The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 166 – Blood Mouth Spouting

“Oh, people from the Lifeless Sect.” this was unexpected for Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Yi Fan nodded, “The ancestor of the Ma family is very strong, he is one of the four great ancestors of the Lifeless Sect, he is a super invincible figure of the Warring Heavens era.”

“So it was a super invincible figure of the Warring Heavens Era.” Lu Yiping laughed.

Yi Fan said, “Yes, but I heard that the Lifeless Sect seems to have a major incident recently, and many experts died.”

Something big happened?

Lu Yiping two people certainly know.

The Kun Peng Divine Sect event, the Warring Heaven Era’s Barefoot Twin Monsters brought two hundred realm masters to the event.

Of course, these people, all of them were killed by Lu Yiping. That last wave of meteor shower blasted the entire Kun Peng Divine Sect’s ancestral land with a thousand holes.

“One of the Four Great Ancestors of the Lifeless Sect?” Lu Yiping asked with a smile, “Do you know the Barefoot Twin Monsters of the Lifeless Sect? How is he stronger than this Barefoot Twin Monsters?”

Yi Fan was stunned, then mused, “Although the Barefoot Twin Monsters are terrifying, the two of them were not sealed as Four Great Ancestors, so the ancestor of the Ma family should be stronger.”

Lu Yi Ping gave a hmmm.

“We killed Ma Fei, you’re not afraid that staying with us now would be dangerous?” Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

Yi Fan shook her head, “This matter started because of me, I can’t just walk away.”

The three of them walked and talked.   Although this Yi Fan’s temper was explosive, she was honest and sincere. The three of them unknowingly went out of Clear Wind City.

The night slowly darkened. It was raining cold.

Lu Yiping three-person hid in a dilapidated manor, and then built a bonfire, he took out the Ten Thousand Worlds wine, and the wine smell was overflowing.

“Brother Lu, what kind of wine is that you have, it smells so good?” Yi Fan stared at the Ten Thousand Worlds wine in Lu Yi Ping’s hand.

Lu Yiping laughed, ” Do you like to drink too?”

Yi Fan nodded and laughed, “Usually bored, so I love to drink some.”

Lu Yiping took a jar and threw it to Yi Fan.

Of course, not everyone could drink his Ten Thousand Worlds wine, this Yi Fan’s grandfather got Buddha Shizun’s Holy Buddha’s Jade, learned Buddha Dragon Palm, also considered Buddha Shizun’s next-generation heir.

The most important thing is that Lu Yiping saw this little girl as agreeable.

Yi Fan opened it and immediately took a sip. After one sip, rolling hot currents rushed to her whole body meridians, and she was astonished, “This wine is?”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “This is the Ten Thousand Worlds Wine, made with many great ingredients.”

Yi Fan hurriedly put the wine down and said, “Brother Lu, this wine, I can’t take it.” After saying that, she wanted to send the wine back.

Lu Yiping laughed and said, “You have already taken a sip, do you want to give it back to me?”

Yi Fan suddenly blushed.

“Take it, it’s not a rare thing.” Lu Yi Ping laughed.

Yi Fan hesitated for a moment and finally nodded to accept it. The three of them drank wine and chatted idly.

“Miss Yi Fan, how did your grandfather disappear?” Lu Yiping asked.

Yi Fan hesitated slightly and said, “Seventy or eighty years ago, my grandfather, my master, and Lord Yan entered the Dragon Demon Burial Ground, and then my grandfather received the inheritance of the jade technique of the Supreme Heaven.”

“Supreme Heaven.” Lu Yi Ping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull were surprised.

The Supreme Heaven was the supreme hegemon of the Warring Heavens era.

Yi Fan said in a deep voice, “I suspect that my grandfather’s disappearance is related to this.”

“Are you saying that your grandfather’s disappearance is related to your master, and Lord Yan?” Lu Yi Ping asked.

Yi Fan nodded, “My master is one of the old ancestors of the Five Harmonies Mountain, and both he and Lord Yan were my grandfather’s best friends, but recently my master’s behaviour has been a bit abnormal, and in recent years he has been cultivating some kind of secret skill.” Yi Fan said.

