It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 396 – The Mysterious Nine-Colored Round Stone

“Miss Xiaolan, on the Purple Sun Planet, where can I get a divine grade technique?” Sun Hao asked.

The Flower Immortal bowed slightly, “My lord, on the Purple Sun Planet, there are three places where one can obtain God-grade techniques, and they are ……”

“The Rulai Buddha Kingdom, Burial Emperor Island, and Sin Origin?”

Listening to the Flower Immortal’s explanation, Sun Hao frowned slightly, revealing a look of deep thought.

Burial Emperor Island was a place where gods were buried, and Immortal Emperors couldn’t come out even if they entered inside, and it was extremely dangerous inside.

However, compared to the forbidden land, it was safe there.

Sin Origin was one of the three thousand small worlds, and in the era of dark turmoil, that small world was a battlefield, and many gods died inside.

The level of danger, although not as much as the Burial Emperor Island, but to find the entrance, it will take some effort.

The last place, that is the Rulai Buddha Kingdom.

I think it is much easier to go to the Rulai Buddha Kingdom since I can summon the Buddha by reciting the sutra myself.

I wonder if I can really see Buddha Rulai there?

Sun Hao thought secretly, and looked at Flower Immortal and then spoke up and asked, “Miss Xiaolan, please describe Rulai Buddha Kingdom!”

“My lord, the Rulai Buddha Kingdom is actually one of the three thousand small worlds!”

“What exactly is it like inside there, no one knows, because those who went in, never came out again!”

“According to the historical records of immortal cultivation, in the ancient times, there were several gods who entered inside and were never heard from again!”

“The level of danger inside there is only afraid that it is not weaker than the Burial Emperor Island!” Flower Fairy said.

Listening to this, Sun Hao frowned and pondered.

He had been comfortable for too long, it was time to go out and make a break for it.

He could summon the Buddha, so he must have a relationship with the Rulai Buddha Kingdom.

First go to the Rulai Buddha Kingdom, if I don’t find a suitable gong method for myself, then go elsewhere.

Cosmic giants, mind calling, heavenly realm, earthly realm ……

All these are like a huge mountain that presses himself breathlessly.

To obtain a suitable technique for himself, there was no room for any relaxation.

Finding a suitable technique for him must be done as soon as possible!

Recovering his mood, Sun Hao looked at the crystal coffin with a reluctant face.

He must bring Rumeng with him so that he could feel at ease.

However, the Qiankun Ring could not hold life, and one must condense one’s soul space to do so.

Thinking like this, Sun Hao looked at the Flower Immortal and opened his mouth to ask: “Miss Xiaolan, do you know how to cultivate a soul space?”

“Young master, cultivating soul space requires ……”

After some explanation from the Flower Immortal, Sun Hao secretly nodded his head.

According to Flower Immortal’s method, a space instantly coalesced and took shape with a movement of intention.

Sun Hao’s intention came to this space.

This space, was boundless as if it could take in all things.

“Is this my soul space? How come it’s so big?”

“Isn’t it said that a few cubes of soul space just condensed is already a miracle? Could it be that Miss Xiaolan was wrong?”

“Or do you mean I am a monster against the heavens to the extreme?”

 Sun Hao was secretly surprised. It was said that it was hard to condense soul space.

I didn’t expect that with a single movement of my own intention, the soul space took shape.

“That’s ……”

Suddenly, Sun Hao raised his eyebrows and looked at the center of the soul space, his face was full of shock.

With a movement of his intention, his body of consciousness came to the center instantly.

Only to see, in front of him, there was a nine-colored round stone that was emitting a glittering light, spilling over the whole soul space.

The size of the nine-colored round stone could not be calculated.  However, Sun Hao could confirm that this nine-colored round stone was the size of ten million purple sun stars.

It was an indescribably favored celestial body!

Such a large celestial body was actually in his soul space.

What is it?

Why did it appear here?

What is its function?

