I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 166: Getting Angry

Perhaps their master had started a bad start, like Mei’er and Ke’er, these young female martial artists of the Demon Spirit Sect. When they met young martial arts training geniuses, they always couldn’t resist the urge to strike, wanting to keep a firm grip on each other.

After all, it is easier to strike young geniuses.

The demon sects within the Black Blood country had suffered some losses many years ago, and most demon sects would sternly warn their young demon disciples that the Demon Spirit Sect’s demon girls were best at controlling hearts and minds and should never be touched.

These narrow-minded prejudices made the girls of the demon sect not good at finding objects to lay their hands on.

God could prove that the girls of the Demon Spirit Sect were amiable, even if it were a life-and-death feud, as long as the other party has good posture, they are reluctant to kill the girls of the Demon Spirit Sect!

In recent decades, the Demon Spirit Sect began to actively lean on the rulers of the Black Blood Country, relying on unique cultivation methods and other advantages. The sect’s disciples were very much used and successfully integrated into the Black Blood Kingdom intelligence network in exchange for a large number of cultivation resources.

Moreover, they could go after the geniuses with impunity when they get to other countries!

However, the outstanding female disciples of the Demon Spirit Sect were all high-minded and arrogant, and they didn’t even bother to strike at geniuses that weren’t to their satisfaction.

Since Ke’er left Qingfeng City, Chen Pengfei’s battle record has been astounding, and his realm has soared, directly becoming an innate expert.

The same as Chen Pengfei, even in the Black Blood Kingdom, he belongs to the exceptionally rare genius, was simply the Demon Spirit Sect female disciple’s dream of the treasure!

The genius recognized by the martial artist was divided into the boundary at the age of eighteen. Those who become innate martial artists before the age of eighteen were expected to break through the peak of innateness, comprehend the profound meaning, and reach the Heaven-breaking realm!

The younger you become an innate expert, the higher the likelihood of becoming a heaven-breaking realm expert!

Like the military general Su Yi and Ye Lijun these two were about seventeen when they became an innate realm expert.

And now the first expert of the Black Blood Country, the emperor who rules the Black Blood Country and makes all the devil sects worship, was less than sixteen years old when he became an innate expert.

And look at Chen Pengfei, also less than sixteen years old ……

As long as they could make Chen Pengfei to their true feelings, it is likely that in a dozen years, decades later, surrounded by a top expert of the Heaven-breaking level to protect …… the female disciples of the Demon Spirit Sect have a bad example, they could not stand this temptation!

Ke’er on the side pretended to say, “Sister, I have tried, Chen Pengfei’s willpower is very tough, and he was suspicious. He might have seen it through if it wasn’t for my luck and running fast last time. If you want to control him, I’m afraid it is difficult. I think you will still control Duan Xu Jie easier, and he is almost all on the set!”

“Duan Xujie? He’s far worse than Chen Pengfei! Why do you need a Duan Xujie when you have Chen Pengfei? Sister, if you fail in your mission, it only means that you are not capable, it does not mean that others will also fail!” Mei’er laughed, “Junior sister, today senior sister will teach you a good lesson so that you know the gap between us. Later on, you watch and learn well from the side!”

Ke’er walked towards the window and looked over towards Shiqi through the gap, and she began to worry a little for Shiqi.

She definitely didn’t want her senior sister to succeed!

She saw Sister Bai of the House of Ten Thousand Flowers bring a girl to Shiqi, and she laughed, “Sister, you have to cheer up oh, I saw Sister Bai bring that little girl Ye Qingyan to Chen Pengfei.”

“Ye Qingyan?” Mei’er laughed unconcernedly, “Sister Bai is really willing, isn’t that what she loves? But I don’t care about that little girl, maybe waiting a few years is still a bit threatening.”

“You seem to value her a lot!”

Meier nodded, “Yes, I think that girl’s talent is very good, not bad-looking, young, deep-hearted, very know how to use their advantages, much better than I was then, should be a good seedling!”

“But that girl will probably hate you a lot!” Ke’er laughed, “Ten thousand ants etching soul scatter. That’s not something an ordinary girl can withstand!”

“That girl has a fierce temper. I just want to train her well. Didn’t we hate the master the same before? But what about now? “Mei’er said with a smile, “Sister Bai thought what she did was seamless. Maybe even she didn’t see how much the girl hated her in her heart. Little Qingyan seemed to have guessed something. She was really clever!!”

“Ten thousand ants etching soul scatter, and the more they get to the back, the more powerful they are. According to my estimation, that girl can survive three times! “Mei’er thought for a while and said, “You go and deliver the jar of wine I treasured and inform Sister Bai that I will present a dance for everyone tonight!” ”

“I understand, Senior sister!”

“Good to understand, sister Ke’er. I know you have a lot of wicked ideas, but don’t mess up oh, if I get caught…”

“Don’t worry; I won’t do anything bad for my senior sister! ” At least, this time, things would not go wrong! Ke’er said in her heart.

While the two ill-intentioned devil experts were plotting in the room, Sister Bai brought Yi Wenbin’s old flame Yue Yue and a little girl with her head down to Shiqi’s table.

Sister Bai whispered in the little girl’s ear, “I’m telling you, little girl, you absolutely must serve this master well today, show your ability to deceive those old mothers, guards, and guests, and make him happy, or I will absolutely make you taste that again!”

Qingyan trembled with fear! She really did not want to try that taste again.

It was like countless ants were biting her! Just before, she almost thought she was dead!

Qingyan is fluttering when she walks now. If Sister Bai hadn’t given her some potions to replenish her strength, she might not even be able to walk.

Yueyue was a generous and beautiful girl. When she saw Yi Wenbin, she smiled and sat next to him, and complained in a tone: “Brother Bin, you haven’t come to see me for a long time! ”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” As Yi Wenbin said, he turned his gaze to the little girl beside Shiqi again.

Sister Bai gently pushed Ye Qingyan. When Ye Qingyan saw Shiqi, who was wearing a silver mask, tall and burly, and exuding a chill all over his body, her delicate body shivered, and then she pulled a small bench from the side and sat down next to Seventeen in a disciplined manner.

Yi Wenbin’s eyes lit up when he saw the little girl in front of him. He didn’t even expect that there was such a person hidden in Ten Thousand Flowers House!

Her sitting manner made Yi Wenbin a little dissatisfied, but he didn’t dare to talk much. He probably figured out Chen Pengfei’s character, which is a very difficult type to entertain.

This kind of people could not be forced, do not like others over-arrangement, over-arrangement will be counterproductive. Anyway, he had already tried his best, let nature take its course! If Chen Pengfei was still not satisfied, he could not help.

On the first floor of the Flower House, almost all the chairs were large wicker chairs. One chair could seat three people, so it was convenient for guests to hug left and right.

And Ye Qingyan was fine and pulled a small bench directly from the corner and sat down.

The small bench was originally short, and Ye Qingyan was also short. Shiqi was sitting on a large wicker chair and was very tall, just like a little giant. Seeing the two of them together, there was an indescribable sense of imbalance!

Sister Bai closed her eyes! Feeling hopeless!

An innate expert was right beside her, and she couldn’t teach Qingyan how to do it on the spot, let alone take Qingyan away, and she already regretted it.

Sister Bai reminded, “Qingyan, entertain General Chen well!”

She broke the jar and fell! Anyway, it can’t be any worse! She could only hope that this girl would fight for her life!

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