It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 363 – This is a Divine Grade Talisman Seal

Xue Mei raised her eyebrows and looked at the plate of cherries on the table, her whole body froze in place.

“That’ s a top quality, no, supreme immortal fruit!”

“There’s such a big plate?”

“Those dried fruits, also all supreme immortal fruit quality!”

“This must be a treacherous plan of the ancient monster trying to tempt me? Humph!”

Despite this thought, Xue Mei belly was like thunder, a sense of ravenous hunger surged through her whole body, and from time to time she gulped up her saliva.

“Don’t go to have a look, don’t think about it!”

“How can I degenerate?”

“Absolutely not!”

Xue Mei was muttering to herself and followed Sun Hao into the living room.

“Miss Xue Mei, don’t be so polite, please sit down!”

“Have some fruits first.”

Sun Hao brought the fruit to Xue Mei’s front. The black and red cherries strongly stimulated Xue Mei’s nerves. The appetite that had just been suppressed, once again ran up.

“Miss Xue Mei, don’t be polite!” Sun Hao picked up a cherry, sent it into his mouth, and lightly bit into it.

The juice of the fruit burst in all directions, sour with sweet, the sweetness is wrapped in the fragrance of the fruit flesh, and it came to her face, and entered Xue Mei’s nasal cavity automatically.


Xue Mei kept swallowing her saliva, with a look of expectation. The plate of cherries, like a living thing, it strongly stimulated her nerves. As if saying: come and eat me!

” No!”

” Absolutely not to touch, this, there must be poison!”

“He has eaten it, how can it not be highly poisonous?”

“He is an ancient monster, his physique is different, maybe only that fruit in his hand is not poisonous, must not touch!”

“Can eat a bite of the supreme immortal fruit, poison is poison!”


Two kinds of voices, constantly resounding in Xue Mei’s mind. For a while, it was difficult for her to make a choice.

“Miss Xue Mei, is it not to your liking?”

“How about if we drink tea?”

After saying that, Sun Hao took up the fruit and put it aside.

At this moment, on Xue Mimi’s face, there was all the color of regret.

“Why don’t you eat one? That’s a supreme immortal fruit!”

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao’s back and muttered.

“Miss Xue Mei, come and try my dahong pao!”

Sun Hao came up to the front. In his hands, he held a tea box. Lifting it open to take a look. Xue Mei instantly revealed a jaw-dropping look.

“Enlightenment tea, that’s Enlightenment tea!”

“There are at least a few hundred pieces of this, right? Ancient Monster, he’s going to brew me a piece?”

“No way? How can he part with such a supreme treasure?”

Xue Mei was so excited that her body trembled slightly, and the two clumps in front of her chest kept trembling, and her waves surged.

With that kind of flirtation, the heart of the people watching was surging.

“What? He has such a huge handful, this is at least a few dozen pieces!”

Xue Mei heart was like struck by a heavy blow, for a moment, it was impossible to calm down.

Shortly after.

A cup of dahong pao was placed in front of Xue Mei.

“Miss Xue Mei, don’t hesitate, drink it!”

Xue Mei was surprised and Sun Hao clearly caught it.

Looking at Xue Mei did not take it, the corner of Sun Hao’s mouth raised and took the cup back, “It looks like, Miss Xue Mei also does not like to drink tea, in that case, then forget it!”

After saying that, Sun Hao made a pose to pour out the tea.

However, a pair of soft and boneless small hands gripped in Sun Hao’s hand at once.

Both hands touched each other and they hurriedly let go.

“Many thanks, I still like to drink tea!” Xue Mei said.

“Miss Xue Mei, please!”

Sun Hao’s afterimage swept to the talisman seal in Xue Mei’s hand, and secretly nodded his head.

This girl, she was very wary of him.

However, with those two talisman seals, could she escape?

“Many thanks!”

Xue Mei took the teacup and took a small sip.

