It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 366 – It Will be the Same Even if the Sovereign Arrives

Supreme Existence, please, don’t look at me! I was wrong, can’t I ever be wrong?

Lei Wu looked at Sun Hao and kept kowtowing and saluting. However, it was useless. The power of sealing kept on and on. It rapidly enveloped his body. His strength was rapidly being sealed.

Supreme Existence, why are you looking at me like this?

With doubt, Lei Wu plucked up his courage and swept to the ground.

All at once.

Lei Wu’s heart and soul trembled. He looked at Huang Rumeng and couldn’t help but stare. Only to see that, in Huang Rumeng’s hand, countless strands of lightning arcs were rapidly roaming around.

He, of course, knew these lightning bolts. These were all lightning tribulation bolts.

The thunder tribulation lightning arcs were slowly coming together and merging into one with the white light cluster in Huang Rumeng’s hand.

“She …… is fusing the dao!”

“Oh my …… God, that’s the Thunder Tribulation Heavenly Dao, she’s actually fusing them together!”

“Oh my god, what have I seen?”

“That insignificant little girl was able to fuse the ten dao so perfectly that she even fused it with the Thunder Tribulation Heavenly Dao?”

Lei Wu opened his mouth wide and did not respond for half a day.

Was it possible?

Lei Wu raised his eyebrows and seemed to have thought of something.

At this moment, he became enlightened.

He understood why Lei Yang’s Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer was not well-kept. He had actually given the Thunder Tribulation Dao to be a part of the girl’s Dao.

It turned out to be like this.

“Supreme Existence, I get it!”

Lei Wu mumbled, and without any hesitation, he pulled out a wisp of lightning arc from above the Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer.

After extracting all the lightning arcs on it cleanly, there was barely enough to count.

There was no hesitation, he took these lightning arcs and divided them into several thousand strands, throwing them down toward a group of people who had just broken through the immortal realm.

“Zhi ……”

These lightning arcs were devoid of any harm and directly drilled into each person’s body, strengthening their physique swiftly.

After doing this, Lei Wu regained his freedom.

As he looked at Sun Hao, he secretly wiped a cold sweat, secretly saying that it was so close.

How terrifying was he to seal him with just one look?

Was he a God?

At the thought of this, Lei Wu’s body trembled, and panic filled his face at the thought of this.

Without any hesitation, he took a stomp and instantly disappeared from the spot.

When he appeared again, he returned to the Thunder Tribulation Space.

“It was too close!”

“It’s too scary!”

“In this world, how can there be such an existence!”

“This is simply frightening.”

Lei Wu took several long breaths before he calmed down a little.

Releasing the thunder tribulation in front of that kind of existence was no different from seeking death.

It was no wonder that Lei Yang said that the Sovereign would regret it.

Now it seems that there is no mistake at all!

“The Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer has been destroyed, and it is impossible to go back and explain to the Sovereign!”

“What should I do to explain this matter?”

“I’ m only afraid that if I tell the truth, the Sovereign will definitely not believe me.”

There was a bitter look in Lei Wu’s eyes.

In contrast to his previous ferocious and violent self, he was a completely different person.

“It looks like, for these ten years, my performance will definitely be zero!”

“What should I do? What should I do?”

“With this kind of existence, there is no way for me to complete the task!”

“Now, even if someone breaks through to the Immortal realm, I don’t have an Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer!”

Lei Wu’s face was ashen, and his face was incomparably ugly.

Unless someone broke through to Immortal King, there was still a ray of hope.

Only breakthrough to Immortal King?


There may not be one even in a hundred years.

This thought had just risen.

“Hoo ……”

Hundreds of rays of light, rushing in, surged into the lightning tribulation crystal ball.

“Buzz ……”

The lightning tribulation crystal ball lit up with blinding light, illuminating the entire space.

“This …… is?”

“This is the Immortal King’s Tribulation?”

“God! Is this the chance you gave me?”

Lei Wolf took out the Immortal King Thunder Hammer, and his face was filled with the light of hope.

His entire person was immersed in excitement, and he did not calm down for a moment.

“As long as I kill one Immortal King, my performance will be qualified!”

“If I kill two, I’ll be the first in performance!”

“If I blast them all to death, I will even trigger the legendary Thunder God’s Tablet!”

Lei Wu muttered to himself, and his eyes were filled with brilliant auras.

As he was about to move.

“Hoo ……”

Several rays of light, flying rapidly, once again drilled into the lightning tribulation crystal ball.

The lightning tribulation crystal ball above once again lit up a blinding light.

“Buzz ……”

The Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer in Thunder Wolf’s hand lit up with a blinding light.

“Immortal Emperor Thunder Tribulation!”

“This time, several people are actually crossing the Immortal Emperor Tribulation?”

“Haha ……”

Lei Wu laughed upward and did not calm down for a long time.

And then, with one step, he strode out.

When he reappeared, he came to the sky above the Great Demon Mountain again. Dark clouds as thick as ink shrouded the entire heaven and earth. No fingers could be seen.

“Zhi ……”

Lei Wu’s body transformed into a lightning aura, rushing in the middle of the dark clouds.

That joyous expression was written all over his face.


His heart and soul tightened, and his whole body could not help but stagnate.

His body strength was rapidly being sealed.

What is going on?

Is it possible that I arrived at the Supreme Existence residence again?

When he thought about it, Lei Wu’s scalp tingled, and he sweated coldly.

His eyes swept to the ground. At once, his body trembled. Only to see Sun Hao’s two gazes directly fixed on him.


Lei Wu opened his mouth and didn’t spit out a word.

“Supreme Existence, please don’t look at me!”

“I understand, I understand!”

Lei Wu Wolf muttered, in an incomparable painful look. He took out the Immortal King Thunder Hammer.

After extracting hundreds of strands of Immortal King Thunder Aura from it, he threw it down to the people below. One strand per person, straight into each person’s body.


That feeling of being like manslaughter kept sweeping in.

“Supreme Existence, I …… can’t pull it out anymore. If the Immortal King Thunder Hammer is ruined, I will not be able to save my little life!”

Lei Wu muttered, and his face was full of bitterness. However, Sun Hao’s gaze did not diminish but increased by a few points sharper. His body strength was being sealed rapidly.

“Alright, Supreme Existence!”

In an incomparable painful expression, Lei Wu extracted all the lightning from the Immortal King Thunder Hammer and gave it to the person who had crossed the Immortal King Tribulation.

Then, he extracted all the lightning auras from the Immortal King Thunder Hammer and gave them to each Immortal King.

At this point, all three thunder hammers were scrapped. This kind of item, it was said to be sent by the upper world. All of them were scrapped, not to die or have to take off a layer of skin. At least it is impossible to become a lightning tribulation envoy.

After the final ray of lightning is extracted clean, the body sealing power instantly disappeared. At this point, Lei Wu regained his freedom. Without any hesitation, he took one step and disappeared from the spot.

Back in the Thunder Tribulation Space, Lei Wu stood in the same place. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he muttered half a day without spitting out a word.

“Puff ……”

His entire body collapsed to the ground, his face ashen. From being the first in performance, he turned into scrapping three thunder hammers. This feeling of falling was simply unimaginable.

“What should I do?” His eyes kept rotating, pondering the solution.

“This can’t be blamed on me at all. Even if the Sovereign arrives, this would definitely be the result!”

“This matter must be reported to the Sovereign immediately so that he can make a decision!”

“Whether I live or die, I can only trust the heavens!”

Lei Wu muttered to himself and secretly made a decision. After he glanced at the crystal ball, he took a big step and disappeared without a trace.


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