The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 168 – Qin Aoshi of War Heaven City

In the Underworld Prison, the Devil Dragon Palace’s forces were spread across all the domains and provinces, with countless Heavenly Gods under its command, and each province had two Realm Lord giants sitting in the town.

In some important branches, there are even more than two masters. There were more than 60 prefectures in one Heavenly Devil Domain alone. In other words, the Devil Dragon Palace had more than 60 prefectures in the world alone. And the Underworld Prison had more than thirty domains.

This did not even count the asters and overlords of the sects at the headquarters of the Underworld Prison.

Although the Lifeless Sect and the Night Soul Clan were also in the Underworld Prison as super overlords, it was far worse compared to the Devil Dragon Palace.

In the Underworld Prison, although the Lifeless Sect was ranked third, it was not as strong as one-tenth of the Devil Dragon Palace.

“Are you all going to the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain?” Suddenly, Yao Feng opened his mouth and asked.

Yi Fan nodded her head.

“I heard that this time not only the Night Soul Clan, but even people from Warring Heaven City have come!” Yao Feng said.

“What, War Heaven City!” Yi Fan was shocked.

Before the Holy Demon, Qi Zhantian had oppressed the world and was invincible in the Everlasting Source Plane.

The Holy Demon did not have a family or offspring, but Qi Zhantian did! Qi Zhantian not only had a family but also had offspring.

War Heaven City was where Qi Zhantian’s family was located. The War Heaven City was not in the ranking of the top ten superpowers of the Underworld Prison, but it was a transcendent existence. Even though Qi Zhantian had left the Underworld Prison, the War Heaven City was still a supreme existence that intimidated the Underworld Prison.

No matter who, no one dares to ignore War Heaven City. Even the Devil Dragon Palace would not dare to ignore Warring Heaven City.

“Oh, the people of War Heaven City also want to snatch the Holy Buddha Wheel?” Lu Yiping said with a calm face.

“Yes, this time, from War Heaven City, it is Qi Aoshi who is coming.” Yao Feng said.

“Qi Ao Shi!” Yi Fan was astonished.

“Is this Qi Aoshi, very strong?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull saw Yi Fan’s expression and asked.

Yi Fan and Yao Feng were both stunned.

“Little Lord Jin doesn’t know about Qi Aoshi?” Yi Fan’s eyes looked strange, then said, “This Qi Aoshi is the grandson of Lord Qi Zhantian and is the most talented and strongest in battle among his grandchildren!”

“Lord Qi Aoshi is also the most gifted in the Underworld Prison, and like Lord War Heaven, he was born with one of the Ten Ancient Bloodlines, Lord War Heaven is one of the Ten Ancient Bloodlines of the Transformation Thunder Bloodline, while Lord Qi Aoshi is one of the Ten Ancient Bloodlines of the Flying Heaven Bloodline!” Yi Fan said with a face of adoration and awe.

“Lord Qi Aoshi’s current cultivation level is already at the true peak of the late stage of the Plane Lord, and I heard that his Plane Power has reached 99.99 million, and he may break through the Plane Controller at any time!”

“His strength is even stronger than many overlords of the War Heaven Era.”

The more Yi Fan said, the more excited he became.

Yao Feng was also all excited, “Lord Qi Aoshi will definitely break through the Plane Controller within ten years!”

Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull were surprised. They were not surprised by Qi Aoshi’s strength but by Qi Aoshi’s ten ancient bloodlines. The ten ancient bloodlines were still quite strong.

People with the Flying Heaven bloodline speed far beyond the same realm experts. Moreover, the ten ancient bloodlines all have heavenly destiny mastery.

The sky was getting brighter. The rain had long stopped. Lu Yiping continued to hurry.

However, Yi Fan and Yao Feng felt that their strength was low and weak, and they had no hope of snatching the Holy Buddha Wheel, so they did not go to the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain with Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and the two of them temporarily separated from Lu Yiping.

Lu Yiping and Yi Fan agreed to meet at the Windy Sea City near the Five Harmonies Mountain on that date.

It didn’t take long for Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull to arrive at the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain.

When the two arrived at Heavenly Scorpion Mountain, it was crowded with people, and all the hills of Heavenly Scorpion Mountain were packed with people.

“The Holy Buddha Wheel appeared once the day before yesterday and yesterday, but it flickered away. It should appear again today!”

