It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 400 – Renowned in Penglai Immortal City

In the middle of the Penglai Continent, there was a huge city named Penglai Immortal City.

This city, which was the center of the Penglai Continent, had an area that was dozens of times the size of the Central Prefecture Immortal City.

The population was dense, with hundreds of millions of people.

Its prosperity could not be described in words.

On this day.

“Hoo ……”

Above the Penglai Immortal City, two layers of ripples suddenly shook up. Two figures stepped out from the ripples and stood above the Penglai Immortal City. These two people were none other than Sun Hao and the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign.

“My lord, look, there is the planet transmission array!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign pointed to the north of Penglai Immortal City and spoke.

Sun Hao’s divine senses swept away and landed on the planet transmission array to the north of Penglai Immortal City.

A moment later.

Sun Hao withdrew his gaze, and in his eyes, a trace of gloom appeared.

” My lord, what’s wrong?” The Thunder Sovereign asked.

“Something’s wrong, there’s something wrong with the teleportation array, it seems like the other side is not working!” Sun Hao said.


The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign was startled, a trace of surprise appeared on his face, “My lord, it was fine when I came here!”

“Is there any other way to go to the Heavenly Dipper Star System?” Sun Hao asked.

“Other ways?”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign frowned tightly, showing a thoughtful look.

“My lord, there are two ways to go to the Heavenly Dipper Star System, first, naturally, we should take the interplanetary transmission array to go there, that would be the fastest!”

“However, now that the planet transmission array is broken, then we can only fly to the nearest living planet-Black Moon Planet.” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

“How long will it take to fly to the Black Moon Planet?” Sun Hao asked.

“My lord, with my speed flying at full power, it will take about one thousand years.” Thunderclap Sovereign said.

Hearing these words, a bunch of black lines appeared on Sun Hao’s forehead.

One thousand years?

Could Rumeng still be resurrected at that time?

“What about the second method?” Sun Hao asked.

“Second, that is to find the spatial wormhole leading to the Heavenly Dipper galaxy, however, it totally depends on luck.”

“Also, even if you find a spatial wormhole and travel to the Heavenly Dipper Star System, you may be transported to a place where there are no living planets, and it may take hundreds or even tens of thousands of years to find a living planet.” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.


Sun Hao opened his mouth and didn’t utter a word. It was the same as saying nothing. Even if they found a spatial wormhole, they wouldn’t dare to enter it themselves.

“There’s nothing else?” Sun Hao asked.

With a helpless face, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign shook his head faintly.

“My lord, you don’t have to worry, the Black Moon Star is a very large living planet with countless strong individuals on it, so I think the transmission array will be repaired soon.” The Thunderbolt Sovereign said.

“Alright.” Sun Hao nodded slightly.

Now it seemed that I could only hope on the Black Moon Planet.

“Let’s go, let’s go down first!”

“Yes, my lord!”

Not long after.

Sun Hao stood on the street of Penglai Immortal City, looking at the endless flow of people, with a shocked face.

In this world, it was surprising that it could be prosperous to this extent.

Retracting his gaze, Sun Hao led the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign straight into a teahouse and found a corner to sit down.

“I didn’t expect that so many powerful individuals would come to our tiny Purple Sun Planet?”

“It looks like you’re closed-minded!”

“Could it be that a certain treasure has come out of our Purple Sun Planet, making all the other strong people red in the eyes?”

“Haha, not bad!”

“The treasure that appeared is an immortal wine, and it is said that this immortal wine was brewed by a demigod named Sun Hao! They came here, they must have come to obtain this immortal brew.”

“What? Demigod? We have a demigod on the Purple Sun Planet?”

“Let me tell you, not long ago, many immortal emperors came to take Sun Hao’s divine artefacts, but they came back in defeat!”

“Young master Sun Hao that is ……”

In the teahouse, Sun Hao heard a lot of legends about himself. He was completely blown into an omnipotent god by them. It would be great if he had this kind of ability. Sun Hao smiled and shook his head, not taking these words seriously.


“Wooo ……”

Upstairs, in a private room, a woman’s sobbing came.  This voice made people listen and couldn’t help but feel pity. Attracted the attention of many men in the first floor hall.

“Which lady is this crying?”

“That compartment seems to be the young lady of the Yang family.”

“What, the young lady of the Yang family? In this Penglai Immortal City, who dares to bully the young lady of the Yang family?”

“There is one person who dares!”

“Who? I’ll knock his teeth out. He dares to bully such a goddess, how dare he!”

“Qin Yu!”

When these words came out, the surrounding space was frozen. The strong man who was screaming opened his mouth was unable to speak.

He found a place to sit down and shrugged his head, wilting like a frosted eggplant.

“So, the Young Lady has confessed her love to Master Qin again?”

“It looks like it, but this Master Qin is young, why doesn’t he find a daoist couple?”

“That’s because you guys don’t know his past, according to my prying, I learned a shocking news.”

“What news? Tell me quickly, don’t hide it!”

“Master Qin is from the Tian Luo continent, he previously loved a girl named Fan Xue, it turned out that the girl is a bitch, after Master Qin lost the first position in the sequence, she immediately betrothed herself to a man named Qin Dongjun ……”

The crowd listening to these, and can not help but secretly clench their fists, with a face of anger.

“Damn, damn, there is still this kind of bitch in this world!”

“How outrageous ah, Master Qin’s heart, how can be broken like this!”

“Family abandonment, woman abandonment, this is simply …… hey ……”

A burst of voices of injustice, constantly resounding.

“What they don’t know is that Master Qin was instructed by a high-level master, in fact, not only is his strength breaking through, his alchemy is unmatched!”

“On the night of that bitch’s engagement, Grandmaster Qin showed supreme divine ability, purple qi came from the east, and refined a supreme spiritual elixir ……”

“That’s a punch in the face, that really is a pain!”

As the crowd listened to this, their faces gradually eased down. Among the eyes, bloom strange refined light.

“What happened to the woman called Fan Xue?”

“That naturally no one dares to want, I heard, Fan Xue live in remorse, not more than a few months, then she was depressed to death.”

“Great, this kind of bitch deserves to die!”

“Hey, it’s a pity that Master Qin, no longer believes in any love!”

“Yes, otherwise, how could the Yang family lady cry day after day!”

” The young lady of the Yang family is also determined enough, every time after crying, she will go back to confess again, for several months without stopping!”

Sun Hao listened to this and secretly nodded. This guy Qin Yu had crossed paths with himself.

When he was in the Western Prefecture Immortal City to buy an immortal boat, he happened to meet Qin Yu, and he invited himself to dinner, while he gave him a pair of paintings, and exchanged pill refining tips with him.

Unexpectedly, in just a few months, he had become the well-known Master Qin. Since he was an acquaintance, it was natural to meet him.

Also, his brain is not enlightened at all. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the love and stop believing in it.

How can this be?

“I also tell you a big news!”

“What’s the big news, tell me quickly!”

“The news is ……”

Sun Hao, who was about to get up, immediately sat down again when he heard these words.

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