The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 164 – Don’t hurt Miss Yi Fan

After the young girl left, Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull both repaired the tomb of Buddha Shizun a little more.

Lu Yiping took out the ten thousand yearsf wine and spilled one after another in front of the tomb.

The ancient Holy Buddha Emperor Buddha Shizun, also barely counted as one of his named disciples.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the tomb of Buddha Shizun and said, “You kid liked to drink the master’s Ten Thousand Years Wine most back then, now, the master and I are here to see you.”

Back then, when Buddha Shizun died at the hands of the Lord of the Demon Race, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was enraged and personally descended to the palace of the Lord of the Demon Race, the Eternal Night Monarch, and crushed the Eternal Night Monarch to pieces on the spot.

A few hours later.

Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull left the plain. The two came towards a nearby city.

“Clear Wind City.” Lu Yiping looked at the words on the city’s gate.

A very poetic name.

The two stepped into the Clear Wind City, then inquired about the location of the branch of the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion and came over towards the branch of the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion.

After Lu Yiping arrived, he went straight to the intelligence hall, then asked the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion to help him find the whereabouts of Zhu Lang and Qiang Liang, the personal disciples of the Jade Fan Sect’s Sect Master.

Of course, Lu Yiping did not reveal Qiang Liang’s true identity, only saying that Qiang Liang was a Plane Lord, and then described Qiang Liang’s appearance to the other party.

Although it was said that it was only a search for two people, but the Underworld Prison was vast and boundless, it was not an easy task to find two people, so the price was not cheap, it was 20 million divine spirit stones, and the person in charge of the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion said it would take a month to get results.

“I’ll give you ten times the price, and give me the result in ten days.” Lu Yiping said to the person in charge.

“Ten times the price.” The person in charge was dismayed.

“Yes.” Lu Yiping said, “In addition, I want you to help me find out which places the Kun Peng Divine Sect Ancestor had visited after entering the Underworld Prison more than a million years ago.”

If we could find out where the Kun Peng Divine Sect Ancestor had been, we would be able to know where he had obtained the Buzhou Mountain Stone back then.

“Kun Peng Divine Sect Ancestor?” When the person in charge heard this, his face looked strange and immediately shook his head, saying that he couldn’t take this mission.

Even the strong as the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion, it was impossible to find out what happened more than a million years ago.

Therefore, even if Lu Yiping finally gave as much as 100 million Heavenly Spirit Stones, the person in charge still did not take it.

“Master, I also want them to inquire about the news.” Suddenly, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull squirmed a little and said.

When Lu Yiping saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s demeanor, he was stunned, then he understood and laughed, “You want to inquire about Tian Qian’s whereabouts?”

Tian Qian was the youngest daughter of Tian Man, the founder of the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull nodded his head in embarrassment.

Lu Yiping smiled.

“That, please help me inquire about the whereabouts of your Princess Tian Qian.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said to the person in charge.

“Princess Tian Qian?” The person in charge was puzzled.

Their Heavenly Mystic Pavilion, the current few princesses didn’t seem to have one named Tian Qian, right?

“That, she is the youngest daughter of the founder of your Heavenly Mystic Pavilion, Heavenly Mystic.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull explained, “Her name is Tian Qian, she is my friend.”

And it was the the best kind. The person in charge listened and was dumbfounded. Founder? Youngest daughter? Or a friend?

He looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with strange look, and even looking at Lu Yiping, his eyes became freaked out.

This pair of master and servant, one inquiring about the ancestor of Kun Peng Divine Sect more than a million years ago, and the other inquiring about the youngest daughter of the founder of their Heavenly Mystic Pavilion more than a million years ago? And claimed to be her friend!

In the end, the person in charge, in a strange mood, refused this unreasonable task.

After Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull left the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion, the person in charge looked at the distant figures of Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and shook his head: “Unreasonable.”

His men also laughed, “These two masters didn’t travel back from more than a million years ago, did they?”

The person in charge laughed and joked, “It’s not really possible.” The two men laughed.

Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull had just left the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion for a short distance when they saw a large group of people gathered in front of them and were pointing.

“That seems to be Empress Yi Fan of the Five Harmonies Mountain?”

“It seems to be! Five Harmonies Mountain and Vajra Sect have always been at odds.”

The two of them, Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull, saw a young girl through the gap of the crowd, who was being blocked by several sturdy and strong men.

Seeing the young girl, Lu Yiping were surprised, is not this the same young girl that they met earlier in the Buddha Shizun tomb?

Empress Yi Fan of the Five Harmonies Mountain?

The two people lined up the crowd, then walked over.

Blocking the girl in front of the five strong men was none other than the Vajra Sect.

The Vajra Sect disciple at the front, Ma Fei, stared at the young girl and laughed, ” Miss Yi Fan, it’s only a matter of time before Five Harmonies Mountain is destroyed, I think you should join our Vajra Sect.”

“We, the Vajra Sect, will soon unify the Yun Luo Province.”

The Heavenly Devil Domain was the largest domain in the Underworld Prison, with more than 60 provinces, of which the Yun Luo Province was one of the largest.

If it could unify the Yun Luo Province, it was evident that this Vajra Sect is not weak.

The young lady Yi Fan looked at the Vajra Sect disciple Ma Fei with hatred and said angrily, ” Pooh! You Vajra Sect, these dogs, join the Devil’s Night Soul race, be the Devil’s lapdog, brutalize the human race, shall not be allowed to live! “

“You will not have a good end!”

That Vajra Sect disciple Ma Fei’s face sank, smiled grimly and said, “Since Miss Yi Fan is so insensitive, then we have no choice but to be impolite.” After saying that, his eyes signaled an expert of the Vajra Sect to make a move.

The expert of the Vajra clan understood, leaped up, came to the young girl Yi Fan, slapped out a palm, as if his right palm was coated with a thick layer of gold paint, golden light flashes.

A golden palm print broke through the air and flew out.

“The Vajra Divine Palm of the Vajra Sect can open mountains and split the earth.”

“Who is this person? I can’t believe he can practice the Vajra Sect’s Vajra Divine Palm and has already cultivated to the seventh realm!”

The young lady Yi Fan raised her palm to meet him. The two palm imprints met.

The young girl Yi Fan was shaken back three steps, her pretty face changed, this Vajra Sect expert and her realm was the same, both of them were at the early stage of the tenth level of the Great Emperor, surprisingly his power was so strong.

At this time, the Vajra Sect expert continued to attack, the palm force broke through the air, golden palm force swept amazing waves, the young girl Yi Fan panicked and dodged.

The palm force blasted on the ground, setting off heavy debris.

After one blow, the Vajra Sect experts attacked one after another, without stopping, under the attacks, the girl Yi Fan was at a disadvantage, left and right, defeat was sooner or later.

The surrounding crowd was far away, afraid to be affected by the power of the two.

Yi Fan was shocked and angry.

Ma Fei, the disciple of the Vajra Sect, laughed at the situation and said, ” Miss Yi Fan has delicate and tender skin, be gentle, don’t hurt Miss Yi Fan, especially not the important parts of the woman.”

Some disciples of the Vajra Sect laughed loudly. Some of the experts watching around also laughed lightly.

Yi Fan was so angry that her face turned red. At that moment, she retreated to the edge of the crowd.

The Vajra Sect expert slammed a palm, seeing that Yi Fan could not hide, suddenly, a hand reached out from behind her and blocked the Vajra Sect expert’s palm print.

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