Immediately, her body was like touching a bolt of electricity, and her whole body was excited.

“Just one sip of tea, I …… my soul is enhanced several times?”

“Worthy of the enlightenment tea! This ancient monster is worthy of being an old monster, and his collection is too abundant!”

“He actually did not poison me? How strange!”

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao with a curious look in her eyes.

Only to see, Sun Hao drank tea by himself, without even looking at Xue Mei’s side.

After Xue Mimi finished drinking, Sun Hao got up and poured a cup for her again.

“Many thanks!”

Xue Mei clasped her fist and saluted, her eyes swept to Sun Hao.

Watching his every action, she couldn’t help but be lost in thought for a while.

“Every of his movements are all natural and carry their own dao rhythm.”

“No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like a monster.”

“Could it be that I guessed wrong?” Xue Mei murmured and continued to drink the Dao enlightenment tea.

A few moments later.

Xue Mimi rubbed her rolled stomach with a satisfied look. It was only after finishing the pot of tea that she stopped. For a while, it was impossible to digest it all.

“Miss Xue Mei, you know how to draw talismans?”

Sun Hao looked at the talisman seal in Xue Mei’s hand and opened his mouth to ask.

Xue Mei looked startled and hurriedly hid the talisman seal.

“I …… I ……”

“Miss Xue Mei, you really don’t need to be so restrained!”

“Actually, I also know how to draw talisman, if you do, I would like to exchange it with you!” Sun Hao said.

“You know how to draw talismans?” Xue Mei’s eyes were shining.

There were many races that could draw talismans.

But there was really none that could directly compare with the charm race. These two talisman seals of their own were materials that they had spent nearly a hundred years to collect.

It took several months and hundreds of ruined talisman seals to succeed.

“I can do a little, if the young miss is willing, please guide me a little!” Sun Hao said.


Xue Mei lowered her head and showed a thoughtful look. Her wary look was not lifted.

“I drank his enlightenment tea in the end, pointing out how to draw a talisman, mother won’t blame me, right?”

“I will not tell the secret just fine, I think mother will not say anything.”

With this in mind, Xue Mei secretly nodded her head, “OK!”

“Thank you, Miss Xue Mei, shall we start now then?” Sun Hao asked.



Don’t you have to fast for forty-nine days before painting the talisman?

No sex, no food or drink, no water ……

There are a hundred and eight no-no’s in total.

In addition, you need to prepare the talisman altar and pray to the sky for 49 days.

In this way, the finished product rate is high!

Or else, it is simply impossible to succeed.

In the instant that Xue Mei was in a daze, Sun Hao had already taken things and laid them all over the table.

And then, he started to study the ink. This kind of ink was made from vermilion sand, the essential thing for drawing talismans.

Dipped in vermilion sand, a large stroke of the brush. An ancient rune was presented on top of the talisman paper.

Within half a breath. An escape talisman was presented in front of Xue Mei.

Looking at this escape talisman, Xue Mei opened her mouth wide and murmured for a long time without saying a word.

Only to see, the escape talisman above had hundreds of runes presented above.

Each rune was drawn with a single stroke, so smooth that not a single fault could be picked.

To the human eye, there was a pleasant feeling.

On the top of the runes, the seven-colored divine energy appears as if hidden, flowing on the rune paper.

Astounding might was contained within.

“What …… is this? Seven colors? Could this be the legendary divine energy?”

A thought came to her mind.

“Hiss ……”

Xue Mei drew several breaths of cold air backwards, her whole body was like being struck by electricity, unable to calm down for a long time.

I never thought that this ancient monster could draw a divine talisman!

Even the old ancestor!

Who would dare to believe it if not to see it with their own eyes.

He just said that I still have to give him pointers.

Where is my face?

This kind of character, even if the charm race old ancestor arrived, also can not be compared to ah!

Thinking like this, Xue Mei’s face involuntarily became red.

Her face was as red as a peach, making her icy face look so much more beautiful.

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