It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 361 – Sovereign, You Will Surely Regret It

“Haha ……”

“Really laugh me to death, the dishes that he usually eats are all immortality elixirs?”

“The tea he drinks is all enlightenment tea? You might as well say he is the Gods!”

“That’s right, you don’t have to brag, you are useless, and you still blame others!”

“He can’t even find an excuse, I think Leiyang is done for!”

Quite a few of the giant’s expressions had mocking looks on their faces.

No one in the whole room believed in Leiyang’s words.

There was authority on the face of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, “Silence!”

After a single word, the entire room instantly quieted down.

“Leiyang, did you mean what you said?” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

“Sovereign, it is true!” Leiyang nodded his head repeatedly.

“What is his name?” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign asked.

“Sovereign, I seem to remember that his name is Sun Hao!” Leiyang said.

“Sun Hao?”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign frowned slightly and searched his memory from his mind.

There was no such character in the recollection of the powerful individuals.

Was he overthinking?

And if not, how could a ruined planet have so many people reaching the Immortal realm and even dozens of Immortal Kings?

This seat will count first.

Thinking like this, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign pinched his fingers and calculated.

The eight big hands simultaneously move.

“Zhi ……”

The thunder and lightning rays twisted around the fingertips and exploded with thrilling power.

After a moment.

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign stopped, and a face of gloom was revealed above each of his heads.

“Can’t have figured it out at all, is there no such character as Sun Hao?”

“It looks like, I really overthink it!”

How could there be such a strong individual in a waste star like the Purple Sun Planet?

This brat in order to save himself from punishment, this brat actually told such a lie.


A flash of anger flickered on the face of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign as he looked at Leiyang and spoke, “Leiyang, where is your Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer?”

“Sovereign, it’s here!”

After saying that, Leiyang took out the Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer.

When this came out, it instantly stunned many people.

“What? The Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer only has so many wisps of Heavenly Dao’s Aura left?”

“What exactly did this Leiyang do with the Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer?”

The corners of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s mouth twitched slightly as he looked at the Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer in Leiyang’s hand.

“Leiyang, have you been wronged?” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign exclaimed.

“Sovereign, I have no idea!” Leiyang was full of doubts.

” You have no idea?”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign was full of might and looked at Leiyang coldly.

” A zero performance, this seat may not pursue! But you are making up nonsense and fabrications, it is inexcusable!”

“Do you say you are guilty or not?” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s voice was icy cold.

“Sovereign, I didn’t ……”

“This is one of the things!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign did not give Leiyang a chance to speak, “Secondly, you did not take good care of the Immortal Tribulation Thunder Hammer, and even made it look like this!”

” Even this seat can’t afford to be blamed from above!”

” Remembering that it is your first offense, your death penalty can be forgiven, but your living crime is hard to forgive!”

” Men, take him down and put him in the Thunder Prison!”

When these words came out.

Leiyang’s face changed significantly.

“No ……”

“Sovereign, spare my life, spare my life!”

Leiyang knelt on the ground and loudly begged for mercy.

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign was unmoved, “Bring him down!”

Several giants in thunder armor came quickly and lifted Leiyang up like a chicken.

“No, don’t!”

“Sovereign, I’m not lying, I’m not lying!”

“Sovereign, you will definitely regret it!”

Leiyang’s voice echoed throughout the hall for a long time.


The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign laughed coldly, not taking it to heart.

Then, he swept his gaze on another thunder tribulation giant.

“Lei Wu!” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign shouted.

“Sovereign, what are your orders?”

Lei Wu stood out, and his whole body exploded with blood-red electric auras.

A violent and bloodthirsty aura rushed out from his body.

He knelt down in front of the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign with a respectful face.

“Your performance won first place this time!”

“Quite good, as a reward, this Thunder God’s Sword will be awarded to you!”

After saying that, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign tossed a long sword with sparkling lightning in his hand to Thunder Wolf.

Once this item came out.

It instantly attracted the eyes of all the thunder tribulation giants.

The greedy gaze was written all over everyone’s face.

“This …… is a supreme immortal weapon, the master said to give it away, it’s really too powerful!”

“Worthy of the performance of the first ah, I would like it too!”

Worship refined awning swept on Lei Wu in waves.

The corner of Lei Wu’s mouth rose, and he held the Thunder God’s Sword in his hand.

Among his eyes, there was a different kind of sharp aura shining.

It took a long time before he calmed down.

“Many thanks, Sovereign!” Lei Wu knelt down and bowed his head.

“Don’t mention it!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign looked at Lei Wu, “Since you are the first in performance, then for the next ten years, you will go to the Purple Sun Planet, are you willing?”

Purple Sun Planet?

That ruined planet?

Since so many immortals were born on it, it would surely continue to be born.

Then, there must be no problem with being the first one this time must be no problem.

After some thought, Lei Wu made his decision.

“Sovereign, I am willing!” Lei Wu nodded his head.

“Good, there’s no time to lose, you should go there immediately!”

After he finished speaking, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign waved his right hand, and a ray of lightning flew out from the tip of his hand and burst up in front of Lei Wu.

“Zizhi ……”

A teleportation vortex with a flash of electricity was presented in front of Lei Wu.

“This will send you forward to the Milky Way galaxy, where you go to take the teleportation formation to the Purple Sun Star!” The Thunder Sovereign said.

“Yes, Sovereign!”

Lei Wu clasped his fist and saluted, without any hesitation, he walked into the teleportation vortex.

“Buzz ……”

All around, the tranquility returned.

Everyone’s gaze directly swept on the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign.

“The second in performance this year is Lei Lu.”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign stared directly at a thunder tribulation giantess.

“Swish ……”

A swarm of gazes swept in, all of which were fixed on the giantess.

Envy, worship, and adoration rays kept sweeping in, simply unable to stop.

Lei Lu tossed a handful of thunder-shimmering hair and came forward proudly.

“Father, originally I took first place, it’s all because you are biased!” Lei Lu had a dissatisfied face.

“Call me Sovereign!” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign was full of authority.

However, it was useless.

Lei Lu is not the least bit afraid, “I’m going to call you dad, dad …… dad ……”

“All right, all right ……”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign waved his hand repeatedly, “Say, what reward do you want?”


Lei Lu’s eyes, all the essence, “Father, I want Thunder God’s hammer, Thunder God’s armor!”

“Only one!” The Thunderbolt Lord said.

“I want two pieces! Will you give or not?” In Lei Lu’s eyes, the threatening intent was very strong.


The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign sat in place, speechless for a while.

The monstrous authority, not the slightest bit left in front of his daughter. The problem was there was nothing that could be done.


“Okay, all right, all for you!”

After saying that, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign waved his right hand and gave these two things to Lei Lu in his hand.

“You withdraw!” Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

“I won’t withdraw!”

Lei Lu put the two items away and stood in place without intending to retreat.

“Fine, fine, it’s all up to you!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign secretly sighed and swept his gaze on the other thunder tribulation giant, “Lei Ji, you took second this time, do you have something to say?”


A voice kneeling on the ground was heard, “Sovereign, I have destroyed a person of the Ascension Realm!”

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