The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 171 – Warring Against Heaven and Earth

In Qi Aoshi’s horror, the Kun Peng Divine Beast swung down, and the Heavenly Tribulation Buddha Palm was instantly blown up.

The War Heaven City experts looked at the Kun Peng Divine Beast, which covered the sky for many miles and swung over with a bang, scared out of their wits and forgot to escape for a while.

Qi Aoshi instantly awakened, frightened to fully open the power of the heavy major formation of the War Heaven Divine Chariot.

Only to see the War Heavenly Divine Chariot light rushing to the sky. The formation power formed a layer of defense aperture. And Qi Aoshi pushed the Flying Heaven Bloodline to the extreme.

“Flying Heaven’s Evasion!” He hissed and roared.

He shot up from the chariot and fled frantically outward.

The Flying Heaven Bloodline had amazing speed, being one of the ten ancient bloodlines. Once he executed the Heavenly Evasion, it would be difficult for even the realm controllers to chase him.

Qi Aoshi’s figure immediately disappeared from the sky above the chariot. At this moment, the Kun Peng Divine Beast swung to it.

The heavy major formation defense aperture of the War Heaven Divine Chariot burst apart. Then, the Kun Peng Divine Beast hit the War Heaven Divine Chariot with an unstoppable force.

The entire War Heavenly Divine Carriage was blown away. It flew up in the high altitude. The Kun Peng divine Beast swung through the high altitude.

Qi Aoshi, who had already disappeared, was shaken from the depths of the void and fell down. Falling down from the depths of the void he, he looked at the Kun Peng divine Beast that continued to sweep over with great alarm.

In panic, his whole body power climbed to the extreme as a blazing golden flame puffed up from his body.

“War Heaven Skill!”

“War Heaven Great Invincibility Technique!”

The surrounding ancestors exclaimed. An invincible faith to battle the heavens and the earth emerged from Qi Aoshi’s body.

When the War Heaven Skill was activated, Qi Aoshi’s eyes also both sprouted golden flames, as if he was an invincible Golden Flame War God.

His aura surprisingly soared wildly, breaking through the peak of the late stage of the Realm and reaching the Plane Controller!

Qi Aoshi was not a Plane Controller, but at this moment, he possessed the power of a Plane Controller!

“War on Heaven!”

“War on Earth!”

“War with the Gods!”

Qi Aoshi’s voice was cold as he fiercely blasted out with both fists.


There was a momentary stutter in the heavens and the earth.  Two huge fist imprints flew out. And the fist imprints grew larger and larger, meeting the Kun Peng Divine Beast.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull saw this and said, “War your old mother!” The Kun Peng divine Beast in his hand did not stop and collided with the two huge fist marks.

Qi Aoshi listened to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s phrase war your mother, but his eyes were wide. He remembered his father said his grandfather’s mantra is war your mother!

The mantra of the powerful blond man in front of him is also, war your mother?

The loud sound. Even if Qi Aoshi already had the power of a Plane Controller, he could not resist the Kun Peng Divine Beast.

There was a loud bang. Qi Aoshi could not avoid it and was blown away by the Kun Peng divine Beast’s blow.

All the experts of War Heaven City were also swept away by the Kun Peng Divine Beast.

The experts of Qi Aoshi and War Heaven City all smashed into the surrounding mountains. A mountain peak fell with a bang. Rocks rolled and sand and dust filled the sky.

The War Heavenly Divine Chariot that had been swept away by the Kun Peng Divine Beast and rolled and spun in the high altitude also smashed down from the high altitude and smashed on top of a certain mountain.

The ground trembled.

The various powerhouses who had hidden in the extreme distance were frozen.

Qi Aoshi, who had executed the War Heavenly Skill, possessed the power of a Plane Controller, and had fully opened the War Heavenly Divine Chariot Formation, still could not stop the Dragon Horned Golden Bull from striking.

Lu Yiping held the Holy Buddha Wheel and examined the Buddhist texts and runes on it, and did not look at the battle just now, nor did he look at the War Heaven Divine Chariot that was blown away, nor did he look at Qi Aoshi who was blown into the mountain peak.

