It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 373 – The Might of the Rift Sky Ancient

Great Emperor Qing Xuan bared his teeth in pain and looked at Rift Sky Ancient with a face full of fear.

“A Sovereign Emperor level ancient fierce beast, this is troublesome!”

Great Emperor Qing Xuan muttered and kept retreating further away, and his eyes fixed deadly on Rift Sky Ancient.

And yet.

“Puff stab ……”

A sound of claws piercing into flesh and blood was heard. The Rift Sky Ancient had somehow appeared behind Great Emperor Qing Xuan and aimed at his back, which was a claw scratched down.

What was left on the spot was only a silhouette of the Rift Sky Ancient was left on the spot. Several bloody marks were all over Great Emperor Qing Xuan’s body.


Great Emperor Qing Xuan flickered one after another, keeping a distance from Rift Sky Ancient.

A fiery pain came from the wound on his back. He hurriedly called upon his immortal energy to repair his injuries. However, his injury was tainted with dao damage, and it was hard to recover for a moment.

“Puff stab!”

There was another tearing sound. Great Emperor Qing Xuan’s back wound was added to his injuries. Endless pain surged through the entire back.

After a few breaths.

Great Emperor Qing Xuan stood in mid-air, and his body was covered in wounds. The whole look was unbearable. The immortal sovereign, in front of the Rift Sky Ancient, the immortal sovereign did not even have a chance to resist.

As expected, it is the sovereign-level fierce beast of the Space Dao. Wanting to escape in front of it was simply impossible.

Great Emperor Qing Xuan looked at the void with a face of anger, “You guys are still waiting to watch the show? Why don’t you come out quickly!”

As these words fell.

“Haha ……”

A sound of laughter resounded through heaven and earth. Immediately after, seven figures came out from the void.

Each of them emits the aura of Immortal Sovereign shaking the sky with a roar. The terrifying pressure stretched in all directions, making people’s scalps numb.

After these individuals appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of the onlookers cultivators. Their eyes were wide, and their faces were filled with shock.

“My goodness, seven more Immortal Sovereigns have come!”

“It looks like the Great Divine Tower is bound to be captured!”

“Rift Sky Ancient is in danger!”


“Look over there, he is the Time Old Man, cultivating the Time Dao!”

“What, even the Time Old Man is here?”

The sound of exclamations of shock constantly resounded.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on a brown-haired old man.

The color of jealousy was written all over his face.

Only to see.

The Time Old Man looked at the Rift Sky Ancient, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, with a confident face, “Rift Sky Ancient, are you willing to recognize the old man as your master?”

The Rift Sky Ancient looked at the Time Old Man. In his eyes, there was a contemptuous look.

“Just you, are you worthy?”

The Rift Sky Ancient spouted human words, his face was full of contempt. The moment these words came out. The surrounding air was stagnant. The crowd stared blankly at this scene, and shock filled their faces.

The corners of the Time Old Man’s mouth even twitched slightly with a flash of anger.

“Good! Very good!”

“I want to see what you are capable of!”

In an instant, the Time Old Man disappeared from his original place.

Or rather, the Time Old Man unleashed the Time Dao on himself.

Making his time flow many times slower. His speed was instantly countless times faster in front of the others.The Time Old Man appeared in front of Rift Sky Ancient in a flash as if he were teleporting.

In his hand, he took out a steel claw, and aimed at the head of the Rift Sky Ancient, and grabbed it. This scene was so fast that people could not react. Even the Rift Sky Ancient also did not react.

“Buzz ……”

The space was cut as if by a rift, emitting a burst of roar. The terrifying power arrived in a flash. It landed on top of Rift Sky Ancient’s head in one fell swoop.


There was an explosive sound. The steel claws in the hands of the Time Old Man directly crumbled into several fragments.

He looked at the steel claw in his hand with surprise all over his face.

“This can’t be?!”

Time Old Man muttered, shaking his head in disbelief.