“Even the people from the Night Soul Clan, War Heaven City, are here. Even if the Holy Buddha Wheel reappears, we have no hope of grabbing it, so putting our minds away is better.”

The experts of the major mountains exchanged words.

Some heard that the Night Soul Clan, the experts of War Heaven City, were coming and could not help but shake their heads.

Lu Yiping and Dragon Horn Golden Bull also all came to the top of an inconspicuous mountain.

The two just came to stand at the top of the mountain, they saw a large group of experts dressed in gold robes flying in the distant sky.

“It’s the Vajra Sect’s patriarch!”

“The Vajra Sect has come with so many master ancestors!”

The Vajra Sect, the largest power in the Cloud Prefecture of the Heavenly Devil Domain, came, causing no small commotion on the scene.

 “Just a lackey of the Night Soul Clan!” Some human race experts had disgusted faces.

The human race and the devil race had always been in conflict, and now, the Vajra Sect, being a human race sect, had defected to the Night Soul Clan of the devil race, causing many experts of the human race to be disgraceful.

“I heard that someone killed Ma Fei, the youngest disciple of the Vajra Clan master, in Clear Wind City yesterday.”

“It can’t be?”

“I also heard about this matter; Dai Wanjiang’s name disciples were also killed, and Dai Wanjiang threatened to bury that pair of master and servant!”

“I don’t know if that pair of master and servant has come yet.”

As the crowd was talking, the experts of the Vajra Sect soon arrived at the scene.

 This time, the Vajra Sect came with thirteen masters, and in addition to the thirteen giants, there were nearly one hundred Heavenly Gods.

After Vajra Sect Patriarch Zheng Yuan arrived, he scanned all the experts on the scene and said, “It seems that Lord Ye Zimo and Lord Ma Xilai and the others haven’t come yet.”

“Let’s find a place to wait for Lord Ye Zimo and Lord Ma Xilai first.” Dai Wanjiang said.

Zheng Yuan nodded his head.

At this time, suddenly, an expert came forward and bowed respectfully to Zheng Yuan, then came in front of Zheng Yuan and pointed in the direction of Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull two and said.

“They are the pair of masters and servants from Clear Wind City?” Zheng Yuan looked in the direction of Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and immediately his eyes were cold with killing intent.

Both of Dai Wanjiang’s eyes were also cold as he said, “I’ll do it myself later.” He said, to have this pair of master and servant killed.

When Zheng Yuan and others were about to fly over towards Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, they suddenly saw a large group of experts coming from afar and couldn’t help but stop.

The people who came were wearing dark black robes, their whole bodies were demonic Qi rolling. It is the Night Soul Clan’s group of experts. In addition to the Night Soul Clan, there was also the Ma family’s group of experts.

The Night Soul Clan and the Ma family came hand in hand. Zheng Yuan hurriedly welcomed them with Dai Wanjiang and others.

“Greetings to Lord Ye Zimo, Lord Ma Xilai!” Zheng Yuan, Dai Wanjiang, and a group of Vajra Sect experts hurriedly bowed and saluted after they greeted them.

Ye Zimo’s whole body was wrapped in devilish Qi, wearing a hood that covered half of his face, and his eyes were smoldering with green flames, and he hmphed, unable to see his expression.

Ma Xilai, who was a fat man had a smile on his face, “Patriarch Zheng, with the friendship between your two families and mine, there is no need for so many common courtesies.” Then he personally helped Zheng Yuan up.

Ye Zimo took a glance at the strong individuals on each mountain and said, “The people from War Heaven City haven’t come yet?”

“Not yet.” Zheng Yuan hurriedly said.

Ye Zimo broke through the air and flew towards the top of the largest mountain peak, the Night Soul Clan and the Ma Family, and the Vajra Sect’s lords followed with all the experts.

The strong figures who were standing at the top of that mountain peak all hurriedly flew away to make room for Ye Zimo and the others.

Arriving at the top of the mountain peak, after landing, Zheng Yuan hesitated and said, “Lord Ye Zimo, Lord Ma Xilai, yesterday my disciple Ma Fei was killed by someone, and the murderer is here.”

“Oh, where is the murderer?” When Ma Xilai heard this, his face immediately sank.

Ma Fei was a disciple of the Ma family and his nephew’s grandson.

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