It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 401 – Have Qin Yu Come Out to Meet the Young Master

“This news is earth-shattering, I just got it yesterday!”

“This news is that the Cultivator Alliance Deacon – Wang Kai has come to Penglai Immortal City!”

A green-haired man looked at the crowd and spoke. When these words came out, everyone was stunned in place. The expressions on their faces changed. More, there was disbelief.

“What? The Cultivator Alliance will come? Are you kidding?”

“Let’s not talk about the Purple Sun Planet and the Milky Way alone, it’s impossible for the Cultivator Alliance to send someone here!”

“That’s right, not to mention that a deacon was sent, this is simply unthinkable!”

Voices of disbelief kept ringing out. When the green-haired man heard these, the corners of his mouth raised slightly as he continued to speak.

“To tell you, Deacon Wang Kai is not just someone from the Cultivator Alliance, but also an elder of the Alchemy Association!”

The green-haired man once again dropped a heavy bomb.

“How is this possible? How could the Alchemy Association’s elder come here?”

“How can that big shot, who is hard to invite with billions of gold, come here!”

“It’s hard to believe that he came to invite Master Qin to the Alchemy Association?”

“No way! If Grandmaster Qin goes to the Alchemy Association, where are we going to buy Immortal Pills in the future?”

Many people had bitter looks on their faces.  When the green-haired man heard this, he smiled and shook his head.


A single word shook everyone in place. The scene immediately quieted down.

“For your information, Elder Wang is not here to invite Master Qin!”

“Instead, he came to learn the art from Master Qin!”

When these words came out, there was dead silence all around. The elder of the Alchemist Association came to learn from Master Qin. The Alchemist Association was in control of the entire human race’s elixir refining.

Not to mention an elder, even a disciple, that status is incomparably noble, by countless people’s admiration.

Such a person would lower his status to come here?

Can this be true?

“I tell you, this Elder Wang did not pass Master Qin’s test, and can only become a named disciple!” The green-haired man said.


Everyone opened their mouths and murmured for half a day without uttering a single word.

That shocked look, that words could not describe.

The hall elder was not suitable but came to be an outer disciple.

And also only the alchemy hall of the name disciple.

Is this true?

Everyone was frozen in place, for half a day did not come back to their senses.

“Let’s go, go to the Alchemy Hall and see if Elder Wang is there?”

“Go and see for yourself to know if what he said is true!”

Soon, there were many people who stood up and went straight out. The corner of Sun Hao’s mouth raised, and he did not move to join the crowd.

I didn’t expect that Qin Yu would grow to such an extent. Naturally, he had to go and meet.

Not long after. Sun Hao followed a group of people to a pavilion. Above the pavilion, there were three big words “Alchemy Hall” written.

In front of the pavilion, there were already a lot of people lined up. At a glance, it was impossible to see the edge.

These people were all here to buy pills.

“Hey, how come there are no more immortal pills!”

“This is too hard to buy, hey ……”

“Master Qin’s elixir, it’s really hard to find a bottle!”

Many people gathered around and quickly disrupted the line.

The whole scene was in chaos.


A soft shout came from the alchemy hall. A man in white walked out from the alchemy hall.

On his body, the Immortal Emperor realm mighty pressure, a burst spread outward, aimed at the onlookers and swept in.

Everyone’s body has backed up, away from the alchemy hall. After standing firm, a look of fear appeared on their faces one after another.

“A disciple is an Immortal Emperor, how terrifying!”

“Is he Wang Kai? This strength is too strong!”

“He’s not Immortal Kai, he’s a disciple that Master Qin took in half a month ago! He seems to be from another planet.”

The onlookers looked at the man in white, with jealousy in their eyes.


The crowd raised their eyebrows and looked at the entrance of the Alchemy Hall with astonishment.

Only to see.

At the entrance of the Alchemy Hall, there were still two people standing.

These two people were none other than Sun Hao and the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign. The two stood in place, with a breezy expressions.

“No way, in the face of the Immortal Emperor’s mighty pressure, the two of them were not even bothered?”

“A mortal and an immortal emperor? Did my eyesight fail me?”

“Could it be that the immortal emperor pressure is fake?”

The man in white looked at the two of Sun Hao and was also astonished.

He came forward and gave a slight fist clasp to the two Sun Hao, ” Both of you, the Immortal Pills are sold out today, if you need them, please come back tomorrow!”

“We’re not here to buy immortal pills!”

The Thunder Tribulation Master looked ordinary, but his voice was extraordinarily gruff.

“Then you guys?” The man in white asked.

“We are here to find Qin Yu so that he can come out to see the young master!”

The moment these words came out. The air around was stagnant.

Everyone was staring at the two Sun Hao, with their faces changing.

What is Master Qin’s status?

How dare you ask Master Qin to come out to see you?

Are you proud of your noble status?

How can you be more honorable than Elder Wang?

These two brats are really talking out of their mouths.

When Sun Hao heard the words of the Thunder Tribulation Master, he also looked puzzled.

This guy has made a habit of talking. This was obviously a provocation! Although he was not afraid, but it was not good to pretend like this.

However, the words have been spoken, there was no room for turning back. The corners of the man in blue’s mouth twitched slightly, his face was unsightly.

He stared at the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign with his eyes like a knife, “What did you just say? Say it again!”

“What? Are your ears deaf, or do I speak unclearly?”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign had a furious look on his face. An Immortal Emperor, daring to treat his words as if they were falling on deaf ears?

If it was before, I would have slapped him to death. In front of the young master he really had no choice but to curb his temper.

“You ……”

“It looks like you’re here to pick a fight!”

“In that case, let me see what you are capable of!”

As the words fell!

“Hoo ……”

The man in white’s body flew backward and hit the ground heavily, spitting out blood.

Such a scene directly stunned everyone present in place.

An immortal emperor had sent another immortal Emperor flying? And did not see how he struck? Why are there so many experts in this world? Did my eyes get blurry?


The crowd muttered, and for a moment, did not calm down. The man in white struggled to stand up, his face was ugly.

“Who is spreading wildness in my Alchemy Hall?”

Suddenly, a sound came from the Alchemy Hall.  Immediately after that, a middle-aged man in purple robes walked out.

Seeing this purple-robed man, the white-clothed man quickly ran over, “Little senior brother, that’s him!”

“He wants our master to come see him!”

The white-clothed man pointed at the two Sun Hao and spoke.

“To see him?”

The purple-robed man stared at the two Sun Hao, the expression on his face changing.

“You guys even asked for my Wang Kai’s master to meet you, I want to see, what are you capable of?”

These words came out.

There was dead silence all around. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the purple-robed man, astonishment filling their faces. The shock and surprise kept intertwining on their faces.

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