It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 359 – The Young Master Mission is Coming

One million immortal crystals were like dirt and clay for the Great Divine Tower and did not react even the slightest bit.

“I just don’t believe it!”

Sun Hao waved his right hand, and ten million immortal crystals flew up rapidly, circling around the Great Divine Tower.

“Hoo ……” Endless multicolored immortal lights went straight into the Great Divine Tower.

“Buzz ……” A formation pattern lighted up slowly.

After the set of formation patterns lit up, the Great Divine Tower once again fell into tranquility.


Sun Hao stood in place, not saying anything for half a day.

This was too energy-consuming, wasn’t it?

One set of formation patterns would require ten million immortal crystals. The whole Great Divine Tower had at least ten thousand sets of array patterns. The amount of immortal crystals needed to activate them all was unimaginable.

At this moment, Sun Hao had a feeling of powerlessness. Even if he threw the remaining 19 million immortal crystals inside, he wouldn’t be able to make a single difference.

The result wouldn’t be any different by adding the immortal crystals he had on his body. The divine artifacts were really extraordinary.

“It looks like there’s no way to activate it for now!”

Sun Hao secretly sighed. He stepped on the snow on the ground and walked towards the house.

“Everyone, don’t stand still, come and sit in the house, I have something to discuss with you!” Sun Hao called out.


Luo Liuyan and the others followed behind Sun Hao and walked into the living room together. More than a dozen people sat around a charcoal fire.

There were all kinds of fruits and dried berries on the table, and it looked like a family in the middle of a family chat.

“Miss Liuyan, in fact, this time I am calling everyone to come, because there is an important matter!”

“I need you all to find some trustworthy individuals!” Sun Hao said solemnly.

“Trustworthy individuals?”

Luo Liuyan was mumbling to herself, and the expression on her face was changing. It was impossible to figure out precisely what Sun Hao meant by this for a while.

“These individuals, they need to be 100% trustworthy to the human race!”

“Must not see the human race as ants!”

“They must not be proud of their superiority!”

“Not to mention that they must not bully their fellow clansmen at will once they are strong!”

After listening to Sun Hao’s words, Luo Liuyan and the others nodded in unison. Finally, they all stared at Luo Liuyan.

“Young Master, don’t worry, leave these to us!” Luo Liuyan nodded solemnly.

“This matter is better sooner rather than later, it is best to find all of them within these few days, can you do it?” Sun Hao remarked.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Luo Liuyan’s face revealed a look of anxiety. She stood up straight and said, “Young master, then we shall take our leave first!”

“Master, I haven’t even eaten the fruit yet, don’t drag me!” Su Yiling showed a look of hopelessness.

Sun Hao gave a glance, and Huang Rumeng went forward and gave all the fruits on the table to Su Yiling, packing them away for her!

After everybody left, Sun Hao stood up and walked into the front yard.

Looking at the scattered flying snow in the sky, for a moment, there was a feeling of gloomy melancholy. It had been 20 years since he came to this world. From the time he crossed over, he had been living here.

Without parents, without relatives …… If not for the system, I’m afraid the demon beast would have swallowed me.

Now that I think about it, I can’t help but feel a sense of fear.

“The lotus seems to be less spiritual?”

“Could it be because of the coming winter?”

Sun Hao looked at the Ten Thousand Color Divine Lotus and couldn’t help but frown slightly.

Then, he swept his gaze towards the two cherry trees, he inhaled hard, and the icy cold breath was mixed with a faint fragrance straight into his nostrils.

The fragrance of flowers remained the same. However, the lotus was like the cherry blossom trees, and they had less spirituality. Leaving the front yard, Sun Hao walked into the carving room.

“These objects, are there really powerful remnant souls inside?”

Looking at one of the pieces, Sun Hao also frowned. Each statue seemed to be equally missing a few spirituality. Not to mention the remnant souls, there were not even ghostly shadows.

“Could it be that they are all gone?”

Sun Hao muttered and secretly pondered.

“Forget it, I’ ll go to the backyard and take a look!”

When he walked to the backyard, he looked up and saw the Soul Subduing Divine Wood growing full of branches and leaves, shrouding the heaven and earth.

When the flying snow fell on it, it all melted away and turned into water mist, transpiring upwards. It looked as psychedelic as a fairyland and was enthralling.

“The Soul Subduing Divine Wood can even sprout in this winter? How nice!”

“It looks like it’s all right to leave this place to Miss Liyan to take care of!” Sun Hao looked at this scene and secretly nodded his head.

When he walked up, a warm aura came out.

It made one feel as if sitting in front of a baking oven and somewhat reluctant to leave.

Sun Hao looked at the flowers that were all over the place, and in his two eyes, there was a shining light.

“Young master, dinner is ready!”

The voice of Huang Rumeng was heard at this time. On hearing her voice, Sun Hao nodded his head and walked towards the dining room.



Down the mountain, in a secret room of an attic on the west side.

Luo Liuyan and the other people sat around with their faces as grave as they could be.

“Lord Luo, what exactly does the Young master mean by this instruction?” Flower Immortal asked.

“Actually, it’s the same as what you and I sense!”

When it came to this, Luo Liuyan revealed the most cautious gaze ever, “I suspect that the Dark Era will reopen again!”

The moment these words came out, everyone’s body trembled. The expression of panic was written all over their faces. Millions of years ago, the world fell into darkness. It lasted for tens of thousands of years.

During that time, even the Gods were like ants, and it was extremely difficult to survive.

It was called the Dark Ages. Those who were weak did not even reach the Immortal King. Wanting to survive in the Dark Era was like talking about a fool’s dream. If that was the case, what did this have to do with the individual the young master said he was looking for?

“Everyone has seen it, right?” Luo Liuyan asked.


Every one of them had a puzzled look on their face.

“Can’t you all see that young master has finished cultivating in a mortal body?” Luo Liuyan said.

When these words came out, everyone had a sudden clarity.

“So now the young master wants us to find people, what exactly does that mean?” Mu Bing asked.

“Because the young master doesn’t want to get involved in the karma!”

“I think he wants to do battle with the mastermind behind the Dark Era!”

“He is looking for us because he doesn’t want to be discovered by the mastermind behind the curtain!” Luo Liuyan said in a solemn voice.

“The mastermind behind the Dark Era?”

All of them once again drew a breath of cold air. The Dark Era actually had a behind-the-scenes mastermind. This is too frightening, right? Such a character, his methods, and strength could not be ordinary. Could anyone be his opponent?

“How can we possibly fight against that kind of character?”

“Of course it’s impossible!”

“So, the young master is looking for us just to complete some simple tasks!”

“Even so, it’s by no means easy, and it’s likely that there will be a risk of losing our lives!”

“Everyone who is not afraid of death and is willing to become a chess piece in the hands of the young master, raise your hand!”

“The first one is me!”

After saying that, Luo Liuyan took the lead to raise her hand.



One after another, unwilling to be left behind, they all raised their hands. Even Su Yiling, her hand was raised high without any hesitation.

“Good, young master is indeed not wrong!”

“Here, I express my gratitude to everyone on behalf of the young master!”

“We, as a team, from now on ……”

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