It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 362 – Obtaining the Divine Tower, That’s the Intention

Tian Luo Continent, Great Demon Mountain Range.

“Hoo ……”

There was a figure running around within, sometimes scurrying here and there. This person was none other than Xue Mei.

She looked in the direction of Sun Hao’s residence, looking at the 100-meter-tall Great Divine Tower, and her face showed gloom.

“It’s been two days, the people sent by mother, why haven’t they arrived yet?”

“If that immortal emperor took away the Great Extreme God Tower, wouldn’t ……”

The more she thought about it, the more anxious she was.

“I went to take the Great Divine Tower, why didn’t the Immortal Emperor kill me?”

“This simply does not make sense!”

“Could it be that the immortal emperor was seriously injured and couldn’t kill me at all?”

“She was able to make that strike just to make an example of the others? After making that move, she was already at her limit?”

“That must be the case!”

The more she thought about it, the more excited Xue Mei became. In her eyes, a different kind of delicate aura bloomed.

For a long time, she could not calm down.

“I’ ll go and test it out!”

With this thought, Xue Mei’s body turned into a shadow and hurriedly ran towards Sun Hao’s residence.

Arriving outside the courtyard, hiding behind a tree, poking out a head. After waiting for a moment, there was no reaction. There was not even a hint of fluctuation.

“Gone? She can’t have taken the Great Divine Tower?”

Xue Mei thought secretly and carefully walked towards the courtyard.

With her ear pressed to the courtyard door, she used her secret technique and began to probe for sounds inside.

It was silent, nothing was heard.

“No one?”

“There is no aura!”

Xue Mei’s eyes blossomed with a different kind of brilliant light. In the next second, she couldn’t help but blush.

“Creak ……”

There was a sound.

Xue Mei was about to fly away when the courtyard door had already opened.

All four eyes met. Looking at the man in front of him, Xue Mei instinctively became frightened.

“On …… the ancient monster man?”

Xue Mimi stepped away and slowly retreated backward, with eyes filled with horror.

“Girl, it’s you?”

“Do you want to come in and sit down?”

When she heard these two sentences, Xue Mei’s expression was stunned.

He asked her to go in and sit?

Was this his residence?

Where was that Immortal Emperor? Where did she go?

It seemed that she was not here.

So should I go in or not?

Would it be like going into a tiger’s mouth and having no chance of return?

Nevertheless, if I cannot get the Grand Divine Tower, I will die without a chance of survival.

I’ll fight!

After getting the Great Tower of God, I will immediately escape!

After some thinking, Xue Mei made her decision.

“Is this your residence?” Xue Mei asked.

“That’s right, want to come in and sit down?” Sun Hao said.


Xue Mei came forward with a wary look. She held two talisman seals tightly in her hand, ready to ignite them at any time.

“Please come in!” Sun Hao made an invitation gesture.

“You should enter first!” Xue Mei even took two steps back with a wary face.

“Alright!” Sun Hao smiled faintly and walked straight to the front.

Xue Mei followed closely behind and swept her gaze around. Releasing her divine thoughts to sweep around, as long as there was danger, she would flee at the first opportunity.

“Hoo ……”

All of a sudden, two gazes swept in. Xue Mei’s body trembled, she looked up, and her pupils shrank violently.

“Rift Sky Ancient!”

“It”s the same thing again!”

“What should I do?”

Xue Mei looked at the Great Divine Tower not far away, and the expression on her face changed.

These two talisman seals in one’s hand, one to protect one’s body, can withstand the full force of a Ninth Grade Immortal’s strike.

The other one was to escape, and it could instantly escape to a million miles away.

Even those who practice the Space Dao would not be able to easily find out the spatial trajectory. With these two talisman seals in her hands, Xue Mei was confident.

She swept her afterimage on the Great Divine Tower, her heart beating violently. It was getting close and closer and closer. Soon she could receive it into her soul space.


Xue Mei looked at the Great Divine Tower, and there was a look of unbelievable surprise on her face.

She could only see that the formation patterns on top of the Great Extreme Divine Tower had all been renovated.

Each formation pattern was engraved extremely perfect, natural, simply could not pick a single fault.

How could there be such a formation master in this world?

That’s impossible, right?

“I can’t even tell the rank!”

“This is no longer a lower grade divine weapon!”

At this moment, Xue Mei’s chest was like being struck by a heavy blow, and she could not calm down for a long time.

If I obtained this kind of divine weapon, I could definitely solve the crisis of my clan!

Soon, we will be able to get the divine artifact in our hands.

Closer and closer.


Standing in front of the Great Divine Tower.

Without hesitation, Xue Mei took out the secret method and touched the Great Divine Tower.

She was about to put it into her soul space.


The next second, she looked stunned and stared dumbfounded at this scene, full of disbelief. The Great Divine Tower did not even budge. After exhausting all the methods, she could not take away the Great Divine Tower.

“Why? You are my clan’s!”

Xue Mei used divine sense to transmit voice and released it on top of the Great Divine Tower.

“Hmph, where were you when my master’s body shattered?”

“If it wasn’t for the master’s amazing magic power to reunite my soul, I’m afraid I would have died long ago!”

“How dare you Charm Race have the face to say this to me?”

A few lines of voice directly entered Xue Mei’s soul sea.

Xue Mei’s face turned white, and her whole body trembled.

“Girl, what’s wrong?”

At this moment, Sun Hao’s voice came, and Xue Mei instantly regained her senses. 

She looked at Sun Hao, with a hint of fear on her face, “Nothing …… nothing?”

“Is it that you want to enter the Great Divine Tower to cultivate?” Sun Hao said.

“Ah ……”

Xue Mei was shocked.

Of course, she was willing and could not wait to run in and cultivate now. However, with this kind of divine weapon, how could she be qualified to go in? Xue Mei nodded her head.

“Girl, then you are really unfortunate that, now that the energy is used up, it cannot be activated.”

“Girl, since you’re here, this way, please!”

Sun Hao walked towards the main hall.

Xue Mei stood in the same place, and her face was uncertain. she looked up at the main hall with a thoughtful look. For a while, she hesitated.

“By the way, what’s your name, girl?” Sun Hao asked.

“I …… my name is ……”

Xue Mei frowned and began to think.

He is an ancient monster, will it be dangerous to tell him her name?

Would there be any dangerous places in the main hall waiting for her?

However, how can I obtain the tiger’s son if I don’t enter the tiger’s cave?

I must go in and have a look to get useful information.

And then, find a way to get the Great Divine Tower!

This is the intention.

Anyway, there is no trouble in preserving my life.

Xue Mei clutched the talisman seal in her hand, revealing a face of confidence, and quickly followed.

“My name is Xue Mei!” She said.

“Xue Mei?”

Sun Hao murmured and nodded secretly, “A rather good name!”

“By the way, Miss Xue Mei, is there any matter that you came here today?” Sun Hao asked.

What’s the matter?

Naturally, it is impossible to tell you.

What excuse to use?

It was difficult for Xue Mei to find a reasonable excuse for a while. She couldn’t lie at all.

“Miss Xue Mei, if you are having difficulty, you may not say anything!”

“Please, since you are here, you are a guest, have a dinner before you leave!”

“Creak ……”

There was a sound. Sun Hao opened the living room door.

“Phew ……”

A stream of scent coming to the face. Everything inside the living room was reflected in Xue Mei’s eyes.

Xue Mei froze in place at once. As she looked at everything inside, she mumbled half a day without being able to recover.

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