It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 374 – Hand Over Your Cultivation Techniques

The Rift Sky Ancient stretched out a huge claw that covered the sky and struck down at the eight Immortal Sovereigns.

The terrifying might, from the claw, whistled down and directly pounced on the eight Immortal Sovereigns.

At this moment.

The eight people’s bodies were like being restrained, and they could hardly move. As they looked at the huge claw that covered the sky, there was despair in their eyes.

As expected,  the divine artifacts were not that easy to take.

At any moment, they could die. Some of them closed their eyes in turn and quietly waited for death.

Looking at it, the huge claws will strike on a few people.

At this time.

“Buzz ……”

The heaven and earth trembled.

A mighty pressure came rushing in. The Rift Sky Ancient body stomped straight back, and it took quite a while to stabilize itself. Its gaze was like a torch, staring into the void with a cautious face.

Only to see.

“Whoop ……”

A blinding light lit up from the void and came in haste. This light, which was like sunlight, scattered across heaven and earth, making it impossible for people to see straight. The surrounding cultivators have not yet reacted.

“whoo ……”

There was another flash of light. Like a sun, it stood quietly in the sky. It lined up with the previous light.

“Whoo ……”

The flashes of light kept flying from the void. At a glance, it was like nine suns floating in the sky. Including the original sun, it looked as if ten suns were floating in the sky. The surrounding temperature had risen rapidly.

“Zhi ……”

The snow on the ground melted quickly, evaporated into water vapor, and curled up. It looked like an immortal fog and was extremely attractive.

“Hum ……”

The sky trembled again. An enormous foot, like a pillar in the sky, stepped down from the void. Immediately after, a figure came down from the void.

A figure, as tall as ten thousand meters, stood proudly in the sky. His skin was burning red. Ancient golden lines covered his whole body.

The surging aura emanating from his body enveloped heaven and earth. But all the living beings enveloped by the mighty energy, at this moment, their bodies were like bearing a huge mountain, and their legs trembled uncontrollably.

“Puff ……”

One by one, the surrounding immortal cultivators fell to the ground, shivering.


Even the eight immortal sovereigns were now kneeling down in front of the giant with respectful expressions.

“Howl ……”

The Rift Sky Ancient gritted its teeth and roared in anger, struggling non-stop. Its limbs kept trembling, and it would collapse at any moment. As the giant stood in the sky, nine suns surrounded his head like a guard.

“Hoo ……”

The giant man withdrew his mighty pressure. His eyes fell on the Rift Sky Ancient. The people surrounding stood up in turn, their entire bodies trembled violently and uncontrollably.

They looked at the giant and could not help but contract their pupils, and their faces changed greatly.

“Oh my god, that …… that is the Great Emperor Jiuyang!”

“What, the Great Emperor Jiuyang is here? No wonder it was so strong!”

“Is it true that the Great Emperor Nine Suns cultivates the Nine Suns Dao Sutra and can burn all the laws in the world?”

“There’s no need to say that! Legend has it that the Nine Suns Dao Sutra is a supreme immortal-level technique, and its might is beyond limits!”

“The Great Emperor Jiuyang has reached the third rank of immortal sovereign. With him, it looks like the Great Divine Tower is his to win!”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the Great Emperor Jiuyang with a look of awe. The Great Emperor Jiuyang looked at Rift Sky Ancient; his eyes were filled with a different kind of aura.

“Are you willing to recognize this seat as your master?”

The Great Emperor Nine Suns’ voice was ethereal and resonated between heaven and earth, like a divine sound that would not dissipate for a long time.

Hearing this, a trace of disdain appeared on the Rift Sky Ancient’s face.

“Just you, are you worthy?”

When these words came out, the crowd was once again taken aback. When the eight Immortal Sovereigns heard these words, they secretly wiped their cold sweat.

They slowly retreated backward, away from the battlefield. They looked at the Rift Sky Ancient and showed a look of pity for it.

The Great Emperor Jiuyang had a fierce reputation. Even if you were an ancient fierce beast but were not strong enough to say such words, how was it different from seeking death?

Great Emperor Jiuyang looked at Rift Sky Ancient and remained indifferent.

“Buzz ……”

A large hand covering the sky pressed down, aimed at the Rift Sky Ancient, and pressed over.

“Wow ……”

The whistling flames were like a torrent of water rushing down. In an instant, it enveloped the Rift Sky Ancient.

“Woo ……”

On the Rift Sky Ancient’s body, flames covered its entire body, burning it to the point where it screamed miserably. The flames actually melted the Space Dao that it had made. The Space Dao was crushed as if it was pressed and released by the spells.

“This seat asks you for the last time. Are you willing to recognize this seat as your master?”

The voice of the Great Emperor Jiuyang boomed and reached the ears of Rift Sky Ancient.

“Just you, are you worthy?”

It was the same voice again.

The Rift Sky Ancient did not concede in the slightest.

“Since that’s the case, then you die for this seat!”

The enormous hand that covered the sky suddenly accelerated directly, crashed through space, and rapidly struck down towards the Rift Sky Ancient.

“Boom ……”

The sky and the earth shook, and the loud sound continued—the space where Rift Sky Ancient was located directly cracked inch by inch.

The spatial turbulence was wailing incessantly. It took a long time before the space recovered again.

“Dead? Rift Sky Ancient is dead?”

“How can it still not be dead? The Third Grade Immortal Sovereign’s techniques are not easy to resist!”

“The Great Emperor Jiuyang is really strong!”

A group of immortal cultivators looked at the Great Emperor Jiuyang, and adoration filled their faces.

To all of these, the Great Emperor Jiuyang acted as if he had not the slightest idea.

At this moment, his gaze swept in all directions as if he was looking for something.

“Who the hell are you? Get out for this seat!”

“The matter that this seat wants to kill is not something you can save!”

“Who is it?”

His roar shook heaven and earth.

“Are you looking for me?”

A sound rang out at that moment. It was not loud, but it caused the Great Emperor Jiuyang to raise his eyebrows.

Looking at the man in front of him, he couldn’t help but frown. The man standing in front of Great Emperor Jiuyang was like a cricket standing in front of an elephant; there was simply no comparison.

Yet, his breezy expression was like a ruler who was in control of everything. This man was none other than Sun Hao.


Great Emperor Jiuyang looked at Sun Hao and used his secret technique.

There was no way to see Sun Hao’s strength. On Sun Hao’s body, there were no power fluctuations. No matter how he looked at him.

“A mortal?”

Great Emperor Jiuyang frowned tightly with a thoughtful look.

How could a mortal save Rift Sky Ancient under his own eyes?

How could a mortal still be intact in front of his own Nine Suns Dao Sutra?

How could a mortal be so relaxed when faced with his own pressure?

 If he is not a mortal, then what level of strength has he reached?

Could he be a God?

When he thought about it, Great Emperor Jiuyang’s body trembled, and a flash of scruples passed.


The gods have not appeared in the world for a million years.

There can’t be a god in this world!

Could he be a demigod?

This is also impossible!

How can he be a demigod when there is no divine energy fluctuation in him?

Then what realm had he reached?

For a while, the Great Emperor Jiuyang could not think straight.

Should I flee or fight?

If I flee.

If the other party was a scum, how could he save his face?

If I fight.

If the other party is strong, wouldn’t he be killed?

This is simply a difficult choice. “Hand over your cultivation techniques!” That was when a voice came to his ears. This voice woke up Great Emperor Jiuyang.

As he looked at Sun Hao, he couldn’t help but rise up in anger. What’s the difference between taking away someone’s cultivation technique and killing their parent?

In that case, this seat will fight with you!

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