It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 365 – Before Such Existence, Even When the Sovereign Comes, He Must Kneel

“Hoo ……”

The surrounding seven-colored divine energy quickly surged over and wrapped Xue Mimi up.

At this moment, Xue Mei was stunned in place with a startled expression.

All along, she held her own vigilance; this seven-colored divine energy seemed to have a spiritual sense and kept vigilance to her too.

After she dropped her own vigilance, the seven-colored divine energy came rushing over directly.

“Whew ……”

The seven-colored divine energy was as thin as silk threads, with a warm touch, it drilled into the body from the pores, and through the meridians, it surged all over the body and rapidly strengthened it.

The whole body’s muscles were like being electrocuted, a tingling sensation incessantly surging.

Xue Mei’s tightly clenched her lips, not willing to make a sound.

However, the pleasure of that physical body enhancement was intensely stimulating her nerves.

And even her soul was soaring.

It was hard for her to contain herself any longer at this moment.

“Ah ……”

Like a broken dam, the torrent surged furiously in all directions.

It took a long time before Xue Mei regained a bit of her sanity.

She was frozen in place, and her eyes were filled with astonishment, “In just a breath of time, I broke through to a fifth-grade immortal!”

“And the physical body at least doubled in growth! Talent, once again, has increased!”

“Even my state of mind also elevated a lot!”

“Ordinary Gods, I’m only afraid that they don’t have this ability at all, right?”

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao, and her eyes were filled with awe.

After that, she closed her eyes and sat on the ground, continuing to absorb this seven-colored divine energy.

In front of Sun Hao, everyone was sitting on the ground with a comfortable look.



Purple Sun Planet, in the Thunderstorm space.

“Hoo ……”

A blood-red figure emerged in the midst.

He was none other than the Thunder Tribulation Giant – Lei Wu.

Because of the number one performance, he was sent to serve as the Thunder Tribulation Envoy of the Purple Sun Planet.

“The Thunder God’s Sword, it finally came to my hand!”

“Lei Lu were you angry! Was the defeat ever convincing?”

“This next round of competition, let’s see who is more powerful?”

“So many immortals and immortal kings have been promoted in the Purple Sun Planet! I’ll be the first in the competition!”

“Haha ……”

Lei Wu looked up to the sky and whistled long as if he was in madness.

There were no words to describe that look.

Only after a long time did he recover his expression.

“Something doesn’t feel right, as if someone is promoting an immortal?”

“What is going on?”

Lei Wu frowned, and his divine thoughts swept in all directions.

A moment later.

Lei Wu’s gaze, directly penetrating the void, stared in the direction of the Great Demon Mountain.

“Lei Yang, what can I say about you? How dare you set up a thunder tribulation forbidden area!”

“You’re so damn amusing too, aren’t you? We are the envoys of the Heavenly Dao!”

” Only they fear us, where do we fear them?”

“Supreme Existence? I pooh! In my opinion, it’s just bigger and not enough to be scared of!”

“Now, you’re locked up in Thunder Prison. That’s not bad, is it?”

Lei Wu muttered, a cold smile on his face.

Bloodthirstiness and megalomania were written all over his face.

“Zhi ……”

Lei Wu stretched out his hand, and the red lightning lights kept running in his fingertips.

“Hoo …… “

Aimed at the void, he pressed his fingers.

” Boom ……”

The heaven and earth trembled, and the forbidden area of the lightning tribulation instantly broke apart.

The Demon Ancestor Mountain, an aura of promotion, poured into the lightning tribulation space.

“Zizi ……”

The Thunder Tribulation crystal ball in the space lit up with hundreds of thunder rays.

Seeing this scene, Lei Wu couldn’t help but stare, “Hundreds of people promoted at the same time?”

“More than that, it’s still increasing. It’s only been a while, dozens more have been added!”

“God, you love me too much!”

“On my first day, I was able to complete decades of tasks?”

“This time, the first rank is mine!”

Lei Wu’s heart pounded violently, and his eyes bloomed with a refined aura.

His whole body was so excited that he was trembling slightly.

“There’s more, and it’s continuing to increase!”

“Let’s blast a wave to death first!”

Thinking like this, Lei Wu’s body flashed and instantly disappeared from its original place.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived above the Great Demon Mountain.

At this moment, dark clouds were pressing down on the Great Demon Mountain.

“Zhi ……”

The blood-red thunder, running amidst the dark clouds, exploded with a frightening aura.

“Haha ……”

In the dark clouds, Lei Wu ran non-stop. With every laugh, it resounded like a thunderclap.

The whole Earth was trembling slightly.

“Hehehe ……”

“I am not as cowardly as Lei Yang!”

“You ants, how dare you gather together to cross the tribulation!”

“Today, you and the rest of you will not survive!”

” Battle with the sky? Hehe ……”

“Go to hell!”

Lei Wu let out a burst of roar and took out the Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer.

With a single movement of his mind.

“Zhi ……”

The blood-red lightning bolts on the immortal tribulation thunder hammer were shining non-stop, bursting out thrilling breath.

Then these lightning bolts converge in huge and thick lightning. It aimed at the bottom, then blasted down.

“Hissing ……”

The sky was torn apart, and a bolt of pillar-like lightning enveloped heaven and earth.

The terrifying power was akin to the Galaxy collapsing and whistling down.

At this moment, in the Great Demon Mountain, all the demonic beasts prostrated on the ground and were trembling.

Sun Hao residence.

At that moment, he had stopped playing the piano.

Perceiving the scene in the sky, he could not help but frown.

When he looked up, he could not help but have his pupils shrink, and in his eyes, two virtual lights burst out.

In an instant, they stared at the huge thick lightning above. It was at that moment. The lightning from the bottom up gradually disappear. Not even a trace of power was left behind.


Lei Wu looked at the disappearing lightning and could not help but stare wide-eyed and was filled with disbelief.

This powerful energy gathered together, and even the Immortal King could not receive it.

There was no cause for the Immortal Tribulation.

Was it an Immortal Emperor who struck?


In that case, the Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer could sense it.

If not.

Why did the immortal tribulation that he made just disappear? It’s hard to believe that there is really a supreme existence.

With such a thought, Lei Wu’s gaze stared directly at the ground.

In the next second.

His heart and soul tightened, and his whole body trembled violently.

When he looked at Sun Hao, fear from his bones enveloped his whole body.

He was obviously a mortal, but that sharp gaze made people extremely uncomfortable.

Even if the sovereign looked at him, he didn’t have this feeling.

“He …… who the hell is he? How is he so terrifying?”

“This …… what should I do?”

Lei Wu gave out, his own hand holding the Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer, slightly trembling.

Throughout his whole body, there was a feeling of powerlessness.

“Not good. This is the power of sealing!”

“He looked me in the eye, unexpectedly can put me in the seal?”

“I am the heavenly envoy ah! The execution, it is the laws of the heavenly dao!”

“I am blessed by the heavenly dao!”

“How can he seal my power?”

Lei Wu muttered, with fear creeping all over his body like black ants.

Waves of unbearable feelings came.


At this moment, he could no longer contain himself and directly knelt down and bowed to Sun Hao, then kowtowed, “Supreme Existence, I was wrong, don’t look at me like this!”

“I will leave immediately and never come back!”

At this moment, he realized Lei Yang’s state of mind back then. How helpless and desperate he was at that time.

In front of such an existence, even when the sovereign came, he would have to kneel down.

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