It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 388 – Terrifying Methods, Supreme Blessed Land

Above the Great Demon Mountain.

“Hoo ……”

There were two figures flew forward quickly.

“Boss, this dragon meat, it’s really delicious!” Han Xing touched his round stomach with a satisfied look.

“Keep your voice down, don’t let anyone hear!” The black veil woman made a no-sound gesture.

“Boss, the food has been eaten. What are you afraid of!”

Han Xing shook his head for a while.

“Be careful with the boat!” The black-veiled woman said.

“Yes, boss!”

Han Xing nodded and looked ahead, his eyes shining, “I didn’t expect that the demigod of the Great Demon Mountain is the Godly Cunning Immortal!”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that either!” The black-veiled woman said.

“Boss, now you can let me go to him, right?” Han Xing said.

“Yes!” The black-veiled woman nodded her head.


Han Xing’s eyes were shining, and he was about to take a step.

“Ka-chow ……”

A lightning bolt cut through the sky. The void was covered with countless cracks.

“Phew ……”

Endless seven-colored auspicious light spilled across the heavens and earth, falling straight towards the Great Demon Mountain.

Han Xing two people widened their eyes, astonishment filled their faces.

“Boss, this …… these auspicious light, but contains a supreme qi!”


Looking in the direction of Han Xing’s finger, the black-veiled woman could not help but look staggered, her small mouth open, murmuring for half a day without recovering.

“This is the supreme blessed land! My goodness!”

The black-veiled woman opened her small mouth and murmured half a day without recovering.

As she looked at Sun Hao, her gaze was filled with shock.

“He just wrote a pair of words and was able to create a supreme blessed land? How is this possible!”

“Boss, am I dreaming?”

“Ouch, it hurts, boss, why are you pinching me?”

“To let you know whether it’s a dream or not!”

“In this case, I’m not dreaming? Then those purple qi we saw before were also made by him?”

Speaking of this.

“Hiss ……”

The two people drew back a breath of cold air. Their pupils couldn’t help but contract.

 Han Xing secretly wiped a cold sweat and looked at Sun Hao, jealousy all over his face.

“Boss, it’s too scary! I didn’t expect that little guy …… no, that senior is actually this strong, and it frightened me to death!”

“Fortunately, I did not run up or call him little fellow, won’t a slap me to death!” Han Xing murmured, his body violently scared.

“There is actually such a character in this world!”

“Really terrifying!”

The black-veiled woman also had a fearful look on her face.

“Boss, what now? Should we go and talk?” Han Xing asked.

“Not for now!”

The black-veiled woman shook her head slightly, “This kind of strong person has an odd temper. In case we anger him, it would be unpleasant!”

“Then what should we do?”

Han Xing frowned, “If senior can come with us, we can definitely get the treasures inside there!”

“Don’t rush, look over there!”

Following the direction of the black-veiled woman’s finger and saw, Han Xing gazed right at the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign.

“That’s the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign!” Han Xing’s expression was stagnant, “What is he doing here?”

“How should I know? Let’s just watch!”

The two people’s eyes fixed on the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign and followed his movement.

On the ground.

” It’s a little dizzy!”

Sun Hao pressed his head with a feeling of dizziness.

“Young master, are you all right?”

Huang Rumeng hurriedly held Sun Hao with a worried face.

“It’s fine, and I think I’m off my feet. Help me go in and rest for a while!”

“Okay, young master!”

Huang Rumeng helped Sun Hao and walked into the room.

Lying on the bed, Sun Hao repeatedly sighed, “I can’t believe I can lose my strength when writing a pair of words. This is really ……”

Vertigo was getting more and more intense.

“Come on …… come on ……”

In his ears, a burst of calls rang out. He listened carefully but could not hear anything. Indistinct and audible, exceptionally true. An unpleasant feeling surged from his chest throughout his body. His body trembled, and he was powerless.

“Young master,  young master……”

Huang Rumeng clutched Sun Hao’s head to her chest and called out softly.

However, Sun Hao was as if he didn’t hear her.

After a long time.

Only then did Sun Hao recover, his whole body was dripping with sweat as if he had a severe illness.

“Young master, how are you?”

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng. He wiped away the tears in her eyes, looked at her big sapphire eyes, and smiled slightly, “Rumeng, I’m fine, I made you worry!”

Standing up, he felt that his whole body was full of strength.

“Young master, it’s great that you’re okay!”

Huang Rumeng jumped into Sun Hao’s arms with two soft lumps, pressing directly on the chest. Her golden hair was like silk, and the soft touch came from her fingertips. There was a fragrant breeze that came to the nose.

Beauty in the arms of a hot-blooded teenager who could not be seated in the arms.

 “Howl ……”

The flying dragon whistles in the sky and shatters the heavenly traces.

Arrogant, majestic ……

It was competing with the sky to see who could compete with each other.

Huang Rumeng sensed that Sun Hao had begun to look different, and his face was red.

“Young master, let me help you!”

It was a very small sound, and even she didn’t hear it herself. Seeing Sun Hao nodding his head, Huang Rumeng stretched out her small hand ……

“Excuse me, is anyone home?”

At this moment, a rough voice sounded from outside the door.

This voice startled Sun Hao. The divine dragon retracted and lost interest.


Whenever something good was about to happen, someone or something would interrupt.

Now, he was strong enough.

No longer afraid of being severed.  I did not expect that it was so easy to be on top of life, but this great ……

So angry!

Who the hell is it?

Dare to disturb my good deed!

On Sun Hao’s face, a look of impatience was displayed.

“Young master, I’ll open the door!”


Sun Hao pulled Huang Rumeng, “I’ll do it!”

After fixing his clothes, he walked to the courtyard door and opened it.  Only to see a strong man with big eyebrows standing at the door.

When he saw Sun Hao come out, he bent down and bowed deeply, “Greetings, senior!”

This strong man was none other than the one that the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign was transformed into.

Sun Hao looked at the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign and revealed a displeased expression, “What is it?”

Hearing this emotionless voice, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s body trembled.

Not good. The senior was angry.

Was he not respectful enough?

Thinking like this.


The Thunder Tribulation Master kneeled directly in front of Sun Hao and kowtowed, “Senior, please accept me! I am willing to be a guard by your side!”

Sun Hao frowned slightly.


I don’t think I ever had a guard myself.

“What ability do you have to become my guard?” Sun Hao’s voice was icy cold.

What ability?

A thoughtful look appeared on the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s face.

After thinking for half a day, he didn’t find out his strengths. In front of the senior, all his techniques seemed like weak chickens, not worth mentioning at all.

“Senior, you have heavenly techniques. My techniques are indeed not worth mentioning!”

“However, how can a senior as strong as you be without a guard?”

“You can’t have your hand in everything. Do you think I’m right?” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said. This sounded as if there was a bit of truth to it. His own strength, he was stronger than a Ninth Grade Immortal Emperor. If he had to make a move in everything, it would indeed be degrading.

It was okay to have a guard following you around. However, the senior seemed disturbed by him, so he couldn’t just let it go.

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