It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 404 – What an Eye-opening Experience

“Master ancestor, what are your orders?” Wang Kai asked.

“You did a good job today.” Sun Hao patted Wang Kai and spoke.


Wang Kai looked stunned and thought he had heard wrong.

Obstructing the grandmaster and committing a big crime, wouldn’t the grandmaster throw himself out of the Alchemy Hall?

“Grandmaster, I’m sorry, the disciple has rushed you today, please reprimand me!” Wang Kai said.

“The so-called one who does not know is not guilty!”

“You haven’t met me, what’s the crime?”

“Today, none of you did anything wrong, your master studied the pills, you sacrificed your bodies to protect them, and you did a good job!”

“I have some gifts to give you guys!”

After saying that, Sun Hao waved his right hand.

A piece of tea leaves flew out from his hand and floated in front of the ten people.

Seeing these tea leaves, Wang Kai and everyone were full of shock.

“This …… is all enlightenment tea?”

“This is too much, right?”

“Could it be that the grand master is giving this to us?”

For a moment, they couldn’t calm down.

Sending enlightenment tea with a wave of the hand, and, all in thousands of pieces.

Ancestor, this is a dream, right?

“Don’t remain frozen, these are the things that will enhance your talent!”

“I hope that under my tutelage, there is no waste!” Sun Hao’s voice, woke up the ten people.

“Yes, Grandmaster!”

The ten people clasped their fists together and bowed respectfully.

“Okay, you all go down first, I have something to say to your master!”

“Yes, Grandmaster!”

The ten men retreated in turn, their faces revealing an uncontainable surprise.

“Buzz ……”

When the secret room door closed, Qin Yu came forward.

“Master, your great kindness, Qin Yu can hardly repay it in his lifetime!”

“Let me follow you and do something for you!” Qin Yu said.

“No ……”

Sun Hao smiled and shook his head, “You have more important things to do!”

“I hope you can carry forward the art of pill refining!” Sun Hao said.

“Master, I understand!”

Qin Yu nodded his head heavily, “By the way, where is the mistress?”

“Ai ……”

Sun Hao sighed lightly and told the matter of Huang Rumeng becoming a vegetative person.

Hearing this, Qin Yu’s face showed regret and his fists clenched and clicked.

“Master, the disciple is incompetent, unable to share the worries of the master!” Qin Yu said.

“No need to worry, as long as I go to the Great Yin Realm, I think I will be able to enter the Earth Realm and resurrect Rumeng!”

“On the contrary, you, you still have to work harder!” Sun Hao said.

“Master, don’t worry, I will!” Qin Yu nodded his head.

“To leave you behind is to give you a gift!”

“Listen up!”

Sun Hao took out the ancient zither and began to play.

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“Zheng ……”

The sound of the zither rang out.

Like a rushing stream, soundless. Like a violent storm, the leaves leave the branches to break.

Wisps of seven-colored divine elements rushed out from Sun Hao’s fingertips and flew to Qin Yu’s body, circling around him.

After these divine elements drilled into his body, they quickly transformed his strength.

“Zheng ……”

As the sound of the zither rang out, the seven-colored divine elements gathered more and more, thick as watery mist, covering the eyes.

For a moment, the whole secret room was filled with seven-colored divine elements.

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign stood by the side, his eyes blossoming with a different kind of refined aura.

He wanted to move but did not dare to move.

“He alone can’t absorb it, so you absorb it too!”

At this time, a sound rang in his ears.

Hearing these words, the Thunder Tribulation Master clasped his fist and bowed.

After that, he sat down on the ground, opened his big mouth, and began to devour.

“Ka-ching ……”

In a moment or less.

The realm membrane on the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s body then shattered open and became a third-grade Demigod.

“Young master has become stronger again, it’s only been a few breaths, and I’ve broken through!”

“Such a dense divine essence, it’s really unseen!”

“If this continues, there is absolutely no problem for me to become a Ninth Grade Demigod!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign had an excited face. Sinking his heart down, he continued to absorb the seven-colored divine essence.

“Buzz ……”

In Sun Hao’s soul space, there was a vibration.

With a sweep of his thoughts, he found that it was Blood Wolf and Rift Sky Ancient that sent out the vibration.

These two guys were thinking of coming out.

“Come out!”

Sun Hao’s intention moved and summoned them both out.

“Hoo ……”

Rift Sky Ancient opened its mouth and also began to devour the seven-colored divine elements.

The Blood Wolf also followed the example of the Rift Sky Ancient and began to devour like crazy.

The seven-colored divine elements were quickly absorbed by them.

However, with a flick of Sun Hao’s finger, countless seven-colored divine elements could be born.

In a moment, it was impossible to absorb all of them.



Penglai Immortal City.

The people were gathered in front of the alchemy hall, and for a moment, they couldn’t calm down. Many people secretly wiped their cold sweat, with a look of awe.

“It really scared me to death!”

“Yes, it’s too scary, just now the purple qi came from the east, and then the seven-colored auspiciousness came!”

“This vision after vision, all pouring into the alchemy hall, it seems that the master of master Qin is by no means an ordinary person!”

“That is not nonsense, seven-colored auspicious, such a vision, you live so long, how many times have you seen?”

“Today is the first time! What an eye-opening experience!”

The whole Penglai Immortal City broke up.

For those who didn’t know, after a little inquiring, they knew that these visions were made by Sun Hao.

In a luxurious mansion.

A middle-aged man sat at the seat of the mansion’s master and shouted, “Quickly …… quickly, bring me the Immortal God Pill at the innermost part of the treasury!”

A woman looked hurried, quickly ran, and stood in front of the middle-aged man and said, “Master, that strain of Immortal God Pill, isn’t it used to quench Yuyi’s body?”

“In a woman’s humble opinion, when that supreme figure comes, one must go to pay respects! Do I go empty-handed?” The middle-aged man said.

“Master, you can just go to pay your respects, why do you need to take the Immortal God Pill?” The woman asked.

“Hmph, that kind of person, other than being able to look at the Immortal God Pill, can you look at other things?”

“This ……” The woman opened her mouth, unable to speak.

“Don’t say anymore!”

After saying that, the middle-aged man put away the Immortal God Pill, then walked out of the pavilion, and quickly went away.

In another mansion treasury.

A long-bearded old man swept his gaze around and finally fixed on a long sword.

“Hey, this supreme immortal weapon, I wonder if that character, can look at it?”

The long-bearded old man held the sword in his hand and looked it up and down.

“Penglai Immortal City, surprisingly this kind of character came, if I can make acquaintance, may be able to obtain the supreme destiny ah!”

“I really hope that person can look at my immortal weapon!”

The long-bearded old man muttered to himself.

Holding the long sword in his hand, his body flickered and instantly disappeared from the spot.

And a scene like this appeared in the entire Penglai Immortal City. The stronger the power, the more prepared it was. In front of the Alchemy Hall, more and more people gathered.

The sky, the ground, on the eaves, in the attic ……

Wherever you can see the Alchemy Hall, there is a crowd of heads there.

Immortal cultivators who could not see with their own eyes released their divine thoughts and swept above the attic of the Alchemy Hall.

At this moment.

The pavilion where Sun Hao was located became the attention of billions of people.

Every one looked at the entrance of the Alchemy Hall, waiting for Sun Hao to come out.

The time passed little by little.

Soon, they waited from noon to afternoon, and then to evening.

Time did not consume their enthusiasm, on the contrary, more and more people gathered.

There were quite a few people, strong men who came from other planets.

There were many Immortal Emperors and Immortal Kings.

On the faces of these people, there was a look of awe.

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