The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 172 – The Unrepairable War Heaven Divine Chariot

Qi Aoshi’s face was cloudy as he looked in the direction where Lu Yiping, and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull both departed.

Even if Lu Yiping was the Master of Saint Demon, he should be of the same generation as his grandfather, but now he was calling his grandfather Xiao Qi?

“Young master, are you alright?” An old ancestor of the Qi family hobbled to Qi Aoshi, and, seeing Qi Aoshi dazed there, asked.

“I’m fine.” Qi Aoshi came back to his senses and shook his head. He stood up, only to feel abnormal pain all over his body, his whole body’s divine vein was like completely cracked, but he also knew that it was the Dragon Horned Golden Bull who had spared his life, otherwise, how could they be alive now?

“Let’s go back first.” Qi Aoshi looked up to the sky and sighed, saying, “Grandpa is right, there are people beyond the sky, there are people beyond the people, and this ancient tenth bloodline of mine is really nothing.”

That Qi family ancestor couldn’t help but worry, “Young master, you must not be presumptuous.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Zhi, one day, I will surpass this Lu Yiping and defeat them both!” Qi Aoshi’s eyes were firm.

A battle intent of battling the heavens and the earth and the gods pervaded.

However, when Qi Aoshi and the Qi family brought out the War Heaven Divine Chariot from the rubble of the mountain peak, they saw that the entire War Heaven Divine Chariot had been blown flat! Even the four wheels were all crooked into one piece.

Qi Aoshi could not cry.

Damn, how can I ride it back?

Moreover, this is his grandfather’s War Heaven Divine Chariot ah, the War Heaven City inheritance divine weapon, his father often wipes its body, fearing that the body has a little dust, now, going back like this, would his father not be mad?

A group of experts of War Heaven City saw the War Heaven Divine Chariot, whose body was blown flat and whose four wheels were crooked, and they were all dumbfounded.

In the end, Qi Aoshi and the people of War Heaven City walked back.

This War Heaven Divine Chariot was still rideable, but he still didn’t have the guts to ride through the city after city in such a War Heaven Divine Chariot.

Because of the high level of the War Heavenly Divine Chariot, no divine weapon could be stowed and could not be ridden, so the Qi family people could only carry the War Heavenly Divine Chariot.

The experts on the scene all looked strange when they saw the Qi family experts carrying the flat and crooked War Heaven Divine Chariot and leaving behind Qi Aoshi.

“This, can the War Heaven Divine Chariot still be repaired?” An ancestor asked cannily.

But no one at the scene could answer.

The War Heaven Divine Chariot was built by Qi Zhantian himself, the materials used, were very rare, and it was not that easy to repair.

“You guys say, will Lord Qi Yuan look for Lu Yiping to fight for his life?” In silence, someone spoke up.

Qi Yuan, the current head of the Qi family, was also the son of Qi Zhantian and the strongest person in the Qi family, and of course, one of the strongest people at present.

In the end, the Qi family people carried the War Heaven Divine Chariot back to War Heaven City.

The people trembled and carried the War Heaven Divine Chariot back to Qi Yuan’s palace.

A few moments later, a roaring and angry roar spread through the War Heaven City.

Qi Yuan’s eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the War Heaven Divine Chariot, which was so crooked and flattened, and said word by word: ” Saint Demon Master Lu Yiping! I am not through with you in War Heaven City!”

Qi Aoshi stepped forward and said carefully, “Father, there is something, very strange, I don’t know if I should say it.”

“Speak.” Qi Yuan stared at Qi Aoshi like a wounded Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Qi Aoshi’s heart shivered and he bowed his head, “That man Lu Yiping, he knows Grandpa’s mantra.”

“You mean, war your old mother?” Qi Yuan froze.

Qi Aoshi’s face twitched and finally nodded his head.

“Yes, and that Lu Yi Ping seems to know grandfather.” Qi Aoshi added, “He called grandfather Xiao Qi.”

“Little Qi?” Qi Yuan’s face changed.


Lifeless Sect Ancestral Land.

“What, Lu Yi Ping has come to the Underworld Land?” Tan Yi, Ma Bing of the four Great Ancestors of the Lifeless Sect’s face changed greatly.

