It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 392 – Forcing You? I Will Also Kill You

“Who is he?”

“Haven’t seen him, he seems to be a guard that the young master has recently taken in.”


Everyone’s face was full of doubts, and their eyes were all fixed on the Thunder Tribulation Master.

The white-winged woman also stared at the Thunderbolt Sovereign with an angry face, “Lei Ao Tian, you can think about what the consequences will be for stopping me!”

As soon as these words came out.  An explosion sounded below.

Everyone’s face was filled with shock.

The name Lei Aotian, how could they not have heard of it?

“What? He is Lei Aotian, then wouldn’t he be the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign?”

“My goodness, the Thunder Tribulation Lord is serving as a guard for the young master? No way?”

“Look at his expression, he looks like he’s honored! Young master, what kind of existence are you?”

For a moment, the crowd couldn’t calm down.

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign looked at the white-winged woman and smiled faintly, “Consequences? Feel free to come, I’ll take it all!”

” Hmph!”

The white-winged woman coldly sneered, her body shone and instantly appeared in front of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign.

“Boom ……”

Explosive sound continuously, Qi waves rolled. The terrifying might swept in all directions. The entire Tian Luo continent was trembling slightly. This battle lasted for a full half a quarter of an hour.

“Boom ……”

There was a huge sound.

The two bodies flew backwards at the same time, and it took quite a bit of strength to stabilize their bodies.

The white-winged woman looked at the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign and frowned slightly.

On her face, a flash of anxiety flashed by.

“Argh ……”

The white-winged woman roared in anger.

“Crack ……”

The sound of joints exploding came out from her body.

A pair of wings grew quickly behind her and became larger.  In less than a moment, they transformed from two wings to four wings. On her body, the white light flowed and appeared to be glittering.

Seeing this scene, the corners of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s mouth raised, “Who doesn’t know how to transform?”

“Clack ……”

On the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, two arms and a head grew out.

“Zhi ……”

Various colors of lightning dazzled incessantly on the body of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign and exploded with frightening power.On top of the four arms, all of them held a weapon with a shining lightning aura. It looked, majestic and awe-inspiring. “Phew ……” The Thunder Tribulation Juggernaut’s four arms were all holding a weapon that shone with electricity.

“Phew ……”

The Thunderbolt Sovereign flashed with light and instantly appeared in front of the white-winged woman.

“Boom! Boom ……”

The two once again battled together, blasting the heavens and earth.

The terrifying might was so powerful that it made people’s scalps tingle.

Below the two.

Xue Mei’s face was solemn as she kept waving her right hand. A ray of light, from the center of her hand flew out, surging into the head above several light and shadow talisman seal.

As time passed.

“Zip ……”

Above the runes, the light flowed rapidly. Numerous runes flew out from her fingertips in a dazzling manner.

A moment later.

“Buzz ……”

A sound vibrated.

Six light and shadow rune seals were engraved out.

“Finally finished, the method the young master handed me is really good!”

On Xue Mei’s face, there was all concentration.

Her afterimages swept towards the battle in the sky, and the corners of her mouth raised.

“Boom ……”

With a thought, the six light and shadow talisman seals fused together and instantly exploded into light and shadow.

The light shadows coalesced rapidly.

A moment later.

“Roar ……”

A thousand meters tall light shadow Qilin coalesced into shape. It roared towards the sky and swallowed the mountains and rivers.  The Light Shadow Qilin found an opportunity to slap down a claw at the white-winged woman.


There was a loud sound as the white-winged woman’s body stomped straight back. Her entire shoulder was torn open. Her two wings were broken.

Blood stained her body red. She appeared miserable.


The white-winged woman shouted softly, and on her face, there was an anxious look.

She looked at where Sun Hao was and revealed a ruthless look.

“In that case, all of you die!”

With this voice.

” Grunt ……”

On the white-winged woman, qi and blood surged. On her back, two demonic wings grew. The other two white wings, too, were rapidly changing into two demonic wings.

All over her body, was blood red. She was like forged by magma, emitting a metallic luster.

When you look at the whole thing, it’s like a four-winged demon. An icy, bloodthirsty aura rushed out from her body, enveloping heaven and earth.

“Ka-cha ……”

The sound of joints friction kept ringing.

The four-winged demon’s body rapidly grew larger, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a giant monster 10,000 meters tall.

One look at it made people’s whole body shiver with fear and cold sweat.

“Buzz ……”

Before the thunder tribulation giant could react, the four-winged demon took the lead.

It stretched out its heaven-covering claws and slammed them at the Lightning Shadow Qilin.

“Woo ……”

There was a sad cry.

The Light Shadow Qilin was smashed into a light shadow with a slap and disappeared without a trace.

“This ……”

When the Thunder Tribulation Giant saw this scene, his face revealed the most serious gaze ever.

“Ka-chow ……”

The Thunder Tribulation Giant body, the joints kept blowing resounding.

A moment later, he transformed into a giant with a height of ten thousand meters and four heads and eight arms.

He looked at the four-winged demon, raised his huge fist to cover the sky, and blasted at her.

“Boom ……”

There was a huge sound.

The terrifying shock wave, whistling in all directions, colliding with the space inch by inch to shatter.

The four-winged demon and the thunder tribulation giant body simultaneously retreated, it took a lot of time to stabilize their bodies.

When the crowd looked at the two giants in the void, they could not help but secretly wipe a cold sweat.

“This is too strong, their strength, they are definitely both demigods!”

“Fortunately, there is a Thunder Tribulation Sovereign here!”

“Everyone pay attention, guard the young master!”

When this sound started, everyone rushed up to the sky and guarded the pavilion.

On each person’s face, there was a look as if they were ready to die.

“Boom ……”

In the sky, the battle continued.

The four-winged demon and the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign were going back and forth, and they were neck to neck.

There was an anxious look on the demon’s face.

“Lei Aotian, don’t you force me!” The four-winged demon roared loudly.

“Forcing you? This seat will also kill you!”

The corners of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s mouth raised as he swung his thunder hammer and blasted down at the four-winged demon.


There was a loud sound. Countless lightning rays rushed into the four-winged demon’s body.

The four-winged demon was electrocuted to the point that its entire body was scorched black and paralyzed.

At the moment it froze.


A thunder blade, directly chopped into the four-winged demon. Several strokes went down, hitting the four-winged demon all over its body.

“Lei Aotian, you forced me to do this!”

The four-winged demon roared in anger, and her qi and blood roared wildly. The entire aura, skyrocketed by several percent.

“Boom boom ……”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign was shaken by the terrifying might and sent flying for thousands of meters.



With a loud sound, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s body was like a cannonball, and flew out sharply, out of sight.

Taking advantage of this opportunity. On the four-winged demon, Qi and blood surged and whistled all over its body. A sharp claw covered the sky, and grabbed down in the direction of Sun Hao.

Above the sharp claw, it emitted an aura that tore everything apart and made people’s scalps tingle.


Luo Liuyan let out a soft cry and led the crowd, rushing up to the sky.

“Buzz ……”

Thousands of rays of light, coalesced together, forming a light shield, covering the sky above.


“Boom ……”

The light and shadow shield instantly crumbled. It simply could not stop the sharp claws by half.

“Boom ……”

The bodies of Luo Liuyan and the others, like fairies scattering flowers, fell in all directions.

“Boom! Boom ……”

They crashed into the ground, and exploded into a piece of dust,  their life and death were unknown.

“Buzz ……”

The speed of the sharp claws in the sky did not decrease, and directed at Sun Hao’s residence and slammedA down.

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