Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 56 Chu Double Standard

A few days later.

The entire Eastern State Immortal Cultivation World began to shake.

It was for no other reason.

More news about the secluded sect was uncovered and circulated everywhere.

The news even spread into the mortal world.

It was also getting crazier and crazier as the news spread.

At the beginning, in the area near the Southern Sect, it was a bit normal.

It was only said that the Daoless Sect had been passed down for at least 40,000 years or 50,000 years.

However, when the news spread far to the other boundaries of the eastern state, it was completely unleashed, like a wild horse out of control.

“Great news, great news, I got news in the northern part of the eastern state, the secluded sect turned out to be a powerful sect in the ancient times, a hundred thousand years ago!

“What? One hundred thousand years? Who are you listening to? Aren’t you afraid that the secluded sects will blame you for belittling them? It’s clearly 300,000 years of legacy, right?”

“Who are you all listening to? Isn’t it 700,000 years of legacy history?”

“You all heard wrong, I heard that the first patriarch of the secluded sect is the existence of the founding of the terrestrial realm, and then created the Daoless Sect, the Dao is originally nothing, from nothing to create one, this is the true meaning of the Daoless Sect, no, no, no, no, no one really still believes that the Daoless Sect of the secluded sect only a mere 700,000 years of legacy, right?”


Such rumours like this abound in the midst of the immortal cultivation world.

Some just exaggerate by a billion points, saying that the secluded sect had a legacy of hundreds of thousands of years.

Some are not just exaggerated, but terrifying, saying that this world was created by the secluded sects, and in fact, the Eastern State is the origin of the Divine Journey Continent.

For a while the whole Eastern State was stirred up.

Numerous people wanted to find a way to connect with the secluded sects and try to have the two sects blossom.

Even the defeat of the patriarch in the Grand Sect Competition of the Heavenly Emperor Dao Sect was suppressed.


Just when these rumors were intensifying.

Someone named Chu came to Silver Moon City.

Don’t ask what he came for.

The question was to find this shopkeeper to thank him properly for allowing him to harvest so much ‘scrap iron’ in one wave and also obtain a supreme divine weapon called the Scarlet Longsword.

“This shopkeeper is a true man.”

“We can’t treat him so badly.”

While flying in the sky of Silver Moon City on a Dharma cloud, Chu Yuan looked at his hand.

He saw a piece of cloth wrapped in his hand, and a few taels of silver were placed on top of the cloth.

These two taels of silver were very important.

That is Chu Yuan had been hidden in the sole of his shoes and refused to take out a few taels of silver.

In order to thank the shopkeeper.

Chu Yuan intends to give these two taels of silver to the shopkeeper.

As a gift.

The gift from a future invincible existence.

As long as it is well preserved, there was still fear that the value of these two taels of silver in the future could not be multiplied by thousands and thousands of times?

Thinking like this, Chu Yuan was in a happy mood.

He quickly approached the Drunken Immortal Inn.

When he got close to the inn.

At a glance, he saw the figure of the shopkeeper.

He was talking to a merchant-like person in a window seat on the second floor, talking very happily, and laughing out loud.

“I’d like to have a look, what can be talked about so happily.”

With a trace of curiosity, Chu Yuan lowered the Dharma cloud, wanting to eavesdrop on what the shopkeeper was talking about.


The Drunken Immortal Inn, second floor.

The shopkeeper was pulling a merchant, and laughing loudly.

“You don’t know, this matter ah, it is enough for me to brag for the rest of my life!”

“I actually killed a nascent soul powerhouse! I killed him with my mortal body, hahahahaha, the titled nascent soul old monster was actually killed by me, a shopkeeper of an inn!”

“No! I want this to be written in my family tree! So that my descendants can be proud of it!

The shopkeeper said happily.

The merchant sitting next door took a sip of wine and frowned.

He obviously did not believe it.

However, looking at the shopkeeper’s genuine expression.

There was some doubt again.

“Shopkeeper, then tell me, how did you kill the nascent soul powerhouse in the first place?”

The merchant frowned and asked.

“Drive the tiger to swallow the wolf! Can’t tell you the details!”

The shopkeeper said mysteriously.

“Then why do you want to trap and kill people? You should know that if you don’t succeed, I’m afraid you’ll be finished.”

The merchant was still puzzled, not understanding why the shopkeeper was so bold.

If this failed, I’m afraid that a finger of the nascent soul powerhouse could crush the shopkeeper’s whole family.

When he heard this.

The shopkeeper was not worried.

On the contrary, he smiled and looked quite casual.

“This person comes to me every now and then to eat and drink for free, and also spy, if I let him keep going on like this, can I do business?”

“Anyway, my plan, even if it fails, there is certainly nothing wrong with all.”

To hear the shopkeeper said so.

He looked like he had a good plan.

Then the merchant wanted to say something else.

All of a sudden, a voice came from the side.

“Boss, if you are being oppressed like that, you can talk to me, I hate this kind of people who are freeloaders, you can tell me, I will stand up for you.”

When the boss heard this, he immediately slapped the table and said with a big grin: “Stand up? How to stand up? How can we mortals compete with immortal cultivators?”

That voice next to him spoke up again.

“If you can’t, then there’s still me?”

The shopkeeper said loudly again, “That man is the head of a sect, we can’t do anything about it!”

The voice came again.

“A great sect? Like who is not a sect leader! Say, boss, you say, which sect! I’ll stand up for you!”

The shopkeeper raised an eyebrow, looked at the merchant, said, “Old Zhao, you’re okay, you pretend two times on the line, you are pretending to have a pattern, pretend to whom to be looking.”

The merchant sat there dumbfounded, without replying his eyes kept staring at the position beside the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was frozen, a sense of crisis welled up inside.

He did not dare to turn his head to look at his side anymore.

“Boss, tell me, who is it? Which sect? I’ll stand up for you!”

Unknowingly seated next to the shopkeeper, Chu Yuan was asking angrily.

The shopkeeper turned his head to look, his heart was cold.

Death, death is coming ……

My God, this senior ancestors is my nemesis?

Whenever I say something bad, he comes over without a sound ……

“Big, big, big, big brother, why are you here ……”

The shopkeeper wanted to cry and said.

The merchant on the side of the eye, realized that it was not going to be good, his feet were slick and sneaked away.

The merchant next to Chu Yuan also did not bother to pay attention to that merchant, his eyes fixed on the shopkeeper.

“How come I can’t be here? Say, which son of a bitch is so ungrateful, to actually dare in your inn freeloading? Is this not putting me in the eye?”

“Come, I’ll take you to get justice!”

His tone of voice was tinged with anger.

Properly a large double standard scene.

It”s okay for me to freeload, but not for other people to do so!

The shopkeeper was silent.

Could he say that he was talking about Chu Yuan?

It always feels like saying that he will be killed ……

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