It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 397 – Sending You Great News

“Senior, this time we have come to you to send you a piece of great news!”

Qian Chen looked around and wanted to say something.

Sun Hao smiled faintly, “It’s fine, they are all well acquainted, you may speak!”

“Yes, senior!”

“The two of us have found the entrance to the Great Yin Realm!” Qian Chen said.

When these words came out.

“What, the entrance to the Great Yin Realm?”

There were shocked looks on the faces of Thunder Tribulation Sovereign and Xue Mei.

Both of them stood in the same place for a long time without calming down.

Sun Hao watched the two people’s faces change, with a puzzled look he asked, ” Great Yin Realm?”

“My lord, the Great Yin Realm is one of the three thousand small worlds, under the control of the Earth Realm.”

“It is said that during the Dark Turmoil Era, the Great Yin Underworld God carried countless treasures to the Great Yin Realm to prevent them from falling into the hands of the enemy, and never coming out again.”

“If I’m not wrong, I think in the Great Yin Realm you could find a lot of divine weapons, and probably also countless divine grade techniques.”

“However, for millions of years, no one has been able to find the entrance to the Great Yin Realm.”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s words made Sun Hao’s heart stir.

Countless divine-grade cultivation techniques!

I think I would be able to find one suitable for myself from it.

Then why bother going to Rulai Buddha Kingdom?

“Is that true?” Sun Hao looked at Qian Chen and opened his mouth to ask.

“Yes, senior!”

Qian Chen nodded slightly, “There are indeed countless treasures in the Great Yin Realm, however, it is extremely dangerous inside!”

“It is the place closest to the Earth Realm, and in some places, spatial rifts will appear, so one must be careful after encountering them.”

“Otherwise, you will be sent to the Earth Realm by these spatial rifts, and then you will be in serious trouble!” Qian Chen remarked.

Sent to the earth realm?

Wasn’t this what he dreamed of? Sun Hao’s eyes blossomed with a different kind of essence.

Finally, he heard some good news.

The resurrection of life was like a dream, and hope was infinite.

The Great Yin Realm not only had techniques but also had spatial rifts, which was a necessary path to the Earth Realm.

“Where is the entrance to the Great Yin Realm?” Sun Hao asked.

“Senior, the entrance to the Great Yin Realm, Heavenly Stallion Star Domain, the Heavenly Dipper Star System, on the Sky Splitting Planet.” Qian Chen spoke.

Hearing this, the Thunder Tribulation Master and Xue Mei’s faces were filled with awe.

“Where is the Sky Splitting Planet?”

Sun Hao frowned, completely ignorant about which star field and which star system.

Even his own Purple Sun Planet, which star system it belonged to, he was also unaware.

“Senior, the human realm is divided into nine domains, while the Heavenly Stallion Star Domain is under the control of my human race.”

“The Heavenly Stallion Star Domain manages tens of thousands of star systems, and each star system, less than thousands, more than tens of thousands of living planets.”

“The Heavenly Dipper Star System happens to be under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Stallion Star Domain!” Qian Chen said.

 Hearing this, Sun Hao was stunned all over his face.

There were so many living planets, and on each of them, there were hundreds of millions of lives.

The entire human realm together, the number of lives, was only an unimaginable number.

“Then do you know which star system the Purple Sun Planet belongs to again?” Sun Hao asked.

“Senior, the Purple Sun Planet belongs to the Milky Way Galaxy, which, like the Big Dipper Star System, belongs to the Three Regions.” Qian Chan said.

“Three Regions?” Sun Hao was full of doubts.

“My lord, the territory of the human race is incredibly large, so the Cultivators Union can’t manage it!”

“In addition to the remote location of the Star System of the Milky Way, the lack of energy, so the human cultivator alliance, then let it aside, let it grow and destroy itself.”

“There are some weak dragon race to fancy this place, they will send troops stationed here, become the dragon race territory, all the cultivators here, are their food source.”

“However, their main force has been destroyed by you, my lord!” Qian Chen said.

