The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter Chapter 170 – The Heaven Tribulation Buddha Technique

The people at the scene were originally shocked at the disappearance of the Night Soul Clan and the Ma Clan’s experts, and when they saw the huge chariot, they couldn’t help but look greatly uplifted.

“War Heaven divine chariot!”

“War Heavenly Lord’s chariot back then!”

Someone said excitedly.

Everyone at the scene saw that Qi Aoshi had come riding in the War Heaven divine Chariot, and they were all buzzing with excitement.

The War Heaven Divine Chariot was of great significance.

Back then, Qi Zhantian drove this War Heaven Divine Chariot and leveled the Underworld Prison, the Nine Heavens, and the Divine Land!

Where it passed, the gods retreated.

The War Heaven Divine Chariot was stained with the blood of many Plane Lords and even the Plane Controller’s blood.

Many experts saw Qi Aoshi driving the War Heavenly Divine Chariot in person and knelt down in excitement.

In the blink of an eye, the War Heavenly Divine Chariot arrived in front of everyone.

Qi Aoshi sat on top of the War Heavenly Divine Chariot, his eyes raised, with a golden divine circle behind him, his aura overwhelming the heavens.

He scanned the scene, but did not see the experts of the Night Soul Clan and the Ma Clan, and wondered, “Didn’t you say that the experts of the Night Soul Clan and the Ma Clan are here? Could it be that they haven’t come yet?”

One of the Qi family’s experts laughed, “Maybe it’s because Night Soul and Ma Xilai know that you are personally present, Young Lord, and it’s hopeless to snatch the Holy Buddha Wheel, so they left.”

Qi Aoshi was puzzled, is that so?

Just when he was about to open his mouth to ask the surrounding experts, suddenly, the mountain range in front of him, a Buddha light rushed up to the sky, the Buddha light rotated, reflecting the high sky, like a half-moon.

The crowd all turned their heads to look.

“It’s the Holy Buddha Wheel!”

“The Holy Buddha Wheel has appeared again!”

Qi Aoshi’s face was overjoyed, and he immediately drove the War Heavenly Divine Chariot, turning into a shadow, and rushed toward the Buddha’s light.

Only, just as he rushed over, he saw the Buddha light vibrate, and a huge Buddha wheel broke out from the ground, then turned into a golden light and fell into Lu Yiping’s hands.

Qi Aoshi stopped and looked at the sacred Buddha wheel, looking at the young man in blue clothes in the distance, momentarily frozen, didn’t they say that this sacred Buddha wheel is extremely difficult to collect? How come it automatically flew down to the hands of the blue-shirted young man?

The Qi family experts are also stunned.

An old ancestor of the Qi family could not help but come forward and said to Lu Yiping, “Young man, this Holy Buddha Wheel is the property of the Qi family in War Heaven City, so hand it over!

Lu Yiping smiled when he heard that, “Everyone in this world knows that the Holy Buddha Wheel is the property of Buddha Shizun, how did it become the property of your Qi family in War Heaven City?”

This Qi family ancestor’s face turned red.

Another Qi family ancestor’s face sank, “The Holy Buddha Wheel is the most precious treasure of the Buddha family, not everyone is qualified to have it, and such a precious treasure of the Buddha family in your hands, you can not use its power, that is an insult to the Holy Buddha Wheel!

Lu Yiping laughed and said, “You mean to say that this Holy Buddha Wheel can only exert its power if it falls into the hands of your War Heaven City? Only when it falls into Qi Aoshi’s hands will it not disgrace it?”

Qi Ao Shi frowned.

“Not bad.” The Qi family ancestor at the beginning said, “My young master has one of the ten ancient bloodlines, the Flying Heaven bloodline, and is the most gifted person in the world, and only someone like our young master who has the Flying Heaven bloodline can exert its power.”

Another Qi family ancestor said, “Hand over the Holy Buddha Wheel.”

Qi Aoshi looked at Lu Yi Ping and spoke, “Hand over the Sacred Buddha Wheel, and I can compensate you with a divine weapon.” Then with a wave of one hand, a dozen of Heavenly Spirit Treasures appeared in front of him, all of which were lower-grade Heavenly Spirit Treasures.

