It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 368 – You’ve Made a Huge Disaster

“Young master, I am from the Charm Clan!”

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao, opened up, and revealed her identity directly.

“Charm Clan?” In Sun Hao’s eyes, there was a puzzled look.

“Master, my tribe is one of the ancient races left over from the ancient times!”

“The Charm Clan is good at spiritual attacks and at the same time, is skilled at refining talisman seals!” Speaking of this, Xue Mei revealed a face of shame.

“In comparison to you, Young Master, my race is simply too weak!” Xue Mei said.

Sun Hao listened to this and secretly nodded his head. Unexpectedly, she was actually one of the ancient races.

“I came here for only one purpose!”

When she said this, Xue Mei looked at the Great Divine Tower outside and secretly sighed, “I came to take the Great Divine Tower.”

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao and lowered her head in shame.

On Sun Hao’s face, however, there was no reaction. It was incomparably calm.

“En.” Sun Hao slightly nodded his head.

“Young master, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t worry, since the Great Divine Tower was obtained by you, and it belongs to you!”

“From here, I promise you with my life that there will never be any more Charm Clan members coming!”

At this point, Xue Mei bowed deeply to Sun Hao. The colors of awe and gratitude were written all over his face.

“Many thanks!” Sun Hao slightly nodded his head.

“However, many great powers have already learned about the Great Divine Tower, and you have to be careful!” Xue Mei said solemnly.

Hearing these words, the corners of Sun Hao’s mouth raised, and confidence was written all over his face.

Just perfect, I couldn’t find anyone to test his strength. Someone came to my door. I really couldn’t ask for more!

“Thanks for the reminder!”

Sun Hao looked at Xue Mei, “Since you are an ancient race, can I ask you a question?”

“Young master, please ask. As long as I know, I will definitely answer!” Xue Mei said.

“Do you know of any place where you can obtain powerful cultivation techniques there?” Sun Hao asked.

Powerful technique? Young master is already a god, the technique he needs is definitely a divine grade technique.

It was just that after the Dark Era, countless gods had perished. Most of their techniques had already followed them and perished in the dust.

Although there were still legacies left behind, most of those places would be covered with divine might. And even if an immortal emperor entered inside, he might not be able to come out. But with the young master means, getting in and out should be easy.

“Young master, most powerful techniques are destroyed in the Dark Era!” Xue Mei said.

 Dark Era?” Sun Hao was full of doubts.

“The Dark Era is ……”

After some explanation from Xue Mimi, Sun Hao secretly nodded his head.

“In this case, if you want to obtain a divine grade technique, you must go to a place where a god has died and try your luck?” Sun Hao asked.

“Understand!” Xue Mei nodded her head.

“Thanks a lot, Miss Xue Mei!” Sun Hao said.

“My lord, I am the one who should thank you!”

“If you have no other orders, then I’ll take my leave!” Xue Mei made a bow with an indebted gesture.


Sun Hao got up, took out a few packs of tea from the Heaven and Earth Ring, and handed them to Xue Mei, “Miss Xue Mei, since you like to drink tea, take some back and drink it!”

When this thing came out, Xue Mei’s pupils contracted, and her face filled with surprise. Within her eyes, tears of gratitude flashed.

She held back her inner emotions and took the tea, so excited that her body trembled.

“Many thanks, young master!”

After receiving the tea leaves, Xue Mei quickly turned around and ran wildly outside. There were tears in her eyes, quickly spilling down.

“Young master, thank you!”

“Your great kindness, Mei’er will be able to repay it in her next life!”


Xue Mei muttered to herself, and her body became a long rainbow, rushing up to the sky.

In an instant, she disappeared into the sky. Looking at the location where Xue Mimi disappeared, Sun Hao sighed secretly.

“It looks like she also doesn’t know why she looks so similar to Rumeng!”

“No matter, obtaining the cultivation technique is the most important!”

“When the New Year is over, let’s search for the cultivation technique!” Sun Hao said and rose to walk towards the house.

