It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 399 – Endless Soul-Devouring Insects

In the south of the Penglai Continent, in a mountain range.

“Hoo ……”

An old man suddenly appeared on a big tree, and in his hand, he was holding a few feathers.

This person is none other than Yu Guizi. Compared with before, he had become much younger.

“Great, it’s finally here!”

“Now, I can ask someone to build a medium-grade immortal weapon!”

Yu Guizi’s eyes glowed and his face was full of joy.

Since the last time he came here from the Demon Ancestor Mountain, luck kept coming one after another.

Longevity immortal medicine, various treasures found a lot, his own longevity, greatly enhanced.

If this continues, it would not be a dream for him to return to his youth.

Yu Guizi stroked his long grey beard with a smug face.

“It’s time to leave the mountain!”

After saying that, Yu Guizi’s body flickered and instantly disappeared in place.

Not long after.

He stood in front of a city, and took big steps, quickly walking inside.

“Come and see, come and see, the best immortal medicine, miss this one and there will be no next one!”

“Freshly baked mixture, this is an immortal beast meat filling.”

Walking down the street, the yells kept coming.

Yu Guizi licked his lips, with a wealthy and generous look.

“It’s time to eat something good!”

Arriving at a restaurant, Yu Guizi took a big step into it.  Following the waiter, he walked into the hall and found a seat.

“Sir, what do you need to order?” The waiter asked.

“A bottle of good immortal wine, a bowl of immortal beast, a plate of peanuts and immortal rice ……”

Yu Guizi ordered several dishes in a row.

“Okay, wait a moment, sir!”

The young man quickly went down. Within a few moments, peanut immortal rice and immortal wine were brought up.

“Whoa ……”

He poured a small cup and took a small sip, “Tsk ……”

Yu Guizi barred his mouth and closed his eyes to enjoy the picture.

“Ka-chow ……”

Peanut immortal rice chewed into the mouth, full of fragrant mouth. After eating a few grains, and then a small sip of immortal wine.

“This is the day of an immortal!”

“If I have this kind of good day every day in the future, this life is enough!”

Yu Guizi murmured with a satisfied look.

“Guest, your immortal beast meat!”

Soon, several large dishes were presented in turn.

“In six months, it will be the immortal celebration, when I obtain the middle-grade immortal weapon, I will definitely get the first place!”

“Zhong Yi, you won’t be my opponent by then, right?”

Yu Guizi thought secretly as he chucked a piece of immortal beast meat and sent it into his mouth. After chewing a few times, he swallowed it into his belly.

Shortly after.

“Grandpa, this is for you!”

Yu Guizi was happily eating the meat when a little girl’s voice was heard. Turning his head to look, he saw a little girl of three or four years old standing in front of him.

The little girl looked like a porcelain doll with a pink sculpture. The red puffy face was very endearing. However, she was wearing sloppy clothes, in contrast to her face. In her hand, the little girl was holding a butterfly-painted candy and handed it to Yu Guizi.

“Little girl, be good, just have some, grandpa has meat to eat!” Yu Guizi said.

Watching Yu Guizi gobble the meat, the little girl kept swallowing saliva.

“Grandpa, can I have a piece of meat?” The little girl asked feebly.

“Eat meat?”

Yu Guizi looked stunned and looked at the little girl then nodded his head.

“Thank you, grandpa!”

The little girl sat down and nonchalantly began to grab the meat with her hands.

“Use chopsticks!”

“Grandpa, I don’t know how to use them!”

“Then learn to use them too!”

Before Yu Guizi could react, several plates of meat on the table were all eaten by the little girl.

Yu Guizi rubbed his eyes, showing a look of disbelief. He looked at the little girl and then looked at the empty plate. A heartache surged through his body.

He thought that it was just an ordinary little girl. Unexpectedly, instead came a Taotie.  Surprisingly dabbling in food and drink to come.

“Grandpa, is there more? I’m hungry!” The little girl rubbed her stomach, with a face of aggression.

“Little doll, where are your parents?” Yuguizi asked.

“Woah ……”

The little girl’s mouth tilted and howled. That sad and desperate look, and thought someone had beaten her. Yu Guizi’s face changed slightly and his gaze swept around.  Only after finding that no one was paying attention to this side did he relax.

“Don’t cry ……”

Yu Guizi seemed to notice that something was wrong. He turned around and turned back, puzzlement all over his face. Only to see that everyone’s movements in the entire hall were fixed in place, as if a confinement spell had been cast.

Could it be that she did it?

A single cry would freeze everyone?

When you think about it, Yu Guizi’s scalp exploded.

Regardless of whether the little girl cried or not, without thinking, he stood up. When he took a light step and was ready to escape.

“Boom ……”

A sound of crashing into the floor sounded.

Yu Guizi body trembled, looking for the sound, sweat hair all over the body roots exploded.

Only to see.

On the floor, it was the shopkeeper. At this moment, the skin on the shopkeeper’s body kept rumbling up and down, as if there were countless insects burrowing in.

“Squeak ……”

A strange cry rang out.

A fire-red insect from the shopkeeper’s skin burrowed out and flew in mid-air.

“Buzz ……”

The sound of wings kept on ringing.  A fire-red bug danced up and floated in mid-air. The shopkeeper’s entire body instantly dried up, leaving only a piece of clothing.

Such a scene strongly stimulated Yu Guizi’s nerves.  Infinite fear surged through the whole body. These things, which he could not recognize.

This was the soul-devouring insect recorded in the history of immortality cultivation.

Wasn’t this thing already extinct? How could it appear here? It’s over, it’s over!

“Buzz ……”

Before Yu Guizi could react, a soul-devouring insect flew out from the others’ bodies, all floating in mid-air, not moving in place.

Yu Guizi stood in place, not daring to breathe a single breath.

At this moment. The little girl beside him, however, was crying incessantly. These soul-devouring insects didn’t seem to find this little girl.

“Could it be that these Soul Devouring Insects were summoned by her?”

Thinking like that.

Yu Guizi’s legs trembled and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. Unexpectedly, he had just obtained the treasure.

He hadn’t finished a good meal, but he had been targeted by such a supreme fierce person.

The old heavens.

Did I do something wrong in my past life?

Why is my life so bitter?

Yu Guizi’s face was full of bitterness, and his entire scalp was numb. He slowly stepped away and backed up. He had just left the little girl ten steps.

“Buzz ……”

The sound of a bombing machine rang out.

The entire hall of soul-devouring insects all pounced towards Yu Guizi.

Seeing this scene, Yu Guizi hurriedly walked towards his original position.

The soul-devouring insects surrounded him a few steps away from him in front of him and did not move.

That look seemed to be waiting for some order.

“Senior, ancestor, I don’t know where I have offended you, but please spare my life!”

“You are not full, I can be your cook, do you think this is okay?”

Yu Guizi spoke up carefully. However, the little girl cried as if she hadn’t heard, and cried on her own. Yu Guizi stood next to her, where she dared to move.


“Buzz ……”

All the soul-devouring insects moved in unison and flew towards the window in a hurry. Looking out the window, Yu Guizi could not help but scalp-fried cold sweat.

Only to see.

Above the small town, it was densely packed with soul-devouring insects. The number was so large that it was impossible to count.

“It’s over, the entire Purple Sun Planet must be finished!”

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