The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 167 – Kun Peng Ancestor’s Trails

“What, Lin Shilo, the daughter of Supreme Elder Lin Lixue, was killed by this bastard!” Upon hearing this, Great Elder Li Zheng of the Five Harmonies Mountain could not help but look at Yao Feng with a burst of anger.

“Great Elder Li Zheng, the murderer is actually my eldest brother.” Yi Fan angrily pointed at Liang Hongji indignantly, “My friend Yao Feng found out about his crime, and he not only hunted down and killed my friend, but now he is also slandering my friend!”

Yao Feng also said sharply, “I have the memory stone in my hand, which recorded the situation at that time.”

“Shut up!” Li Zheng didn’t even look at the memory stone before he rebuked Yi Fan, “Yi Fan, you actually collaborated with outsiders to slander your elder brother! How dare you be a disciple of Five Harmonies Mountain!”

“To slander a fellow disciple with an outsider is a serious crime according to the sect’s regulations!” The other Elder also didn’t listen to his defense and rebuked him.

Yi Fan was aggrieved and said, “Elders, my friend really has the memory stone.”

“How dare you still repent and not know how to change, and are still helping outsiders!” Li Zheng was furious, his long sword shook in his hand, waving out heavy sword qi, attacking Yi Fan and Yao Feng however.

“Now, I’ll capture you all together and ask for punishment!”

Yi Fan and also Yao Feng felt the amazing power of the True God realm powerhouse of the sword qi and could not help but change their faces.

However, just when Li Zheng’s sword qi attacked in front of Yi Fan and the two of them, suddenly, the whole person struck a blow and seemed to be hit by an invisible force heavily and smashed down from a high altitude.

Sword Qi dissipated.

Everyone was stunned.

Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull stood up and walked out.

 “Who are you?” Several Five Harmonies Mountain supreme elders looked at Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in astonishment.

Yi Fan came back to his senses and still pleaded to the several Supreme Elders of Five Harmonies Mountain, ” Supreme Elders, this is my friend’s memory stone, if the several Supreme Elders don’t believe me, they can check the records in it.”

“You give me the memory stone, I will take a look.” One of the supreme elders said.

Yi Fan’s face was pleased and he gave the memory stone in Yao Feng’s hand to the other party.

However, as soon as that Supreme Elder took the memory stone before he could check it, the power in his hand surged and shattered the memory stone.

Yi Fan’s angry eyes: “Why?!”

Lu Yiping secretly shook his head, this woman Yi Fan is still too innocent, up to now, she could not see that these five supreme elders of Five Harmonies Mountain had been helping Liang Hongji.

Liang Hongji and the five upper elders should be good friends. The truth does not matter to them.

Liang Hongji was a core disciple of Mount Wu Xia, raped and killed a fellow disciple, if this outcome was spread, it would have a bad impact on the Five Harmonies Mountain sect.

Therefore, even if they knew that the murderer was really Liang Hongji, they would still choose to play dumb.

After destroying the memory stone, the Supreme Elder said coldly, “The memory stone doesn’t have any memories at all, it’s just a blank memory stone, you’ve been deceived by this person.”

Then he said, “Yi Fan, if you continue to be obsessed, don’t blame us for enforcing the sect’s law now, abolishing your cultivation and then bringing it back to the sect for disposal!”

Yi Fan was furious.

Lu Yiping looked at Li Zheng them and coldly said, ” Knowing the truth, but cover up the truth, knowing the murderer, but favoring the murderer, you such scum, also deserve to die!”

After saying that, with a flick of his hand, all the people from Li Zheng were turned into a blood mist, including Liang Hongji.

Yi Fan was dumbfounded.

Originally, she thought that Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull two killed the Vajra Sect Ma Fei several people, should only be the God Spirit realm, but she did not expect that even the True God realm Li Zheng and several people, all could be killed with the snap of a finger.

Is it a Heavenly God?

Afterwards, Lu Yiping gave a potion to Yao Feng, who quickly recovered from his injuries.

After Yao Feng bowed to Lu Yi Ping and thanked him, he then talked about the incident of Liang Hongji’s matter in the first place.

