It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 402 – Master, I Finally Meet You

“What? He’s really Elder Wang? I actually met Elder Wang?”

“No way, a figure like Elder Wang really became Master Qin’s disciple?”

“What do you guys know? Grandmaster Qin can make a very high-quality immortal pill without any side effects, so Elder Wang is lucky to be his disciple!”

“What, Master Qin can create a pill out of nothing? That’ s fake, right?”

“What fake, I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Oh my! If you can learn it, your future is boundless!”

Exclaims of amazement kept ringing out. For a while, it was simply calm.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Wang Kai, and they were envious.

To these, Wang Kai completely ignored.

His gaze was fixed on the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign and Sun Hao.

Then, using various secret techniques, he kept on inspecting.

A moment later.

Wang Kai withdrew his secret techniques, and his face showed a trace of gloom.

Just now, after exhausting his methods, he could not check the strength of Sun Hao’s two people.

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign still looked like an Immortal.

No matter how he looked, Sun Hao didn’t have any power fluctuations, just a mortal.

“Mortal, immortal emperor?”

“This can’t be!”

“Could it be that I can’t see the strength of the two?”

Wang Kai frowned tightly with a look of deep thought.  However, you dare to be disrespectful to the master.

Even if the king of heaven’s old capital comes, I will have to fight with you.

Thinking like this, Wang Kai came forward, “You two, really ready to come looking for trouble?”

“Looking for what ……”

The Thunder TribulationMaster was about to speak, when Sun Hao waved his hand and immediately shut his mouth.

Sun Hao looked at Wang Kai and slightly clasped his fist, “Hello, I think you misunderstood, we are here to find Qin Yu, please pass the word that a long time friend is visiting!”

These words just fell.

“What? Another person impersonating Master Qin’s acquaintance?”

“There is nothing new, every day there are several waves of people pretending to be Master Qin’s acquaintance.”

“Master Qin is studying pills, so he doesn’t have the time to meet such people.”

“That’s right, a mortal, also worthy to find Master Qin?”

All around, there were accusations. Sun Hao was fine, his expression was very calm.

However, the Thunder Tribulation Master beside him was so angry that his face was red, and his expression was incomparably ugly.

I’m so angry, dare to disrespect the young master like this.

You trash, see if I don’t exterminate you!


A light shout, with a wave of intimidating pressure, swept in all directions.

At once.

Everyone closed their mouths and no longer dared to speak.

The power of the body as if it was pumped clean, weak.

They looked at the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, with fear on their faces.

The Thunderbolt Sovereign stood in front of Wang Kai and looked at him coldly, “Did you hear what the young master said?”

“Sorry, the master is researching pills, he doesn’t have time to see you guys.” Wang Kai said.

“Bullshit, quickly tell him to get out, or else, the old man will demolish this place!”

The Thunder Sovereign let out a loud shout, sounding like thunder, and rolled out. These words clearly reached the ears of the onlookers.

They looked at this scene and their faces changed.

More, there was fear.

Many people slowly retreated backwards, away from the Alchemy Hall, so as not to be affected.

Wang Kai’s face turned iron when he heard this.

The two anger from the bottom of the feet up, in his chest constantly hovering and seeming to explode.

Dare to bully the master like this, today I will fight with you to the death!

“Since your Excellency is so provocative, then I will not be polite!”

“This is not the place to fight, let’s go above to practice?” Wang Kai said.

“Let’s practice!”

“Kid, I don’t hit you lightly, so don’t blame me if you die!” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.


Wang Kai coldly snorted, not the least bit afraid. His body’s demigod realm aura rushed out and swept in all directions.

Just as he was about to rush up into the sky.

“What are you doing?”

At this moment, a sound rang out. This sound immediately drew everyone’s attention.  Wang Kai looked back and looked startled. Taking three steps, he ran up to him with a fawning face, “Master, why have you come out?”

In front of Wang Kai, there stood a blue-robed young man.  Between his hands and feet, there was an indescribable spirituality.

The aura of being in control of everything makes people feel awe at the first sight. This young man was none other than Qin Yu.

He glanced at Wang Kai, revealing a look of displeasure, “Such a loud noise, can I not come out?”

“If you don’t come out, the Alchemy Hall will be torn down by you all.”

“What is going on?” Qin Yu asked.

“Master, it’s him! They are the ones who made you ……”

Before he finished his words, Wang Kai’s expression was stunned.

He looked at Qin Yu with a face full of doubts.

Only to see.

Qin Yu’s gaze was firmly fixed on Sun Hao. His hands trembled slightly, and tears in his eyes kept brewing. That look, just like seeing a long-lost relative.

Qin Yu quickly ran to Sun Hao, first a deep bow, and then, was kneeling down, kowtowing.

“Knock knock ……”

Qin Yu hit the stone ground with a thud.  Such a scene, directly put everyone present stunned in place.

That shock, that disbelief, written all over everyone’s face. They opened their mouths wide and trembled up and down, their eyes were wide open, as if they were going to fall out.

When did they ever see Master Qin treat people with such respect? What kind of person is worthy of Master Qin’s three knees and nine kowtows like this.

For a moment, the crowd’s thinking stalled, simply could not understand.

“Master is supreme, please accept the disciple’s three kneels!”

“Master is supreme, please accept the disciple’s three kneels again!”

“Master, I’ve finally met you!”

” I thought you were not on the Purple Sun Planet ……”

These voices, like meteors falling to the ground, blasted everyone’s ears. That mortal, no, that young master is Master Qin’s master?

Master Qin was instructed by someone, could it be that gentleman?

Oh my God!

At this moment, the crowd was stunned in place, full of disbelief.

A moment later.

“Hiss ……”

The sound of cold breaths pouring out rose and fell.

“My ancestor, just now I was laughing at Master Qin’s master!”

“God, what have I done? This ancestor-level big shot, I dare to mock?”

“Fortunately, no one is angry, otherwise, one breath would have blown me away?”

“If I hadn’t laughed at the big man just now, I might have been able to make a connection with such a person.

Voices of regret kept ringing out.

Sun Hao looked at Qin Yu and sighed for a while.

“Elder brother Qin, how have I ever been your master?”

“Get up!” Sun Hao lifted Qin Yu up.

“Young master, in my heart, you are the master, and it will never change in my life!”

“Please accept me as your disciple!”

After saying that, Qin Yu once again knelt down on the ground and kept kowtowing.

“It’s not impossible to accept you as a disciple, as long as you meet my requirements!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Master ……!”

Qin Yu looked at Sun Hao, in his eyes, a different kind of refined aura bloomed.

“Young master, this way please!” Qin Yu made a gesture of please.


Sun Hao nodded his head and followed Qin Yu into the alchemy hall.

“Humph ……”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign coldly snorted, glanced at the crowd that was frozen in place, held his head high, and followed closely behind.

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