The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 165 Holy Buddha Wheel


Only to see that the Vajra Sect expert was shaken and shot backwards, hitting the ground and spewing blood from his mouth.

The incident was so sudden that everyone was surprised.

Even young miss Yi Fan was also stunned, she turned her head to look, then saw an incomparably handsome face, Lu Yiping wearing a light blue robe, his hair was casually draped over his shoulders, and there was an indefinable aura on his body.

And the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was standing beside Lu Yiping, with a sturdy figure, like an iron tower.

“It’s you guys!” Yi Fan was surprised, then hurriedly retreated, far away from Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

The Vajra Sect disciple Ma Fei came back to his senses and looked at the Vajra Sect expert, his face sank, and this Vajra Sect expert’s whole body meridians were shattered, even if he was saved, he was also wasted.

His eyes fell on Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, his eyes were cold: “Who are you?”

Dragon Horned Golden Bull also ignored the other side, looked at the young girl Yi Fan, and smiled, “Little girl, so your name is Yi Fan.”

Yi Fan’s willow eyebrows frowned but did not speak.

Earlier at Buddha Shi Zun’s tomb, she misunderstood that Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull were disciples of the Vajra Sect, but now it seemed that the two were not members of the Vajra Sect.

Ma Fei, a disciple of the Vajra Sect, saw that Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull ignored him, and his face looked ugly.

“You’re fucking looking for death!” Another Vajra Sect disciple saw this and said angrily, snapping his palm at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

This Vajra Sect disciple also had the Vajra God Palm, however, his Vajra God Palm, with its golden light, had the appearance of a vajra, and had obviously cultivated to the ninth level of the Vajra God Palm, much stronger than the Vajra God Sect disciple just now.

However, the Vajra Sect disciple just struck. It was the Dragon Horned Golden Bull that slapped his backhand, directly slapped up and flew, bursting apart in mid-air and breaking into pieces.

Vajra Sect’s Ma Fei and the surrounding people were stunned.

Vajra Sect, was the largest power in the Cloud Prefecture.

And everyone knew that the Vajra Sect was now backed by the Night Soul Clan.

Night Soul Clan was one of the ten superpowers of the Underworld Prison, and was one of the five of the ten superpowers.

Even Yi Fan of Five Harmonies Mountain was dumbfounded, not expecting the Dragon Horned Golden Bull to kill a disciple of the Vajra Sect directly.

Just now that Vajra Sect disciple, she recognized as one of the core disciples of the Vajra Sect, and in the younger generation of the Vajra Sect. He was very talented and was already at the peak of the late tenth level of the Great Emperor. He was trained by Vajra Sect in importance and was expected to break through the God Spirit realm.

Ma Fei, a disciple of the Vajra Sect, looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with shock and anger, “Do you know that he is the disciple of the old ancestor of my Vajra Sect, Dai Wanjiang!”

Dai Wanjiang, a powerful ancestor of the Vajra Sect, had an extremely high reputation even in the surrounding provinces.

“What about you?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly asked with a smile, “Which old ancestor of the Vajra Sect are you a disciple of?”

Ma Fei saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s playful appearance and his face was cold, “My master is the Vajra Sect’s patriarch, you seriously injured my Vajra Sect’s core disciples, you can wait for your family to be exterminated.”

Just as he finished speaking, suddenly, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull slapped down with one palm, and then slapped that Ma Fei into the ground.

The three remaining disciples of the Vajra Sect looked at Ma Fei’s corpse pressed to the ground with an unbelievable face.

Five Harmonies Mountain Yi Fan and the surrounding experts were frozen there.

Ma Fei, as a God Spirit realm expert and the youngest disciple of the Vajra Sect, and was from the Ma family!

“Which disciple of the Vajra Sect’s oldest ancestor are you guys again?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the three remaining disciples of the Vajra Sect on the scene.

The three remaining disciples of the Vajra Sect rustled and trembled. They could follow Ma Fei’s side, so their status in the Vajra Sect was naturally not low.