This pair of steel claws, which was an extremely high-quality immortal weapon, could easily tear apart even the shield made by an immortal sovereign.

How could it be that against an ancient beast, the steel claws crumbled? Moreover, it did not even use any immortal power. This said that its physical body reached an unimaginable realm.

The next second.

The Time Old Man’s pupils contracted and were full of disbelief.

Only to see.

The Rift Sky Ancient was actually smiling at him. That contempt and teasing look was written all over his face.

How is this possible? He had used the Time Dao.

How come nothing happened to it at all? In this dumbfounded moment.

“Ka-cha ……”

An eggshell cracking sound rang out. The Time Dao, released by the Time Old Man, instantly crumbled.

Immediately after, the Rift Sky Ancient figure flickered and kept appearing around him.

At the same time, it quickly waved its claws.

“Puff stab ……”

The sound of blood and flesh tearing was unending. A moment later, the Time Old Man stood in place, wounded and bruised.

By the looks of it, it was unbearable. He was not the least bit weak compared to the Great Emperor Qing Xuan.

Such a scene in the eyes of the crowd, everyone was breathing heavily, and their body chills.

“What just happened? How did the Time Old Man get hurt?”

“I did not see clearly, I only saw a flash of light, and then it became like this!”

“It looks like the Time Old Man’s Time Dao has been broken, this Rift Sky Ancient is too terrifying!”

Exclaims kept resounding.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on the Rift Sky Ancient, with fear all over their faces.

“Don’t stand still, all attack together!”

Great Emperor Qing Xuan roared, and the eight great sovereigns all moved.

Each used their own ultimate abilities and pounced on the Rift Sky Ancient.

“Buzz ……”

The sky roared.

“Boom ……”

The sound of explosions resounded continuously. The sovereign’s might was vast and stretched in all directions. The blinding light scattered all over the world.

At this moment, the onlookers had closed their eyes, not daring to look. What the people heard was only the deafening sound of explosions. The entire world, as if to be destroyed.

A wave of shock from the sky whistled in all directions. With the momentum of a mountain overturning the sea, it swept the earth.

What was surprising was that these mighty energies, after landing, then silently disappeared.

The earth remains the same, without half a bit of damage. This battle lasted for half an hour.

After a long time, the surrounding area gradually restored calm. Seeing the scene in front of them, everyone was shocked in place and filled with disbelief.

Only to see.

The eight immortal sovereigns were standing in mid-air, supporting each other.

On each person’s body, their clothes had long been torn clean. A terrifying wound covered the whole body. Blood gushed out, completely turned into a bloody mess.

In front of them, a thousand-meter-tall Rift Sky ancient looked at them coldly. The surging aura from the Rift Sky Ancient body kept surging up, spreading around.

“This is the original body of this Rift Sky Ancient, right? It’s terrifying!”

“Eight Immortal Sovereigns combined attack can not hurt the Rift Sky Ancient even a little bit!”

“With such a fierce beast guarding the divine artifact, who can capture it?”

Exclaims of astonishment rang out continuously. In everyone’s eyes, there was an intense look of fear.

They coincidentally retreated backward, reaching the farthest distance of divine thought release before stopping.

“Hand over your cultivation technique; this seat can consider sparing your lives!”

The Rift Sky Ancient looked at the eight Immortal Sovereigns in front of him and spoke.


The eight people’s faces looked ugly; they opened their mouths but could not make a sound.

Now, if they didn’t hand over their cultivation techniques, they would probably die here.

However, the cultivation technique legacy was more important than life, so how could they easily hand it over to others?

“Don’t even think about it!”

“If you want to kill, just kill. The old man will never frown!”

“If you kill me, there will be others after me, don’t be complacent, when the old ancestor comes out, that’s when you will die!”

Hearing these voices, the Rift Sky ancient shook his head for a while.

“In that case, then all go to hell!”

After saying that, Rift Sky Ancient stretched out his huge claw to the sky and slammed it down on them.

In an instant, it was about to smash down on the eight people.

At this moment.

There was a sudden change.

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