The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 163 – The Maiden of Buddha Dragon Palm

The entrance to the Nine Heavens was high in the sky.

But the entrance to the Underworld Prison was underground.

The black waves of Qi rolled around the entrance of the Underworld’s Prison, emitting an insidious coldness.

After arriving, Lu Yiping paused briefly and then entered the entrance of the Underworld Prison. At once, the eyes of the two people darkened, astonishing Yin cold Qi wrapped around them.

 A burst of spatial force sucked and pulled.

A few moments later, the spatial suction force disappeared, the two people’s bodies lightened, and they came to a dark world.

Looking up, everything in this space, almost everything was dark, and even if it was not dark, the color was dull, there was nothing red, green, yellow, not even blue.

The sky, it was also gloomy, just like the sky at dusk when a rainstorm comes. Since the Underworld Prison was underground, there was no sunlight. Throughout the entire space, the light was dark and dreary.

The wind here was somewhat gloomy and cold, like a cold winter.

“This hellish place is still the same as it was a million years ago.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the Underworld Prison in front of him and said, to be honest, he didn’t like this place very much.

Lu Yiping looked at the hair on the bull’s body and laughed, “No matter where you go, your hair is always so golden and shiny.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull took pride in the opposite and laughed, “This is the characteristic of this Master Bull.”

Lu Yiping pointed out the direction, and the two of them broke into the air and left.

“Master, where are we going?”

“Let’s go to the Heavenly Demon Domain.”

Heavenly Demon Domain, the place where Buddha Shizun was buried back then.

Lu Yiping took out the letter talisman and contacted the ancient evil god Qiang Liang.

However, there was no reply for a long time.

“Master sent a messenger to this kid Qiang Liang, he can’t possibly not reply, this kid, something can’t have happened, right?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull worried.

Lu Yiping pondered.

Could something have happened to Qiang Liang?

However, with Qiang Liang’s strength, there should not be an existence that threatens him in the Underworld Prison.

“When the time comes, have the Heavenly Mystic Pavilion check it out.” Lu Yiping said.

In the Nine Heavens, the largest information organization was the Piaomiao Pavilion, while in the Prison of the Underworld, the largest Xiao interest organization was called the Heavenly Question Pavilion.

“he Heavenly Mystic Pavilion, I don’t know if the old man Heavenly Mystic has died.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

Lu Yiping shook his head, “Should he have left the Underworld Prison.” Then he looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Ox, “What, you still think about his young daughter?”

Tian Man had two daughters. Back then, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull bastard had two children.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled cheekily: “Master still knows me best.”

The two of them flew all the way to the Heavenly Demon Domain. The Underworld Prison was even bigger than the Nine Heavens.

The Nine Heavens had a total of only twenty domains, but the Underworld Prison had more than thirty domains, half the size of the Nine Heavens.

In the Underworld Prison, there were demons, monsters, trees, humans, and nearly a hundred other races.

However, in Underworld Prison, the demon race was the strongest, the monster race was second, and the human race was the weakest.

Since there were more than thirty domains in the Underworld Prison, the overall power was much stronger than that of the Nine Heavens.

The Heavenly Demon Domain, the largest domain in the Underworld Prison, was also the most prosperous domain in the ancient times.

However, since the battle between Buddha Shizun and the Lord of the Demon Race, the entire Heavenly Demon Domain was beaten into a thousand pieces, the major powers relocated, and the Heavenly Demon Domain gradually became desolate.

After coming to the Heavenly Demon Domain, the always playful Dragon Horned Golden Bull became silent.

In this world, he valued few people, but back then Buddha Shizun died in battle, he shed many bull tears.

After entering the Heavenly Demon Domain, Lu Yiping could still feel deep in the earth, there was a faint breath of Buddha.

This was left by Buddha Shizun back then.

When Buddha Shizun died in battle, his blood stained the sea of the Heavenly Demon Domain, soaked the earth of the Heavenly Demon Domain, even after many years, there was still his residual aura.

Lu Yiping, Dragon Horn Golden Bull both came to a plain. Here, was the place where Buddha Shizun finally fell.

 When Buddha Shizun and the Lord of the Demon Race fought, the destructive power leveled everything around them, but after so many years, this plain was already full of flowers and grasses.

Lu Yiping traveled all the way, all the plants were black in color, but the flowers and plants here, were very delicate.

The two people walked and strolled and saw a small mountain-like tomb in front of them, and they couldn’t help but walk over.

“Holy Buddha Emperor, the tomb of Buddha Shizun.”

Seeing the tombstone, the two were surprised. The tomb, should had been some years, but they did not know who piled it.

Just when Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull came to the Buddha Shizun’s tomb, in the distance, the sound of breaking air came, only to see a tall and charming human girl flying over.

Soon, the pair came to the tomb.

The other party was holding wine in her hand, and it looked like she had come to give Buddha Shizun a toast

When the young girl arrived, she saw Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and was surprised, then said with a wary face, “You are from the Vajra Sect?”

“Little girl, which sect are you from again?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “How about this, you tell me, and then I’ll tell you.”

The young girl smiled, her pretty face sank, and a long sword in her hand immediately stabbed at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “Slick talk! I can see that you are not a good person either!”

The long sword shook, the sword aura was strong. The young lady’s strength was not weak, and she was a great emperor realm expert. And it was the tenth level of the Great Emperor realm.

However, just as her longsword stabbed in front of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, it was caught by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s two fingers.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “Little girl, you have a fiery temper.”

The young girl could not draw the sword back, her face turned red with anger, she suddenly slapped a palm to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, with the palm force, the Buddha’s light rose greatly, the shadow of a dragon was faint.

Lu Yiping unexpectedly, raised his palm to block the opponent’s palm power.

“Buddha Dragon Palm.” Lu Yiping looked at the other party,”Who taught you this Buddha Dragon Palm? What is your relationship with Buddha Shizun?”

Back then, the Buddha Dragon Palm secret manual was given to Buddha Shizun by Lu Yiping.

The young girl obviously did not expect that Lu Yiping would recognize her Buddha Dragon Palm, her beautiful eyes obviously flashed in panic, at this time, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull two fingers loosened, the young girl drew back the long sword, “Who taught me, none of your business!” After saying that, yet another palm shot out to Lu Yiping, “Look at your little blonde face, must not be anything good either.”

Lu Yiping was speechless, and raised his palm to block the opponent’s palm again, but this time with a little strength, so the girl was shaken backwards.

The young girl looked at Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in shock, then angrily said, “You Vajra Sect lapdogs, you will not end up well if you work for the Night Soul Race as lapdogs!” Then she broke the air and flew away.

Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull were stunned.

“Master, I will catch this little girl back? And ask her who taught her the Buddha Dragon Palm?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

The other party knew the Buddha Dragon Palm and came to worship Buddha Shizun, so she must have a relationship with Buddha Shizun.

“No need.” Lu Yiping shook his head, then took a glance at the tall, thick and abnormal-looking, vajra-like figure and said without good grace, “No wonder people misunderstand you as some kind of vajra sect.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was sweating.

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