When Yi Fan heard that her sect Lin Shiluo had discovered the secret that Liang Hongji and her master Qian Sun had joined the Vajra Sect, and that was why she was tragically killed by Liang Hongji, she was stunned.

“Are you saying that my master has defected to the Vajra Sect?” Yi Fan asked Yao Feng, who still found it hard to believe.

Her master, who was an orphan, was later adopted by the ancestor of Five Harmonies Mountain and taught her top skills and techniques. The ancestor of Five Harmonies Mountain was as kind to him as a mountain, and she could not believe that her master would betray Five Harmonies Mountain.

Yao Feng nodded, “It is true, moreover, not only your master and your eldest brother, but many of your Five Harmonies Mountain Ancestors, Supreme Elders and Elders have already defected to the Vajra Sect and the Night Soul Clan. Maybe those Supreme Elders just now have also long defected to the Vajra Sect and the Night Soul Clan.”

Yi Fan was dumbfounded and did not speak for a long time. The Dragon Horned Golden Bull felt bored and took out the Kun Peng Divine Beast of the Kun Peng Divine Clan and put it in his hand to play with it.

Of course, this Kun Peng divine beast, which was half the size of the Kun Peng divine Sect’s mountain gate, was now, under the change of the Dragon Horn Golden Bull’s spatial laws, it was shrunk to the size of a palm, and in the Dragon Horn Golden Bull’s hand, it was like a small fish.

After playing with it for a while, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly said, “Master, do you think it’s possible for the little Kun Kun to know which places the Kun Peng Ancestor visited after he came to the Underworld Prison back then?”

Lu Yiping mused, “You ask.”

When the Kun Peng Divine Sect was founded, the guardian divine beast was the Kun Peng Divine Beast, but the one in front of him was not the one from the ancient period, but only the offspring of the one from the ancient period.

However, it may also know some things back then.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull grabbed the tail of the Kun Peng divine Beast. He flung it directly to the ground, causing the ground to shake viciously and making the Kun Peng divine Beast dizzy before asking, “Let me ask you, do you know what places your Kun Peng ancestor visited after coming to the Underworld Prison?”

The Kun Peng divine Beast was thrown dizzy, saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s murderous eyes, shivered in fear, and replied, “I heard my old ancestor had said something, that year after he followed the Kun Peng ancestor into the Underworld Prison, he seemed to have been to the Five Harmonies Mountain, the Holy Emperor City, the Four Sides Sea and a few other places.”

Lu Yi Ping and Dragon Horn Golden Bull were surprised, “Five Harmonies Mountain!”

Never thought that the Kun Peng ancestor also went to the Five Harmonies Mountain.

Yi Fan looked at the Kun Peng divine Beast in the hands of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in confusion and said, “This little fish said that the Kun Peng Ancestor had been to our Five Harmonies Mountain?”

Yao Feng looked at the small fish in the hands of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and was also amazed.  Kun Peng Ancestor, wasn’t that a legendary figure more than a million years ago?

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull grabbed the tail of the Kun Peng divine Beast and gave another fierce fling to the ground, and the Kun Peng divine Beast was teary-eyed, “Little Lord Jin, I just told you everything truthfully, ah.”

“I know.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

The Kun Peng divine Beast’s eyelids rolled. Then, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked the Kun Peng Divine Beast some more things. However, the Kun Peng divine Beast only remembered that his old ancestor said that the Kun Peng ancestor had been to these three places.

” Five Haze Mountain, Holy Emperor City, and the Four Sides Sea.” Lu Yiping said to himself.

Five Harmonies Mountain, undoubtedly Yi Fan’s sect Five Harmonies Mountain.

However, in ancient times, the Five Harmonies Mountain was just a mountain range. There was no Five Harmonies Mountain as a sect yet, the Five Harmonies Mountain was only created a hundred thousand years ago.

Holy Emperor City was now a sacred place for the human race.

As for the Four Sides Sea, it was the Devil Dragon Palace, it was the first power of the demon race and also the first power of the Underworld Prison.

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