It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 398 – I Will Guard This Place, My Lord

“Boss, I just can’t understand, when you see senior, why don’t you ask him to join our team?”

Han Xing glanced at Qian Chen and was full of complaints.

“You, use your brain more in everything!”

Qian Chen’s small mouth curled up, measuring Han Xing up and down, shaking her head for a while, “After living for a million years, you’re still like a child with this mind!”

” A senior who can create a supreme blessed land by writing a pair of words, is not we are qualified to invite?” Qian Chen said.

“Well, boss you are right!”

Han Xing looked helpless, “However, the senior wants to give us a gift, why don’t you accept it?”

“And say something about not having other plans.”

“You confirm that you don’t care about those seven-colored auspicious lights?” Han Xing asked.

“Of course, I care.”

Qian Chen sighed darkly, “However, a senior of that kind has a moody temper.”

“Saying something about sending gifts, maybe it’s just to test us.”

” What if we say yes, maybe we will be slapped to death by the senior!”

“If he really wants to send a gift, after I refuse, he will insist on sending it again!” Qian Chen said.

Hearing this, Han Xing secretly wiped a cold sweat, “Boss, in this case, senior is really just testing us?”

“Not bad!” Qian Chen nodded her head.

“Hiss ……”

Han Xing drew a breath of cold air backwards, revealing a look of relief after calamity.

“Boss, many thanks!” Han Xing said.

“If you hadn’t listened to me, you wouldn’t have been able to turn the danger into success.” Qian Chen said.

“Boss, so we go to the Sky Splitting Planet now?” Han Xing asked.

“Of course.”

“Really go?”

“Must go!”

Qian Chen’s face, revealed a grave look, “The Great Yin realm, not only has the divine weapon and techniques but more importantly, it has the mixed element dao energy!”

“What, mixed dao energy? Boss, you’re not kidding, right?” Han Xing’s face was full of astonishment.

“Keep your voice down, don’t let anyone hear you!” Qian Chen made a forbidden gesture.

“Boss, I understand, let’s go, then we must barge in!” Han Xing said.


The four rose up to the sky and instantly disappeared above the void.

Not long after the four people left.

“Hoo ……”

A transparent figure appeared in mid-air.

Without looking carefully, it was impossible to detect.

It was a figure that had no visible features.

Looking only at the outline, one could tell that she was a woman.

“Mixed dao energy, a bit interesting!”

“Such a good place, how can we not let a little more people know about it!”

Speaking of this, the transparent woman looked in the direction of the Great Demon Mountain, “However, you’d better go slowly!”

“Jie Jie ……”

A burst of insidious laughter as if there was nothing, echoing in the same place for a long time before dissipating.

The transparent woman figure gradually dissipated without a trace.



The Great Demon Mountain, in the main hall of Sun Hao’s residence.

The main leaders of the Evil Suppression Alliance gathered around Luo Liuyan.

“Alliance Master Luo, young master is going to the Great Yin Realm, we are not strong enough, and he won’t let us follow him, Ai!”

“Alliance Master Luo, it’s a shame that I can’t share my worries with the young master!”

“Or else, we will go and help him?”

Hearing these words, Luo Liuyan faintly shook her head. She looked at the audience with a gloomy face.

“What does the young master mean, don’t you guys understand?” Luo Liuyan asked.

What does the young master mean?


Alliance Master Luo, what have you come to understand again?

Say it directly.

So much beating around the bush, it’s really anxious.

“Master, the young master’s meaning, is it not to let us work hard to cultivate?” Su Yiling scratched her head and opened her mouth to ask.

“Oh ……”

Luo Liuyan looked at Su Yiling and smiled faintly.

“Doesn’t the young master mean that?” Flower Immortal asked.

“Of course not!”

Speaking of this, Luo Liuyan looked to the west and said with a cautious face, “Do you guys still remember the look on his face when he was standing here?”

“Of course.”

“He had a melancholy face at that time.”

“Yes, he was very depressed, and he seemed to have a trace of worry in his despair.”

“In that case, the young master was worried about the Extreme Bliss World?”

“Does it mean that he is asking us to save the Extreme Bliss World?”

“Lord Luo, you are so powerful, this enlightenment is unmatched!”

Everyone looked at Luo Liuyan, with admiration and worship written all over their faces.

Luo Liuyan smiled and shook her head, “Everyone is overpraised, you only guessed the first one, not the second one!”

“Young master has a second layer of meaning?” Zhong Lilang asked.


Luo Liuyan nodded and looked at Flower Immortal, “Elder Hua, do you still remember that he asked you about the Rulai Buddha Kingdom?”

“Of course, he wanted the cultivation techniques inside!” Flower Immortal nodded her head.


“Young master said that he wanted the cultivation techniques inside.”

“However, a figure like the young master, I’m only afraid that a divine grade cultivation technique is equally unappealing in his eyes!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Could it be that he doesn’t care about the cultivation techniques?”

“Cultivation technique?”

Luo Liuyan smiled and shook her head with certainty, “Of course he doesn’t need it!”

“Young master said cultivation techniques, the strength refers to the cultivation master!”

“If I’m not wrong, I think those few gods who entered the Rulai Buddha kingdom, most likely did not die!”

“Young master looked at the West, in fact, is worried about them!”

“The Dark Era will descend again, and the gods are the main force!”

“He must have counted on what will happen later, and needs these gods to join the world guarding team!”


Listening to Luo Liuyan’s words, everyone’s eyes widened with a dazed look. It was a long time before they gradually calmed down.

“I never thought that he would calculate this long way!”

“Alliance master Luo, without you mentioning it, how could we have thought of it!”

“Alliance master Luo, you give the order!”

Looking at the pairs of firm eyes, Luo Liuyan faintly nodded.

“This time going to the kingdom of the Buddha, fierce, I do not know everyone ……” Luo Liu Yan wanted to say and then stop.

“Alliance master Luo, since we have set up a death squad, we have no fear to speak of!”

“That is, the young master gave us luck and helped us breakthrough! Such a great kindness, how can we not repay!”

“For the future of the human race, what’s the harm in dying?”

Looking at the pair of firm eyes, Luo Liuyan nodded slightly.


“This time, when we go to Rulai Buddha’s kingdom, our troops will be elite rather than numerous!”

“The strength of the Immortal Emperor or above shall be allowed to go!”

“As for Elder Hua, the young master assigned you to stay and take care of the situation, the task is even more important!”

“This Tian Luo continent, it’s in your hands!” Luo Liuyan said.

“I ……”

Flower Immortal opened her mouth, and finally nodded slightly, “Okay!”

“Alliance master Luo, when will we leave?”

“This matter is better sooner than later, immediately gather all Immortal Emperors and set off with me!” Luo Liuyan said.


A moment later.

Nearly a hundred people stood in front of Luo Liuyan, with an expression as if they were ready to fight to the death.

“Are they all ready?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“Yes!” The voices were neat and tidy.

“Follow me and set off!”

“Swoosh ……”

Hundreds of long rainbows, slicing through the sky, headed for the Extreme Bliss World in a hurry.

Only when the figures of the crowd disappeared, did the Flower Immortal withdraw her gaze.

“My lord, don’t worry, I will guard its miles!”

The Flower Immortal had a determined look on her face.

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