It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 393 – If You Come, Then Stay

“Hehe, die!”

On the four-winged demon’s face, there was an ice-cold smile. It watched its sharp claws fall, and its face was full of complacency.

“Buzz ……”

As the sky-covering sharp claws approached, the big hall where Sun Hao was, seemed to be unable to withstand this kind of pressure and was trembling violently.

Looking at it, the sharp claws were about to fall on top of the pavilion.

At this time.


There was a soft cry.

The Thunder Tribulation Master appeared in front of the four-winged demon again, and the thunder hammer in his hand smashed on top of the four-winged demon’s sharp claws in an instant.

In an instant, it blew the four-winged demon’s sharp claws away.

“Lei Aotian, since you want to die like this, this seat will fulfill you!”

The four-winged demon stretched out a sharp claw that covered the sky and pressed on top of one of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s heads, pressing his entire body into the void.

Afterwards, she raised another sharp claw, fiercely grasping above his head.

“Puff stab ……”

A sound of metal piercing into flesh and blood sounded.

One head of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign was torn into pieces vividly.


The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign continued to swing the weapon in his hand and blasted at the four-winged demon.


The four-winged demon snorted coldly, and its claws were like sharp blades, attacking frantically.

In less than a moment.

The eight arms of the Thunderbolt Sovereign were torn into pieces. Only three heads were left gasping for air. It looked like he was severely injured and was on the verge of collapsing to death.

“Lei Aotian, blame it on you for meddling!”

“There are some existences that are not for you to mess with!”


The four-winged demon stretched out its sharp claws, and aimed at the Thunderbolt Lord, and blasted down.

As soon as it looked, it was about to tear the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign into powder.

At this moment.

The four-winged demon raised its eyebrows, and a wave of uneasiness surged through its entire body.

“Not good, the time is almost over!”

She reacted sharply, hurriedly retracted its sharp claws, changed one direction, and blasted at the pavilion where Sun Hao was.

“Zip ……”

The sky was torn apart, raising blinding fire.

With a terrifying might, it hurriedly fell down towards where Sun Hao was.

“Ah ……”

A furious roar, a long rainbow, hurriedly towards the four-winged demon claws crashed over.

This long rainbow, it was none other than Xue Mei. On her face, an incomparably determined look appeared.


“Boom ……”

Before she even touched the top of the sharp claws, Xue Mei’s body was bounced off, unable to get close at all.


Xue Mei’s body hit the ground and exploded into a cloud of dust, spitting out blood.

With her head tilted, she passed out.

“Ah ……”

With another roar, Flower Immortal’s body turned into a long rainbow and ruthlessly crashed on top of the sharp claws.

However, the result was not the slightest bit different compared to Xue Mei.

One after another, figures from the ground rushed up to the sky and crashed on top of the sharp claws.

Luo Liuyan, Su Yiling, Zhong Lilang, Xuan Yuanshi, Mu Bing ……

One by one, without hesitation, desperately crashing towards the sharp claws that cover the sky.


They were like moths to a flame, and the result was no different from the flower immortal.  Even the speed of the sharp claws did not change in any way.

“A group of ants, also want to fight with this seat, simply looking for death!”

On the four-winged demon’s face, there was an ice-cold smile.

“Fortunately, the time was perfect!”

“Lord, this mission, there will be no accident!”

The four-winged demon’s sharp claws speed up a few points.

“Boom ……”

After the shining claws touched the hall, the whole hall was like shredded paper made, directly exploded into pieces.

 Soon, the four-winged demon saw Sun Hao who had turned into an ice sculpture.


The sharp claws aimed at Sun Hao, and they grabbed down.

The next second.

The four-winged demon couldn’t help but stagnate, and on his face, a look of disbelief appeared.

Only to see.

Under his sharp claws, there was a woman who came out of nowhere. She was dressed in white, above her delicate face, revealing a look of determination.

Two elf ears, twitching slightly, seemed to be using all her strength.

This person was none other than Huang Rumeng.

“How can a fellow who has just broken through the Immortal Emperor block this seat?”

“What? She is unifying ten great dao? No, a hundred dao in one?”

“There are still such geniuses in this world!”

“But so what?”

An icy smile appeared on the four-winged demon’s mouth.

“Give me a break!”

With a light shout.

Above the four-winged demon’s sharp claws, the seven-colored divine energy flowed. The terrifying power instantly exploded several times.

“Stomp ……”

Huang Rumeng’s body stomped back, the corner of her mouth, spilling a strand of blood. She stood firm and supported herself with force, and did not retreat.


The four-winged demon’s face, revealing a look of disbelief.

An immortal emperor, able to block a demigod attack?

How could this be possible!

“Little fellow, that’ s a bit interesting!”

“If this mission wasn’t so important, this seat wouldn’t even be able to kill you!”

” Pardon me!”

The four-winged demon’s voice was icy cold.

“Howl ……”

A whistling sound resounded through heaven and earth. The four-winged demon’s seven-colored divine energy kept flowing and gathered rapidly on the sharp claws.

Seeing this scene, Huang Rumeng looked at the four-winged demon, and then at Sun Hao.

On her face, the corners of her mouth raised a happy smile.

“Young master, the fate of this life is over, let’s meet again in the next life!”

“This time, let Rumeng guard you for once!”

After finishing her sentence, Huang Rumeng’s body took a step upward.

Her entire aura frantically skyrocketed.

“Hoo ……”

A wave of Qi shot out from her body.

She held the four-winged demon’s sharp claws and took a step towards the sky.

The entire body of the four-winged demon, as if it was gently held by Huang Rumeng, and could not move at all.

When the four-winged demon saw this scene, she couldn’t help but have a drastic change in her face, “You …… don’t you want to live, to burn your soul to raise your realm!”

“Your soul will definitely dissipate, and cannot be resurrected!” The four-winged demon let out a roar.

Huang Rumeng smiled faintly, ” I can stay with the young master for a year, this life is enough!”

“Even so, you can’t save him!”

The four-winged demon let out a soft cry, the body blood qi, crazy rushing. In the blink of an eye, it enveloped the four-winged demon.

The seven-colored divine energy, on top of the blood qi, kept surging, exploding with a terrifying aura. The sharp claws once again pressed down towards Sun Hao.

The terrifying aura seemed to be able to destroy everything.

When Huang Rumeng looked at this scene, she did not retreat. Without even thinking, she raised her fist, combining a hundred kinds of dao in one, and blasted up against the four-winged demon claws.

“Boom ……”

A loud sound shook heaven and earth.

Huang Rumeng’s body was like a broken kite, flying out backwards.

In the corner of her eyes, two lines of tears slipped through, “Young master, I’m sorry, Rumeng is useless, unable to guard you!”

She looked at the Sun Hao ice sculpture, and on her face, there was a touch of apology.

At this time.

“Ka-chow ……”

A sound of ice cracking sounded.

With a startled look on her face, Huang Rumeng soon revealed a flash of elation. The corners of her mouth rose, and she slowly closed her eyes, falling downward.

On the other side.

“Hoo ……”

The four-winged demon’s body flew backwards uncontrollably and landed a hundred miles away.

It floated in the void and looked at where Sun Hao was, with a resigned look on its face.

“Time’s up!”

Without any hesitation, the four-winged demon’s body turned into a remnant and flew towards the void.


Before she could take two steps, the four-winged demon realized with horror that her body was fixed in place.

“If you come, then stay!”

At this moment, a shudder shook in her head.

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