It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 390 – Happy New Year, Here’s to You

It was New Year’s Eve.

At Sun Hao’s residence, in the backyard.

The Sinking Soul Divine Wood quickly gathered its branches and leaves and changed into an ordinary small tree.

By the side of the tree.

Hundreds of tables were set up in the backyard.

Thousands of immortal cultivators were sitting at the tables.

These people were the people of the Evil Suppression Alliance which was led by Luo Liuyan.

It was also the death squad she had chosen.

After cultivating in the Taiji divine Tower all these days, each person’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

Although their realm had not increased, the strength of each person, tempered by the Great Divine Tower, grew tremendously.

The challenge of crossing the rank was not a problem.

“Put ……”

Various kinds of dishes were laid out on each table.

Dragon meat hot pot, preserved dragon meat, baby bok choy, braised tofu ……

The fragrance of the dishes overflowed and surged in all directions.

Soon, it drifted to the front yard, and through the yard door, gushed into the nose of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign.

“Goo ……”

After a sniff, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s belly rang like thunder, swallowing up saliva from time to time.

“What’s going on here? Why is standing before the senior …… no, the young master here, my stomach is always starving?”

“I have long ago to restrain the worldly things, for a long time not greedy, there should not my stomach hungry right!”

“Could it be that the young master is not eating mortal food?”

Thinking like this, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s heart itched.

He wanted to release his divine thoughts to investigate, but did not dare.

“Test, test!”

“Never disrespect the young master, otherwise, I will definitely lose this job!”

“It’s so hard to follow the Supreme Being, how can I miss such opportunities!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign thought secretly, with a determined face.



He raised his eyebrows, and after looking at the void, his figure slowly disappeared.

In the backyard.

Everyone stood in place, holding their cups, gazing in the direction where Sun Hao was.

Worship, awe ……  overflowed on everyone’s face.

“Young master, wishing you New Year!”

The unified voice shook in the sky traces.

Sun Hao looked at the pairs of eyes with worship in the fire and admiration mixed with awe, and his face showed a touch of embarrassment.

After living for decades.

There has never been so many people to pay their respects.

No, no one has ever paid their respects.

All along, it is always to give the New Year to the other.

I didn’t expect that after only twenty years in this world, I would have reached this height.

If this were in the past, it would be something unimaginable.

“Many thanks, let’s all drink a toast!”


Laughter was heard as the glasses were raised to celebrate together. In the midst of eating and drinking, the sky grew dark.

Darkness enveloped the earth, and heaven and earth became icy cold.

“Hoo ……”

Sun Hao pointed toward the sky, and three suns sprang out from his fingertips. In the blink of an eye, they floated in mid-air. The darkness was dispelled and the light shone.

Warmth sprinkled all over heaven and earth, the snow melted, water and mist steamed, looking like a fairyland.


Everyone clapped their hands and praised, looking at Sun Hao with adoration all over their faces.

Sun Hao smiled and nodded his head. Above his pale face, a flash of pain passed.

He secretly covered his chest and frowned slightly, “What’s going on? It won’t work after making three suns?”

“It feels like the closer I get to the New Year, the weaker I get!”

“Also, that calling, it’s getting more and more intense, it feels like someone is shouting in my ears!”

” I wonder what this is all about?”

The more he thought about it, the more Sun Hao frowned.  A wave of uneasiness surged to his heart.

“Young master, are you all right?” Huang Rumeng stroked Sun Hao’s face, full of worry.

“Rumeng, I’m fine!”

“Here, let’s drink together, we will play poker together later!”

“Yes, young master, cheers!”

After the meal.

After the table was assembled, the poker table was set up, and the four of them began to play poker.

“Young master, I’m with you!”

Huang Rumeng sat directly opposite Sun Hao.

Playing cards, eating melon seeds, chatting ……

]Time passed little by little.

It was getting closer and closer to the time of sleeping, and the three suns on the sky, also gradually darkened.

Sun Hao’s face was pale, without half a blood color. His whole body is weak and floating, and when he moves a little, he can’t breathe. He looked as old as seventy or eighty and was dying.

“Young master, I’ll help you go in and rest!”

Huang Rumeng’s face was full of worry.


When he said one word, it felt like it was going to take his life.

“Young master, are you alright?”

“Young master, what’s wrong with you?”

“Young master, you should hurry and rest for a while.”

Looking at the pair of eyes full of worry, Sun Hao smiled faintly, indicating that he was fine. His whole body was lifted up by Huang Rumeng and did not fall down.

With a look, Huang Rumeng immediately understood.

“Don’t worry, everyone, young master is just too tired and needs to rest for a while!”

“Everyone eat and drink well!”

Looking at Sun Hao’s two backs, there was a gloomy and worried look on everyone’s face.

“How did Young master become like this?”

“I have a bad feeling, I feel like something big is going to happen in this way!”

“No matter what, if anyone dares to touch the Young master I will definitely fight with him!”

Everyone muttered, with a determined expression.

“Hoo ……”

One by one, their eyes swept the square around, with a look of vigilance.

” Luo alliance master, do you feel it?”

Flower Immortal walked up to Luo Liuyan, with a gloomy face.


Luo Liuyan nodded, “A seemingly killing machine is approaching, this killing machine, as time goes by is being enhanced!”

“Who the hell is it? How dare you strike at the Young master?” Flower Immortal’s fist exploded, and anger soared.

“This person must have calculated everything and chose to strike at the time of the Young master’s weakness!” Luo Liu Yan said.


The people surrounding Luo Liuyan were all astonished.

Even a person like Young master would be weak. How should this be?

Can these people themselves, be able to resist?

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“Everyone remember, even if you die, you can not let the Young master suffer the slightest harm, do you understand?” Luo Liuyan said.

“This life of mine is his, without the Young master, I would have died long ago, to die for him, it is worth it!” Flower Immortal had a firm face.

“Me too!” Su Yiling had a gloomy face and clenched fists.

“We are the same!”

Everyone stood out in unison, revealing a look of bravery and fear of death.

“Good, everyone continues eating and pretend that nothing happened!”

“Call up your immortal power together and be ready to store up your power at any time to strike!”

” Do you all understand?”

A divine sense voice transmission poured into everyone’s ears. Hearing this, everyone nodded in unison. After sitting down, they drank tea and chatted.

Time passed by minute by minute. Throughout the sky, the atmosphere was depressing. The darkness was getting thicker and thicker.

The blackness that could not be seen with outstretched hands seemed to annihilate everything.

“Come on, drink up!”

” Emotions run deep, one sip!”

“Men don’t drink, walking in the world in vain!”

The darkness did not affect the enthusiasm of everyone, they continued to drink and fist. The scene, as if nothing had happened in general.


The time of the darkness arrived.

“Ka-chow ……”

A sound came from the sky.

“Whew ……”

A light lit up in the sky.

Everyone looked up and couldn’t help but contract their pupils, their faces showing surprise.

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