It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 382 – This Place Is Not Where You Should Come

“What? Ate the dragon race? And ate the son of the Galaxy Dragon King?”

“My goodness, who is so bold? This is terrible!”

“The world is in chaos! It’s over; even the son of the Galaxy Dragon King dares to eat it!”

“It looks like the Purple Sun will be destroyed!”

“That’s not necessarily true. With that senior, what’s a small Galaxy Dragon King to count?”

“The Galaxy Dragon King is nothing, but behind him is the entire Dragon Race!”

The surrounding immortal cultivators looked at the Galaxy Dragon King, and their faces were full of surprise.

For a moment, they could not believe the words spoken by the Galaxy Dragon King.

Since ancient times, few people have dared to eat the dragon race.

Now, there was a big mess.

This time even if the Purple Sun Planet was not destroyed, there was no such luck next time.

When the Dragon Lord arrives, extinguishing a Purple Sun Planet would be a simple task.

The Galaxy Dragon King stood in the sky. His eyes were bloodshot, seemingly spitting out fire.

“You ants, you must pay the price today!”

His voice was like thunder, echoing clearly between heaven and earth, and it was heard clearly in the ears of everyone below.

In the city, the crowd looked at the sky, their eyes fixed directly on the Galaxy Dragon King.

“Eating his son, could he be the Galaxy Dragon King?”

“Can’t be? Even the Galaxy Dragon King is coming to be delivered?”

“Great, now there’s dragon meat to eat again!”

“There are so many, at least 100,000 dragons!”

“We can’t eat them all! I want to smoke the dragon meat and make it into preserved dragon meat!”

“The preserved dragon meat is absolutely delicious!”

“Stop it, and my mouth is watering!”

Such voices kept coming from the ground.

Everyone in the city had no fear on their faces, but on the contrary, they were all excited.

In such a scene, not only were the Galaxy Dragon King’s 100,000 troops stunned in place, but even the onlookers were also stunned and full of disbelief.

“Holy shit, what have I heard here?”

“They are actually not afraid at all? They even shouted that they wanted to eat dragon meat, my God!”

“Ancestors, who can tell me this is a dream? There are still such a bunch of cruel people under the sky?”

They froze in place, not moving for a long time.

Above the void, there were four shadows standing.

These four people were none other than Han Xing and others.

When Han Xing looked at this scene, he could not help but secretly wipe a cold sweat, and his face was full of disbelief.

” Granny, I really have lived a long time to see!”

“Eating dragons eat so arrogantly. It is really unheard of!”

“If this thing reaches that old man’s ears, it will be no good!” Han Xing muttered with a fearful face.

“Yes! Purple Sun Planet is in trouble!”

The black-veiled woman’s face also showed a trace of concern.

“That old immortal, will he wipe out the entire Purple Sun Planet?” Han Xing asked.

“That’s not the case! An ancient planet like Purple Sun Planet is not as simple as it seems!”

“Let’s not talk about other things; the forbidden land alone, the old immortal wouldn’t dare to provoke!” The black-veiled woman said.

“Boss, I really can’t figure out why every living planet has a forbidden place.

“Even if we break into it, it’s still bad luck, right?” Han Xing asked.

“Not quite sure, entering inside, didn’t come out alive, but I guess I think it must be the dwelling place of some such terrifying person who doesn’t like others to disturb!” The black veil woman said.

“Terrifying character?”

The Han Xing’s eyes filled with admiration. He swept his gaze above the Central Prefecture Immortal City, “In this little city, there is not a single Immortal King, this time, they are dead!”

“Boss, should we make a move?” Han Xing asked.

“Not, that old immortal is not something we can mess with. Less karma with him!” The black-veiled woman said.

“If we don’t make a move, won’t this small city go up in smoke?” Han Xing said.

“That can’t be helped!” On the black-veiled woman’s face, a face of helplessness appeared.

In the sky.

The Galaxy Dragon King stood there, and his face was iron blue. The corners of his mouth kept twitching.

The flames of anger rushed out.

“Damn, goddamned ants!”

“Today, I will tear you all to pieces!”

The Galaxy Dragon King was completely wrapped in the flames of rage, with no semblance of sanity left.

“Hoo ……”

Suddenly, a figure rose to the sky and flew in front of the Galaxy Dragon King.

This person was none other than the Captain of the Evil Suppression Alliance: Hunting Squad – Wu Han.

He looked at the Galaxy Dragon King and spoke, “Dragon King, remembering that it is not easy for you to cultivate. It is better to leave quickly!”

“Otherwise, you will definitely regret it!”

“This is not the place where you should come!”

Wu Han’s voice was not loud, but it was full of power.

When the 100,000 Galaxy Guards heard this, they looked like they couldn’t believe it.

A man-eating gaze, all fixed on Wu Han. The flames of anger rushed up in their bodies, seemingly wanting to burn them clean.

“A Heaven Immortal realm pest, how dare you to be so rampant! Dragon King, please order me to rip out his heart!”

“Dragon King, this kind of pest doesn’t deserve your hand, and I will be enough!”

One by one, the Galaxy Guards came forward. The Galactic Dragon King stood in place, expressionless.

“You go!”

He pointed at a Galaxy Guard and spoke.

“Yes, Dragon King!”

The Galaxy Guard clasped his fist and said goodbye. He was wearing silver armor and holding a silver spear.

The milky way trembled gently.

“Buzz ……”

The air shook for a moment, and waves of qi rolled.

The Galaxy Guard pointed at Wu Han, “Mere ants, will you tie your own hands or let me eat you up a little!”

When Wu Han heard these words, he secretly shook his head.

He had already advised them. Since they were looking for death and to become food, how could he blame himself?

” One last word of advice, stop, or you will die!” Wu Han said.

” An ant, speak nonsense. Watch for my moves!”

The Galaxy Guard spear came out like a long dragon and instantly stabbed towards Wu Han.

“Howl ……”

On the spear, it vibrated with a roar, sounding like a dragon’s roar.

The power was so powerful that people were sweating coldly.

“The moment he strikes, it’s the ultimate move. Won’t that pest be pulverized!”

“To deal with that kind of pest, 50% of strength is enough. Why do you need to do your best?”

When Wu Han saw this scene, his face did not change. Without haste, he stretched out two fingers and grabbed the lance.

“Buzz ……”

With a sound vibration, the terrifying might disappear in response to the sound.

Everything returned to calm.

The crowd stared at the scene with wide eyes and froze, full of disbelief.

Only to see.

Wu Han’s two fingers pinched the spear. No matter how the Galaxy Guard struggled, it was to no avail.

“I said you will die!”

After he finished his words, the second finger gently squeezed.

“Boom ……”

The spear exploded, burst into countless debris, and went straight to the Galaxy Guard.

“No ……”

“Boom ……”

Two sounds rang out simultaneously.

The Galaxy Guard did not even appear in its body and then exploded into pieces, dying a tragic death on the spot.

Wu Han stood in place calmly as if he had done something insignificant.

Such a scene directly scared all the Galaxy Guards in place.

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