It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 376 – Astounding Methods that Shock the Nine Emperors

“Buzz ……”

Only to see, two by two, the suns in the sky united. Every time they merged, they vibrated with a bang. The sound was explosive and the air waves were vibrating.

It was obvious that the power was terrifying, but it did not cause any damage. Within a few moments, the nine suns merged into one.

The warm light emanated from the suns, enveloping heaven and earth. The sun was shining on the people, and was exceptionally comfortable. And anyone could even feel his strength steadily increasing.

When Great Emperor Jiuyang looked at this scene, his whole person was stunned in place.

“Hiss ……”

He drew several breaths of cold air backwards, unable to calm down for a long time.

“This …… is the great success of the Nine Suns Dao Sutra!”

“The legend is indeed correct, the Nine Suns Dao Sutra is not only capable of destroying the heavens and the earth, it can nourish all things!”

“Who the hell is he ……? How can he be so terrifying?”

Great Emperor Jiuyang looked at Sun Hao, and was shocked to the extreme.

From the time he got the Nine Suns Dao Sutra, in less than a breath of time, he had learned this technique to its great success. The power that was generated was even more terrifying.

In today’s world, there is no one who knows the “Nine Suns Dao Sutra” that can compare with him?

Such a fearsome person’s divine weapon, how dare he come to take?

How dare he try to force his pet to recognize his master?

Do you think you’ve lived too long?

Has your head been kicked by a donkey?

Rift Ancient is right, do you deserve it?

When he thought of this, Great Emperor Jiuyang secretly wiped a cold sweat, secretly saying that it was close.

Fortunately, this terrifying powerhouse did not take himself seriously, otherwise, ten thousand lives would not be enough to die.

He stared at Sun Hao with awe, written all over his face.

Not too far away from him.

Eight immortal sovereigns looked at Sun Hao, shock and disbelief were written all over their faces. They wiped their cold sweat together and breathed a long sigh of relief.

“We’re all here completely to seek death!”

“Yes! I didn’t expect that this Purple Sun Planet was inhabited by such a great power, fortunately, he didn’t lay down a killer!”

“To obtain the Nine Suns Dao Sutra and learn it in one breath, who can do that in the world today?”

The eight immortal sovereigns looked at Sun Hao, awe and worship essence lights kept scattering away. It was a long time before the eight gradually calmed down.

“Let’s go, let’s leave from here, in the future, we should never come!”

“With such a character around, the divine weapon has nothing to do with us.”

The eight Immortal Sovereigns muttered to themselves and took one step after another, flying high into the sky.

In front of the Great Emperor Jiuyang,  Sun Hao stood there and secretly sighed, “It looks like, although this Nine Suns Dao Sutra is good, it’s not suitable for me!”

“I still have to search for more cultivation techniques.”

Thinking like this, Sun Hao withdrew his mood and looked up just in time to see eight Immortal Sovereigns leaving.

They came when they said they would, and left when they said they would.

How can there be such a good deal?

At least leave the cultivation technique behind!

Sun Hao looked at the eight immortal sovereigns and said, “Did I say that you can leave?”

The voice was not loud, but the killing power was extremely strong. The eight immortal sovereigns’ bodies trembled and hurriedly stopped. Their faces turned blue and panic filled their faces. Then, they all turned around and turned back, flying to Sun Hao’s side.

“Senior, may I ask what else you have instructed?”

The eight people clasped their fists and saluted in unison. At this moment, they were like prisoners waiting for their punishment. They were waiting for Sun Hao’s trial.

“Dang ……”

Their hearts were beating violently, as if they were about to jump out of their throats.

“Hand over your cultivation techniques before you can leave!” Sun Hao said.

Once these words came out. The eight people’s expressions changed indefinitely. The last remaining eyes were all fixed on Great Emperor Jiuyang.

Even the Third Grade Immortal Sovereign had handed over their cultivation technique. They were only First Grade Immortal Sovereigns, so how could they dare not hand it over.

“Yes, senior!” There was no hesitation.

The eight people clasped their fists together and took out their cultivation methods, and respectfully handed them over to Sun Hao.

Sun Hao was not polite and took all these techniques and accepted them all. With a movement of his mind, he sank into these techniques.

A moment later.

“It still doesn’t work!”

Sun Hao secretly sighed, “It looks like, I do need a divine-grade cultivation technique to make it work.”

“Senior, Do you think we can leave now?”

The eight people looked at Sun Hao nervously, afraid that Sun Hao would ask for something else.

“It’s of course not impossible to leave!”

“You can leave only if you destroy your own cultivation!”

These two sentences were like a divine thunderstorm in the sky. The eight people froze in place and did not move for a long time.

“Puff! Puff ……”

A sound of kneeling on the ground was heard.

The eight, one after another, knelt down in front of Sun Hao, kowtowing and bowing, “Senior, spare my life!”

“Senior, if I don’t have this cultivation, I won’t live for more than a few days!”

“Senior, please let me go, I’ve lived for more than 100,000 years, I can still live for 10,000 years at most! You don’t have to be in such a hurry, right?”

The eight Immortal Sovereigns cried out in pain and kowtowed.

“Hmph, with such great strength, you should have been guarding the human race!”

“And you, on account of your superior strength, you oppress your fellow clansmen at will!”

“When you see a treasure, you want to snatch it, are you worthy of this cultivation?”

Sun Hao said in a few words, causing the eight Immortal Sovereigns to look ashamed.

“Senior, we will never do it again!”

“Senior, I will change my ways and will never oppress my fellow clansmen!”

“Senior, don’t worry, I will change!”

The eight Immortal Sovereigns kowtowed repeatedly and kept begging for mercy.

“Remember your words!”

“If you violate them, no matter where you escape to, I will find you and pulverize you to pieces!” Sun Hao said.

“Hoo ……”

A kind of void law power flew out from Sun Hao’s body and enveloped the eight people.

“Thank you so much, senior!”

“We definitely won’t, you can put your mind at ease!”

“We wouldn’t dare to even kill anyone!”

The eight Immortal Sovereigns nodded their heads repeatedly with some assurances.

“Get lost!”

This was like an amnesty. They were scared shitless and fled in disarray. Soon, they disappeared into the void above, out of sight.

“Senior, your teachings, I will keep them in mind!”

Great Emperor Jiuyang stepped forward and clasped his fist in salute.

“Everything today, it was my fault, please understand!”

“In the future, I, Jiuyang, will learn from you, senior, and become a model for the human race, and do something for the human race!”


Great Emperor Jiuyang said one sentence after another, every sentence, all of them were said in a heartfelt and righteous manner.

When Sun Hao heard this, he secretly nodded his head.

“Just remember what you said!”

“If there are two sides, you can think of the consequences yourself!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, senior!”

Great Emperor Jiuyang bowed deeply to Sun Hao, and then he quickly departed.

“Hoo ……”

His body turned into a long rainbow and disappeared into the sky vanishing into thin air. In all directions, calmness was restored.

Surrounded by immortal cultivators who saw this scene, stood in place, and only now did they calm down. They looked at Sun Hao with awe.

“My ancestor, the Great Emperor Jiuyang couldn’t withstand a single finger of that senior!”

“What is this? Just now he just obtained the Nine Suns Dao Sutra and learned it to its great success in one breath? Who can do that in the world today?”

“How strong is he? It’s incredible!”

“I never thought there would be such an existence on the Purple Sun Planet!”

Voices of excitement were heard one after another. 

Adoration, awe, disbelief, shock ……

 All kinds of eyes kept sweeping in.

At this moment, Sun Hao’s figure was like a deity, deeply rooted into everyone’s heart.


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