When he came to the dining room, he saw that there were three dishes and one soup already set up.

It was hot and full of fragrance and color, which made people feel very excited. What more could a man want when he has a girl like this?

“Rumeng, your cooking skills are getting better and better!” Sun Hao said.

“Young master, you flatter me!”

“Do you like the dumplings?”

Huang Rumeng spoon-fed Sun Hao a few dumplings and sent them to the bowl.




Time flew, and it was two days in a flash.

In the depths of the universe, in the middle of a sea of thunder, a grand hall stood across.

Lei Wu knelt in front of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign with a face full of bitterness.

“What did you say? Is it all true?”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign looked at him with a gloomy look on his face.

“Sovereign, do I look like I’m lying to you?”

“If I hadn’t reacted quickly enough, I’m afraid I would have been …… by now.”

Speaking of this, Lei Wu wolf cried out loudly and painfully.

“Alright, don’t cry!”

“Are all the thunder hammers okay?”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign asked. Upon these words, Lei Wu cried even harder.

“Sovereign, you can’t blame me. You really can’t blame me!”

“I was forced to do it as well.”


Lei Wu’s voice was carrying pain in sorrow.

The cry was heartbreaking. In the hall, there are still many thunder giants standing. At this moment, seeing this scene, they also wiped up their tears.

“It’s okay!”

In the eyes of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, a touch of uneasiness appeared. He looked at Lei Wu and said, “Bring out all the thunder hammers!”

“Yes …… yes, Sovereign!”

Lei Wu’s voice shivered as he carefully brought out the three thunder hammers.

Once those things came out. At once, the air all around was frozen.

 Every giant looked at the three thunder hammers with a look of horror on their faces.

“What? Ruined, even the Immortal Thunder Hammer is ruined?”

“My goodness, this Lei Wu has caused a great disaster!”

“It’s over, our tribe is all finished!”

“What should we do?” In the whole hall, a sound of grief resounded.

The corners of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s mouth twitched slightly as he looked at this scene. The look of disbelief was written all over his face.

The Immortal King Thunder Hammer was ruined. Even the Immortal Emperor Thunder Hammer was ruined.

This if the above people knew. Even he could only die to pay for the crime.

At this moment, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign seemed to think of Lei Yang’s voice.

“Sovereign, you will definitely regret it!”

These words kept vibrating in his mind. It blasted his mind and heart. A look of regret was written all over his face. It had only been a few days, and he was already regretting it.

He should not have sent Lei Wu to the Purple Sun Planet if he had known. He had to find out the situation first before making a decision.

“What a repentance!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s face was incomparably ugly as he looked at Lei Wu, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly.

“Men! put Lei Wu in Thunder Prison and wait for his punishment!” The Thunder Sovereign roared.


Several guards in thunder armor came quickly and carried Lei Wu away with them, quickly.

Lei Wu did not resist, and his eyes had a deathly gray look.

After Lei Wu left, every thunder giant stared at the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, their faces full of unease.

“Supreme Existence?”

“You dare to destroy my clan’s magic weapon!”

“This seat would like to see how powerful you are!”

In the eyes of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, two fierce lights erupted.

Staring into the depths of the universe, he did not move a

After a moment, only then did he withdraw his gaze just as he was about to take action.


Lei Lu quickly ran in, “Why are you locking up Lei Wu?”

“He has committed a heinous crime. I’ll lock him up. If not, by whom? You stand down first!”

The Thunder Tribulation Master let out an angry shout, startling Lei Lu into staying in place.

Then, her mouth trembled up and down. Among her eyes, tears were rapidly gathering.

“Wha ……”

The tears in Lei Lu’s eyes rushed out like water letting out of the dam.

“Father, you are even vicious to me!”

After saying that, Lei Lu wailed and cried out. When the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign saw this scene, he revealed a helpless look, “Little Lu, don’t cry. It’s dad’s fault!”

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