Listening to this, Sun Hao understood something.

Unexpectedly, the ones he killed were just some weak dragon race.

I’m afraid that compared to the regular dragon race, it was like a firefly and the sun, there was no comparison at all.

“What about the Heavenly Dipper Star System?” Sun Hao asked.

“Senior, the Heavenly Dipper Star System is incomparably chaotic and not ruled by any power. There is a mix of fish and dragons there, cultivators of all races, and there are many wanted criminals.”

“When they don’t get along at the first thing they say, they go on a killing spree, and if ordinary cultivators go there, they will be blown to pieces by the aftermath if they are not careful.”

“Moreover, the Heavenly Dipper Star System, with its astral energy, will subconsciously affect a person’s sanity, making him or her incomparably violent.”

“After staying for a long time, their nature will change.”

“Even the regular army of the Cultivators Union would not dare to enter inside easily.” Qian Chen remarked.

Listening to these introductions, Sun Hao nodded slightly.

It looked like the Heavenly Dipper Star System was a place where there were no laws to speak of.

Whoever had the biggest fist could dominate everything. This was nothing. What’s scary was that kind of astral energy.

It could affect a person’s sanity, which was indeed a bit scary.

“Tell me about the Heavenly Dipper Star System in detail!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, senior.”

Qian Chen nodded her head and spoke one sentence at a time.

The distribution of forces, strong individuals, and resources in the Heavenly Dipper Star System ……

 Sun Hao listened carefully and didn’t interrupt her.

Only when Qian Chen finished speaking did Sun Hao speak, “Many thanks, Miss Qian Chen!”

“Senior, you’re welcome!”

Qian Chen nodded slightly and spoke, “However, when we found the entrance to the Great Yin Realm on the Sky Splitting Planet, there were quite a few people on the Sky Splitting Planet.”

“If we went late, I think we would have been discovered!”

Speaking of this, Qian Chen owed a salute, “Senior, we have disturbed you for a long time, so we will take our leave!”

“Boss, we are not looking for ……”

“Shut up!”

With a soft shout.

Han Xing immediately shut up, and full of doubts. As he watched, the two were about to walk out of the hall.

“Wait!” Sun Hao shouted.

Qian Chen turned around and looked at Sun Hao, “Senior, do you have any more instructions?”

“Miss Qian Chen, what instruction or no instruction.”

“Such important news, you have told me, I am also ready to send you guys a little something!”

“Whatever you guys need, just ask.” Sun Hao said.

Hearing this, the two people of Qian Chen’s eyebrows jumped straight, and in their eyes, the essence flashed.

If possible, of course, it was that auspicious Qi. However, how could this be a good idea to ask?

“Senior, you are polite, we have come, and have no other plans, so I’ll say goodbye!”

Han Xing looked at Qian Chen, a sorrowful look written all over his face.

That expression seems to say: acting, really fucking able to act.

Han Xing’s face revealed a look of flesh pain, and he opened his mouth but was unable to speak.

I have no choice but to follow behind Qian Chen, without looking back.

This time, Sun Hao did not open his mouth to stop them.

He looked at the backs of the people and nodded his head slightly.

“The kindness of you and others will be rewarded generously!”

Sun Hao muttered, taking this to heart.

Then, he swept his gaze to everyone, “Everyone, I have something to do first.”

“Young master.”

At this time, Xue Mei came forward.

“Miss Xue Mei, what’s wrong?”

Looking at Xue Mei’s appearance, Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of Huang Rumeng, anxiety was written all over his face.

“Young master, I’ve disturbed you for a long time, I must go back to the clan first!” Xue Mimi said.

“You think you have enough strength?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young master, with your help, I have become a fifth-grade Immortal Emperor and will soon break through to the sixth grade! Now, I have the strength to fight against the eighth-grade Immortal Emperor.”

“With such strength, it is among the very top when it comes to the Charm Race.” Xue Mei said.

“Since you insist on leaving, then I won’t hold you back, I’ll give you a gift!” After saying that, Sun Hao waved his right hand.

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