Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 57 – Scary as Hell

Silver Moon City, Immortal Drunken Inn.

On the second floor.

Chu Yuan was listening to a certain story told by the shopkeeper. Well, in the face of Chu Yuan’s inquiry. The shopkeeper obviously used a trick of ‘covering a lie with a lie’ to muddle through.

“Big brother, you have no idea, how bad this sect is, not only its patriarch spends money in my store every day, resulting in my store accounts are not correct!”

“This sect also wants to bring the whole sect to my place to eat and drink for free, so you tell me, what is this ah?”

“Huh? What? Big brother, you want to help me out? No need, his sect is very powerful, and there are several Nascent Soul realms, big brother doesn’t need to help me out!”

The shopkeeper said repeatedly.  Chu Yuan, who was still furious, froze when he heard this.

Several Nascent Soul realm?

He looked down at his realm, the early Golden Core realm.

Ah, this ……

He seemed, seemingly, probably, not enough to fight the others.

But was it a big problem?

Not a big problem!

If he can’t beat them, there’s still Ye Luo yeah.

He remembered that Ye Luo seemed to be able to fight at the God Transformation Realm.

If you cannot defeat him, just call out to your disciple!

Anyway, Ye Luo had not been expelled from his sect yet, so it was no problem at all to call on him as a helper.

“It’s okay, boss, just say which sect, later, I’ll wait for my disciple to return from his training, so he could just make a trip.”

Chu Yuan said with unusual firmness.

“This ……”

The shopkeeper’s mind was messed up, he didn’t expect that this couldn’t force Chu Yuan to change the subject.

Yet this would make him name a sect.

Which sect would he say?

” Heavenly …… Heavenly Palace Sect! Right! It’s the Heavenly Palace Sect!”

The shopkeeper suddenly slapped his thigh and said the name. The Heavenly Palace Sect was the number one sect nearby!

He did not believe that by saying this name, the man in front of him still dared to say something out of the head.

However, how did the shopkeeper know? Chu Yuan did not remember the names of all the sects in the eastern state.

After hearing the ‘Heavenly Palace Sect,’. Chu Yuan nodded his head and silently wrote it down.

“Okay, Heavenly Palace Sect, I’ll write it down for you, and when I say I will help you out, I will naturally help you out.” Chu Yuan said indifferently.

The shopkeeper’s face stiffened.

Oh, you just pretend that you are.

It was obvious at first glance that you were talking on the surface and then turning your head as if nothing had happened. If you could really find trouble with the Heavenly Palace Sect, I would eat up my huge inn!

But the shopkeeper will not expose this matter. Anyway, it’s good to get this off the table. The shopkeeper wiped the sweat from his forehead and took a deep breath to soothe his mood.

“Big brother, why did you suddenly come over? About the weapons, is everything done?” The shopkeeper said with a smile.

“It’s all done, and thanks to you for the information.” Chu Yuan responded with a smile.

Now it was the shopkeeper’s turn to be confused. Over there at Mirror Lake, it was a reclusive master. This person in front of him had actually completed the matter? Could it be that the person in front of him had gone the wrong way? So there was a mistake? Yes! That must be the case! It must be!

“Big brother, you’re welcome, you’re welcome. We’re on the same page, look what you said.” The shopkeeper figured it out and immediately put on a smiling face and said.

“Well, here, these few taels of silver for you, it’s a thank-you gift. You should remember to keep it well.”

Chu Yuan laughed lightly twice and handed a piece of cloth in his hand to the shopkeeper.  What was inside, of course, was the few taels of silver. This was a few taels of silver from an invincible existence in the future. As long as it was well preserved. In the future, it could be used as a family heirloom!

On the other side of the shopkeeper, taking that piece of cloth over, opened it to see. Only to see a few taels of silver placed inside the cloth.  At the same time there was an odd smell emanating from it.

When the shopkeeper sniffed the smell, his eyebrows jumped, and he almost couldn’t stop vomiting.

“Big brother, why don’t you forget it? You see, I am not short of this money either.” The shopkeeper wanted to refuse.

“No, how can I forget it? Put it away, keep it. It will definitely have a value you can’t believe in the future.” Chu Yuan waved his hand. In his heart, he sighed secretly. Mortals are mortals, ah. This was a gift from a future invincible powerhouse, and he actually didn’t want it.

The shopkeeper smiled and could only bitterly put away these silver pieces. Chu Yuan looked at the leftovers on the table, raised an eyebrow and looked at the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was very understanding and asked Xiao Er to replace the table with a new dish.

Chu Yuan looked at the dishes in front of him and instantly got comfortable, sitting lazily, picking up chopsticks and tasting the dishes.

Although the Golden Core realm was able to use internal Dharma power to sustain himself and simply did not need to eat food and drink, Chu Yuan could not resist his appetite.

While eating, Chu Yuan said.

“Shopkeeper, any news recently? You, with a hundred dazzling students, should know all the news of the eastern state, big and small, very quickly, right?”

This statement was made. The shopkeeper froze and then pondered around for a while.

“Yes, there is a piece of news about the immortal cultivation world. It seems that a very ancient hidden sect has come out in our eastern state.”

“It is said that the ancient hidden sect inherited hundreds of thousands of years, there are many really great terrifying existence inside, what god transformation realm in front of the hidden sect is like ants, any existence inside the hidden sect can kill a large number of god transformation realm with a single look!”

“This news is spread wildly in the immortal cultivation world, and it is because it is spread so wildly that it is known to me. Otherwise, I would not be qualified to know such news.”  The shopkeeper opened his mouth and said.


Chu Yuan, who was still drinking the soup, heard this news. The soup that hadn’t been swallowed instantly spurted out. Directly sprayed the face of the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper, “……”

The soup was spurted out by the Nascent Soul mighty man +1.

“What you said is true?” Chu Yuan was horrified.

What the hell? There are hidden sects appearing in the Eastern State?

The GodTransformation Realm is like an ant inside a hidden sect?!

An existence inside a hidden sect can exterminate countless God Transmigration Realms with a single look?!




Chu Yuan’s heart sucked in cold breath furiously. This was too terrifying. What kind of hidden sect is this? How could it be so terrifying to this extent? I couldn’t afford to mess with it. If I offend this kind of hidden sect, how can I still mess around.

Chu Yuan seemed to be able to see, among the hidden sect, there was someone who fought in the God Transformation realm with a single glance to sweep through.

He took his sect all to the street. Although Chu Yuan feels that he will certainly be a generation of peerless strength, he now still needed time to grow ah.

No, no. In the future, it is necessary to be more low-key. Chu Yuan secretly made a decision. On the other hand, the shopkeeper heard Chu Yuan’s words and hurriedly responded.

“Of course, this is true, this is what is rumored out there, there are several other more terrible versions, but I always think this is more real.”

Chu Yuan listened and made up his mind ……

Eastern state.

It’s too scary ……

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