“All these years, it’s been hard for you.” Lu Yiping said to the Holy Buddha Wheel.

The Holy Buddha Wheel buzzed, and the Buddha light filled the air as if responding to Lu Yiping.

Some experts in the distance saw it and were dumbfounded. Didn’t Lu Yiping just get this Holy Buddha Wheel, and he hadn’t even refined it yet, so how could he already communicate with the Holy Buddha Wheel?

For a long time, the rocks finally stopped rolling.

Sand and dust began to fall back.

A figure flew out from the depths of the mountain peak, and it was Qi Aoshi who was blown away. Qi Aoshi’s whole body’s divine armor had burst beyond recognition, and the corners of his mouth and chest were covered with blood. He looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in terror. Deep in his eyes, there was fear.

“How did you know my grandfather’s mantra?” He couldn’t help but ask the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

He didn’t believe it was a coincidence. This mantra of his grandfather was known only to his father and him. No one else knew it at all.

“Your grandfather’s mantra?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “Who told you this was your grandfather’s mantra?”

Could it not be? Qi Aoshi was stunned.

“Do you know why the Night Soul Clan, Ma Clan, and Vajra Sect experts are missing?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull heatedly said.

Qi Aoshi swallowed. Could it be that the experts of the Night Soul Clan, Ma Clan, did not leave by themselves?

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull waved the Kun Peng divine Beast in his hand: “Today’s hand feels good.” This is the Kun Peng divine Beast back.

Qi Aoshi withdrew his eyes from the Kun Peng divine Beast, and he stared at Lu Yiping, “You are Lu Yiping, the Master of the Holy Demon?”

Lu Yiping waved the Holy Buddha Wheel in his hand, and the half-moon-shaped Holy Buddha Wheel cut the sky into pieces, and when Qi Aoshi and the Qi family experts who had awakened saw this, they felt their hearts were chilled.

Lu Yiping looked at the Qi family experts, his face indifferent, “You think that I am not qualified to possess this Holy Buddha Wheel? That I can’t exert the power of this Holy Buddha Wheel?”

At this time, Lu Yi Ping threw the Holy Buddha Wheel, broke the air, and flew up, straight into the nine heavens, growing bigger and bigger, finally growing like an ancient city. The light of the Holy Buddha shone in heaven and earth. Under the light of the Holy Buddha, all the darkness faded away, and all the cold was dispersed.

The sound of Buddha Brahma resounded within the sacred Buddha wheel, only to see a golden Buddha in the hidden.

Qi Aoshi only felt a space sinking, as if a huge golden Buddha pressed down from a high altitude. Qi family experts and all the powerful people were pressed and unable to move.

The crowd was shocked. Is this the power of the Holy Buddha Wheel?

The pressure alone was so strong. If the attack was really activated, how terrifying would it be?

The Buddha circle heavily supports Qi Aoshi’s whole body, apparently using the Heavenly Tribulation Buddha Technique to counter the pressure of the Holy Buddha Wheel.

Holy Buddha wheel suddenly radiance a vibration, Qi Aoshi was completely bombarded down lying down, the body of the Buddha circle all broken. The terrifying pressure continued to blast down.

Qi Aoshi only felt that the bones in his body would shatter.

Just when Qi Aoshi thought he was going to die, the pressure on his body suddenly disappeared, and the Holy Buddha Wheel shrunk back to Lu Yiping’s hands.

Lu Yiping looked at Qi Aoshi, “You should be glad that you are the grandson of Xiao Qi, but if there is another time, even if Xiao Qi returns from the higher realms, he will not be able to save you.”

After saying that, he and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull stepped into the air and left.

When Lu Yiping left, the mountain peaks illuminated by the light of the Holy Buddha Wheel suddenly disintegrated in unison.

Qi Aoshi stayed there for a long time and did not move. This Lu Yiping just called his grandfather what? Little Qi? Listen to its tone, and he seemed to know his grandfather.

Could it be that this Lu Yiping was his grandfather’s good friend?

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