But at this time hearing the Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked, no one could not help but pale. The three people rose up and wanted to escape in a panic.

The three just flew up, when they saw countless golden lights coming straight out of the ground, and the three people directly penetrated, they smashed to the ground, and their breath had already disappeared.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yiping said blandly.

However, just as the two were about to leave, Yi Fan shouted, “Wait a minute.” Then he ran over and said to Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with a grateful face, “Thank you just now.”

Lu Yiping shook his head, “No, I also detest being a lackey for the devil race and brutalizing the disciples of the human race.”

Yi Fan asked, ” Are you also a human race?”

This question was not really easy for Lu Yiping to answer. The Jade Disc of Creation had been in his possession since he had memories, and he had speculated about his origin, but he could not be sure yet.

“Are you also here for the Holy Buddha Wheel?” Yi Fan asked when he saw Lu Yi Ping’s silent speech.

“The Sacred Buddha Wheel?” Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull were surprised. They remembered that the weapon used by Buddha Shi Zun was the Holy Buddha Wheel.

“Someone said that the Holy Buddha Wheel came out in the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain in the Heavenly Devil Domain.” Yi Fan said, “Recently many experts have come over to the Heavenly Demon Domain, so there are many more people in Clear Wind City.”

A short distance from the Clear Wind City was the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain.

“You said the sacred Buddha wheel, can it be the sacred Buddha wheel, the weapon used by Buddha Shi Zun back then?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

Yi Fan nodded, ” Yes, it’s the Holy Buddha Wheel that Lord Buddha Shi Zun used back then.”

Back then, Buddha Shizun and the Lord of the Demon Race fought a great battle, and the mountain collapsed. Buddha Shizun died, but his weapon Holy Buddha Wheel was nowhere to be found. Countless years passed, and the Holy Buddha Wheel came out, causing experts from all sides of the Underworld Prison to rush to the Heavenly Demon Domain.

“I didn’t expect the Holy Buddha Wheel to appear.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull had a face of emotion, then asked Lu Yiping, “Master, what do you think?”

“Let’s go to the Heavenly Scorpion Mountain and take a look.” Lu Yiping mused.

Yi Fan hesitated for a moment and said he wanted to go to Scorpion Mountain with both of them.

Lu Yiping nodded his head about the Buddha Dragon Palm, he also wanted to ask the other party. So, the three left together. The experts from all sides backed away.

After Lu Yiping’s three people left, the crowd at the scene looked at the corpses of Ma Fei and several bodies with mixed feelings.

“This time when the Holy Buddha Wheel came out, I heard that the Vajra Sect came with many experts, I don’t know if the Vajra Sect master has come.” A family supreme elders said.

“Vajra Sect master and old man Dai Wanjiang seem to have come!”

“What is the origin of this pair of master and servant, knowing that Ma Fei is the disciple of Vajra Sect Master and still daring to kill him!”

The crowd was talking.

After Lu Yiping left, he asked Yi Fan about the Buddha Dragon Palm.

Yi Fan stammered for a while before she told the truth. It turned out that it was her grandfather who had gotten the Holy Buddha’s Jade of Buddha Shi Zun by chance, and the cultivation method of Buddha Dragon Palm was recorded in the Holy Buddha’s Jade.

“Where is your grandfather?” Lu Yiping asked.

“My grandfather disappeared decades ago.” Yi Fan shook her head, her face gloomy, “All these years, I have been looking for my grandfather’s whereabouts.”

Then, her tone changed, and she said, “That Ma Fei you killed, he was not only the disciple of the Vajra Sect’s patriarch but also the disciple of the Ma family, you have to be careful.”

“Is the Ma family very powerful?” Lu Yiping asked with a smile.

Yi Fan nodded heavily, “The Ma family is one of the strongest families in our Heavenly Demon Domain, stronger than the Vajra Sect, and the ancestor of the Ma family is a person from the Lifeless Sect.”

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