Sun Hao moved his mind and swept towards the nine-colored round stone using quite a few secret technique feats, and found that he couldn’t tell what it was even though his methods were exhausted.

After a few moments, Sun Hao gave up.

Let’s ignore it for now.

“Hoo ……”

As his consciousness returned to his body, his right hand waved and the ice crystal coffin slowly flew up.

“Rumeng, don’t worry, I will bring you back to life!”

On Sun Hao’s face, there was a glint of determination.

With a movement of his mind, the ice crystal disappeared from its original place and appeared in the soul space.

Under Sun Hao’s control, the ice crystal coffin stopped in front of the nine-colored round stone.

The nine-colored light penetrated the ice crystal coffin and drilled into Huang Rumeng’s body ……

Sun Hao looked at Luo Liuyan.

“Miss Liu Yan!”

“My lord, what are your orders?”

“I need to make a trip to Rulai Buddha Kingdom, so this Great Demon Mountain will be left to you to take care of! What do you think?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young master, I will accompany you!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Young master, more people have more power, I will also accompany you!” Flower Immortal said.

“Young master, I accompany you, more or less I still have some power……”

Luo Liuyan fierce light swept in, Su Yiling weakly lowered his head, her voice gradually weakened.

Looking at these familiar figures, Sun Hao smiled faintly, “I appreciate everyone’s kindness, everyone stay and work hard to cultivate is the right way!”


Luo Liuyan and the others looked gloomy and nodded in unison.

“Young master!”

Outside the door, came Xuanyuan Shi’s voice.

“Miss Xuanyuan, what’s wrong?”

“Young master, there is someone outside the courtyard door asking for an audience!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“Someone is asking for an audience?”

Sun Hao frowned, his mind moved, his gaze instantly swept outside the courtyard and landed on four people.

These four individuals, one woman and three men.

The woman was wearing a black veil, and above the hem of her skirt, a black flying knife shaped like a willow leaf was hanging. With delicate features, not a single fault can be picked, in the center of the eyebrow, there was a vertical red mark.

Her whole look was just like a cheetah in the dark so that people have a feeling of extreme danger.

The man beside her, with a head full of long blue hair, the whole body covered with ice cold atmosphere, so that people do not dare to approach.

As for the two behind the two strong men, seems to be an entourage.

These four people, it was none other than Han Xing and the others.

“Bring them in!”

A shocking sound echoed between heaven and earth.

Led by a person, the four of them, Han Xing, walked into the hall in unison, with awe on their faces.

“Greetings to senior!”

Seeing Sun Hao, the black-veiled woman led to bow and salute.

“Excuse me, may I ask who you are?” Sun Hao asked.

“Senior, my name is Qian Chen, and his name is Han Xing.”

After these words were said.

There was a shocked look on the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s face.

He looked at Qian Chen and Han Xing, and his gaze didn’t leave for a long time.

“Xiao Lei, you know them?” Sun Hao looked at the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign and asked.

“My lord, the name of Qian Chen and Han Xing has been spread throughout ancient times, according to the rumors, in the era of dark chaos, they made great battle achievements as supreme gods, I never thought that I could see them here!”

On the face of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, there was a look of worship.

Hearing these words, Sun Hao was secretly surprised.

He had actually met a supreme god?

The two of them had an embarrassed look on their faces as they listened to the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s words.

“Little fellow, that’s all in the past.”

“Now, we have all fallen from the God rank, and are currently just a demigod!”

Speaking of this, the two of them, Qian Chen, looked gloomy.

Becoming a god can still fall down?

“I don’t know what is the reason you came to me?” Sun Hao looked at the two people and raised his mouth to ask.

“Senior, we came to ……”

Han Xing stood out and just said two sentences, when he was glared at by Qian Chen, he immediately shut his mouth and stopped talking.

Qian Chen came forward, and after cupping her fist respectfully to Sun Hao, she opened her mouth and spoke.

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