their whole bodies.

“What is this thing?”

“This …… is too much, right? What should we do?”

“Hall Master, give your word!”

Zhang Tianming looked at these humanoid monsters, he frowned with a thoughtful look.

Each humanoid monster’s strength reached the Immortal Realm, and the number was so large that it was at least ten million. Rushing in to fight with them, how was it different from looking for death? If these humanoid monsters were allowed to sweep across the land, who would stop them?

The more he thought about it, the more entangled Zhang Tianming became. For a moment, he could not think of a way to deal with it.


In the instant he was dazed, a loud bang rang out from the center of the Primordial Mine.  A shock wave spread in all directions. Everywhere it reached, it crumbled. With the force of a mountain overturning the sea, it enveloped all the human-shaped monsters in an instant.

“Boom! Boom ……”

The humanoid monsters all exploded into a blood mist and disappeared on the spot. The surrounding blood mist, ten times more intense, scarlet red.

Such a scene directly frightened Zhang Tianming and others into silence in place. They were about to take a step to flee.

At that moment. The shockwave came to an abrupt halt. The blood mist around fell to the ground like a waterfall. The entire earth had been blown to flat.

After landing on the ground, the blood mist surged rapidly, forming a strand of blood like a spiritual snake wandering on the ground.

An ancient formation pattern was engraved. Zhang Tianming looked at this scene, his scalp exploded, and a cold sweat broke out.

“Not good, that …… that is the Blood Refining Heavenly Formation, quickly …… run!”

However, how can it be done, it was too late.

In the next second, a sudden change occurred.

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  1. you’d think people would learn by now but hindsight is pretty limited in cultivation stories until it’s too late

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