“You mean, your master might be cultivating the Supreme Heaven’s technique?” Lu Yiping asked.

 “Mm.” Yi Fan said, “I am suspicious of my master, my master has sensed something, and he seems to have a killing intent towards me.”

Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull both looked at each other.  Suddenly, the sound of fighting came from the distance. And from far away to close. Soon, the fight came outside the dilapidated manor, and a figure smashed down from a high altitude and smashed into the courtyard,  a young man was covered in blood.

Yi Fan felt that the figure was familiar, startled, and ran out, to see each other’s appearance, she could not help but shout, “Yao Feng!”

This Yao Feng and her made a friend many years ago when she went out on a mission. He was also a core disciple of the Yao family, she did not have many good friends, and this Yao Feng was her best friend.

Although Yao Feng was seriously injured, his breath was not yet gone, and when he saw that it was Yi Fan, he hissed and said urgently, “Yi Fan, you should run away.”

“Run? Where do you want to escape to?” At this time, a figure appeared in the sky above the manor.

Seeing the person who came, Yi Fan face some disbelief, “Eldest Brother!”

The person who came was none other than her Eldest Brother Liang Hongji.

She didn’t expect that the one who chased and slaughtered her good friend Yao Feng would be her eldest brother.

Liang Hongji floated down to the ground, stepped on the rain, and came towards both Yi Fan, and Yao Feng. He looked at Yi Fan and smiled, “Fifth junior sister, I didn’t expect you to be here, what a coincidence.”

Yao Feng looked at Liang Hongji angrily and said to Yi Fan, “Yi Fan, run away, your elder brother is a beast with a human face, he raped and killed your Five Harmonies Mountain’s senior sister Lin Shiluo, I found out, and now he wants to silence me.”

Yi Fan’s pretty face changed.

Sister Lin Shiluo was the daughter of one of the great elders of her Five Harmonies Mountain.

Liang Hongji’s face sank and said, “Blood mouth! Yao Feng, you are the one who raped and killed our sister Lin Shiluo of Five Harmonies Mountain, and now you are slandering me.

“I’m chasing this Yao Feng, just to capture him and bring him back to Five Harmonies Mountain for punishment!”

“Sister Yi Fan, please capture this Yao Feng with me and bring him back to Five Harmonies Mountain.”

Yao Feng smiled and looked at Liang Hongji with anger and rage, “Liang Hongji, I have a memory stone in my hand, which recorded the scene of you raping and killing Lin Shiluo at that time.” Speaking of this, he took out a four-sided stone.

Liang Hongji’s face changed, suddenly, his face was fierce, and his eyes were strong with killing intent. His hand swung out his long sword, and his incredible sword qi attacked Yi Fan and Yao Feng.

Obviously, this Liang Hongji wanted to exterminate Yi Fan as well. The incredible sword qi instantly came in front of Yi Fan and Yao Feng. Seeing that the sword qi would hit the two, suddenly, the sword qi stopped, and then, disintegrated. The three people were stunned.

Liang Hongji’s gaze fell on Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and he wondered, “It’s you guys!”

At this time, several more air-breaking sounds came.

Only to see several old men dressed in the brocade robes of the Five Harmonies Mountains’ Supreme Elders soon arrive above the dilapidated manor.

When they saw Liang Hongji and Yi Fan in the manor, they were not surprised.

“Liang Hongji, Yi Fan, what are you doing?” One of the supreme elders opened his mouth and asked, obviously, these people should also be rushing to the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain and passing by this place.

Liang Hongji stepped forward and hurriedly said, “Elder Li Zheng, it’s a good time for you to come, this person named Yao Feng has raped and killed our sister Lin Shilo, the daughter of Elder Lin Lixue of Five Harmonies Mountain, and I found out. I chased this thief all the way here, but unexpectedly, Yi Fan and this thief are close friends, not only did not help me capture this thief but instead, she and the other two stopped me! “

He had an indignant face, pointing at Lu Yi Ping and Dragon Horn Golden Bull.

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