No matter what, this Holy Buddha Wheel, he must get it.

He cultivates the Buddhist technique, if he has this Holy Buddha Wheel, his combat power will increase greatly, and with the Holy Buddha Qi in the Holy Buddha Wheel, his future cultivation speed will be greatly increased.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the dozens of Heavenly Spirit Treasures and grinned, “This is garbage, you want to compensate us? Fuck you, because you are Qi Zhantian’s son, I won’t kill you.”

Qi Aoshi heard the Dragon Horn Golden Bull let himself roll his balls, and he was stunned, so many years, who has told him to roll his balls? No.

“Do not know how to advance or retreat, do not know how to live or die!” At first that old ancestor heard the Dragon Horned Golden Bull even ask his young master to roll his balls, could not help but be furious, and a fierce fist bombarded the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Just as he struck, he saw a small fish appear in the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s hand.

Seeing the small fish in the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s hand, all the powerhouse around in the distance were so scared that their faces changed greatly as if they saw something horrible, panicked, and then retreated, hiding far away.

The Qi family ancestor noticed the reaction of the surrounding powerhouse and was puzzled when he saw the small fish in the hands of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly become the size of a small mountain.

Then, he saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull make a waving gesture.

Finally, swinging!

The terrifying sound wave that had just made the crowd palpitate to the point of nightmares resounded again.


That Qi Clan ancestor lost consciousness at once.

When the Qi family experts reacted, they only saw that on the original spot, the Qi family ancestor of the middle stage of the Plane Lord had disappeared without a trace.

Qi Aoshi on the War Heaven Divine Chariot also had a stunned face.

The Kun Peng divine Beast in the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s hand retracted as he looked at Qi Aoshi and said, “Kid, make your move, let me see how many percent of your Flying Heaven bloodline has awakened.”

Qi Aoshi looked at the Kun Peng divine Beast in the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s hand with uncertainty.

 Just now, the Kun Peng divine Beast in the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s hand instantly became bigger, then swung, and now it turned back to the size of his palm, so fast that he couldn’t see what the Kun Peng divine Beast looked like.

He stared at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll learn your great moves!” After saying that, he did not get off the chariot, heavy divine light up, a golden Buddha circle-like ripples spread out.

 The golden Buddha circle, however, carried the amazing power of thunder.

“It’s the Heavenly Tribulation Buddha Technique!”

“Lord Qi Aoshi has really received the unearthly inheritance of the Heavenly Tribulation Buddha!”

An old ancestor said in shock.

There were seventeen eras in the 200,000 years of the Near Ancient Period.

Before the War Heaven Era, there were sixteen more eras in the Near Ancient Period.

And the Heavenly Tribulation Buddha Venerable was the number one powerhouse of the Heavenly Tribulation Era, four eras before the Warring Heaven Era.

When Qi Aoshi ran the Heaven Tribulation Buddha Technique to the extreme, at once, the wind and clouds changed color, thunder rolled, and thunder exploded high in the sky, while the sky was filled with Buddha shadows. Obviously, he had cultivated the Heaven Tribulation Buddha Technique to an extremely high realm.

“Heavenly Tribulation Buddha Technique, palm the heavenly tribulation! Ten thousand Buddhas destroy the devil!” Qi Aoshi’s voice resounded through the heavens and the earth as the power of 9,999,000 Combat Plane was fully activated, and a palm slammed down towards the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

At once, the Buddhist sound resounded through the heavens and the earth, and the terrifying thunder palm with heavy Buddhist light slapped down at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Feeling Qi Aoshi’s heaven-destroying palm, the group of ancestors was all horrified.

“Terrifying! This palm is comparable to the power of a Plane Controller?!”

“The Heavenly Tribulation Buddha Technique, it’s truly astonishingly powerful!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull saw Qi Aoshi not even get off the chariot, sitting on it directly, grinning. The Kun Peng Divine Beast in his hand rose and rose again and continued to rise, completely restoring the original Kun Peng Divine Beast that was half the size of the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

The sky and earth instantly darkened.

Qi Aoshi tilted his head, looking at the Kun Peng divine beast that could not be seen, frozen. This damn thing is?

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