“Yes, four Lord Great Ancestors.” The lifeless sect master bowed his head and said, “At the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain, Lu Yiping’s move of thunder punishment blasted and killed hundreds of experts of the Night Soul Clan, Ma Clan who were present at that time, even Ye Zimo, Ma Xilai were also killed by the blast.”

“Now the Holy Buddha Wheel is in Lu Yiping’s hands.”

The lifeless sect master said this and carefully said, “Four Lord Great Ancestors, this Lu Yiping came to the Underworld’s Prison this time. I’m afraid it’s not a good thing. Why don’t we go and pay respects to Lord Long Gang of the Devil Dragon Palace?”

Long Gang, the Great Ancestor of the Devil Dragon Palace. Tan Yi, Ma Bing four people’s faces were cloudy.

Previously, they sent the Barefoot Twin Monsters to lead a group of experts to join forces with the Kun Peng Divine Sect to surround and kill Lu Yiping, this matter, Lu Yiping could not possibly stop there.

According to Lu Yiping’s style of action, since he came to the Underworld Prison, he would definitely come to the Lifeless Sect.


In the Five Harmonies Mountain ancestral land, a group of ancestors was gathered together, talking about the incident of Scorpion Mountain today.

In the battle of Scorpion Mountain, Lu Yiping blasted the Night Soul Clan and hundreds of experts from the Vajra Sect, and now, many superpowers in the Underworld Prison knew about it.

“Lord Lu Yiping killed hundreds of experts of the Night Soul Clan and Vajra Clan with one move, it’s really a great pleasure!” A Wu Xia Mountain ancestor clapped his hands and laughed.

The human race has always been oppressed by the devil race, now, Lu Yiping blasted and killed the Night Soul Clan, a group of experts of the Vajra Sect, a group of experts of the human race listened, all clapped their hands and were inspired.

“If I can serve under the command of Lord Lu Yiping, even if it is to hold a horse and serve tea, I am willing to do so.” Jiang Haidong said with emotion.

Jiang Haidong, was the strongest old ancestor of Five Harmonies Mountain.

When the crowd was talking happily, Yi Fan’s master Tao Yifeng said nothing in silence.

After a while, the crowd dispersed, Tao Yifeng returned to his palace, he paced back and forth, and Liang Hongji took a long time to return to the order, which made him very uneasy.

If he was exposed as a spy of the Night Soul Clan, not only would there be no place for him on Five Harmonies Mountain, there would be no place for him in the entire human race.

He thought about it and summoned the head of the Law Enforcement Hall to his side.

At this time, Lu Yi Ping and the two of them arrived at the Wind and Sea City, where they had an appointment with Yi Fan to meet her.

Yao Feng had already left and gone back to the Yao family.

Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and Yi Fan came over to Five Harmonies Mountain.

“You guys heard about it at the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain, the Night Soul Clan, hundreds of experts from the Ma Clan were blown away by Lord Lu Yiping!” On the way, Yi Fan said to Lu Yi Ping, Dragon Horned Golden Ox with an excited face.

Yi Fan only knew Lu Yiping’s surname Lu, so she did not know Lu Yiping’s identity.

The matter of Heavenly Scorpion Mountain, she also only hears from hearsay and knew to a limited extent.

Lu Yiping smiled at her words.

Just as the three of them left Wind Sea City and approached Five Harmonies Mountain, they saw a group of Law Enforcement Hall experts from Five Harmonies Mountain break through the air and came in front of the three of them in the blink of an eye.

When he saw that the leader of the group was the Law Enforcement Hall Master Lu Qing, Yi Fan was surprised, “Hall Master Lu, what are you doing?”

Lu Qing opened his mouth and said, “Yi Fan, your master found out that you are a spy of the Night Soul Clan, please come with us back to the Law Enforcement Hall to investigate.”

When Yi Fan heard this, she was furious, “I’m not! My master is the spy of the Night Soul Clan. He is reversing right and wrong!”

Lu Qing frowned and said, “If you are not, we will find out, if you are not, we will return your freedom.” After saying that, he signaled the experts of the Law Enforcement Hall to come forward and capture her.

Two law enforcement halls with chains in their hands came over.

Yi Fan’s pretty face changes, with this attitude, it is clear that she had been treated as a spy of the Night Soul Clan, if invited back to investigate, it is impossible to use chains to capture her.

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