It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 357 – I am Really the Godly Cunning Immortal

“How do you know that Young Master Sun Hao saved the entire Central Prefecture Immortal City?” Sun Hao asked.


The storyteller smiled faintly, “It looks like you just came to Central Prefecture Immortal City!”

“For your information, Young Master Sun Hao is the Godly Cunning Immortal!”

“He is the one who has everything under control!”

‘Save Jiang Yang, subdue the Earthly Fiend’ ……”


For what the storyteller said later, Sun Hao did not hear a word. His whole body was like being electrocuted, and he did not return to his senses for a long time.

Am I the Godly Cunning Immortal?

Why didn’t I know?!

When have I ever done that?

No wonder the statue looked familiar, so that statue of me!

My God!

Am I really the Godly Cunning Immortal?

Moreover, a savior?

It was so shocking that the waves shook Sun Hao’s heart, and he could not calm down for a moment.

After leaving the teahouse, Sun Hao took Huang Rumeng and walked towards the statue.

As he stood in front of the statue.

“Buzz ……”

There was a vibration, and his whole brain rumbled. Right at this moment, Sun Hao could feel a connection between himself and the statue. He could see the surroundings through the statue’s eyes himself.

“The great the Godly Cunning Immortal! Most beloved Young master Sun Hao, please bless me with a big fat boy next year!”

“Supreme Lord Sun Hao, you are the most divine! Please grant me a daoist couple!”

One after another, they kneeled down in front of him with pious expressions. The whole square was densely packed with people who were all devoted.

When he heard all these, Sun Hao’s head pounded. Seeking for a son, seeking for a spouse, seeking for money ……

The people simply treat him as an all-powerful god.

If he had this kind of ability, why is he still here? Without even opening the path of cultivation!


Sun Hao looked at the top of each believer’s head and couldn’t help but look stunned.

Only to see.

“Hoo ……”

On top of everyone’s head, a strand of white light danced out and surged into the statue’s brow.

What are these things?

Following the light strands, Sun Hao’s intention followed all the way up, and soon, in the statue’s mind, he found a white crystal stone as fine as the size of a nail plate. As the light strands drilled in, this white crystal stone was slowly getting bigger.

“What is this thing?”

With a face full of doubts, Sun Hao stretched out his intention hand and gently touched it.

“Buzz ……”

There was a vibration, and the entire white crystal stone disappeared instantly. Sun Hao’s consciousness returned to his body, and he stood in place, motionless.

Although he did not feel his strength increase, but at this moment, he clearly felt he had become a lot more powerful. It felt stronger, and it felt like it didn’t change. All of this was so subtle. Regardless of what the white crystal was, it was helpful for him.

Recovering his mood, Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and said with a smile, “Rumeng, let’s go, let’s go buy New Year’s goods!”

“Alright!” Huang Rumeng nodded her head.

Thick snow had fallen on the streets. The sky seemed to be pressing down, the cold wind mixed with flying snow, whistling down, and the snow getting thicker and thicker.

“Poof poof ……”

There was a trail of footprints left on the snow.

“Young master, what do you need to buy for New Year’s Eve?” Huang Rumeng held Sun Hao’s arm and opened her mouth to ask.

“There are many things to buy for New Year’s Eve, food, things to use, and play ……”

“Like sweets, rice cakes, fruits, dried fruits ……”

“However, there should be many things that are not available, and we can only make them ourselves!”

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao, and her eyes bloomed with a different kind of refined light.

“Young master knows so much!”

“I can actually spend New Year’s Eve with you, and it’s so wonderful!” A sweet smile was written all over Huang Rumeng’s face.

Not long after, the two bought a bunch of New Year’s goods and returned to the immortal boat.

Huang Rumeng stood in front of Sun Hao and wanted to say something but didn’t.

“Rumeng, what’s wrong?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young master, don’t you have anything to ask me?” Huang Rumeng said.

“Of course there is!”

“Am I really the Godly Cunning Immortal?” Sun Hao asked.


Huang Rumeng nodded her head.

“This ……”

Sun Hao’s expression was stunned. Listening to Huang Rumeng say this, it must be true.

“Then when did I ever save Jiang Yang City? At that time, I was scared to death!” Sun Hao said.

“Young master, have you forgotten? You recited the sutra at the inn!” Huang Rumeng said.

Once these words came out, Sun Hao showed an expression of sudden enlightenment. The Buddha was summoned by his own sutra recitation, suppressing the Earth Demon and saving the whole of Jiang Yang City?

At that time, when the blessing point was set at 100,000, he was unable to see the scriptures fly out.

So that’s how it is!

“What about saving Jade Lake Palace? This has nothing to do with me, right?” Sun Hao asked.

Huang Rumeng smiled faintly, “Young Master, do you still remember the painting you gave to Miss Liuyan? And that divine dragon statue of Miss Mu Bing!”

These words immediately evoked Sun Hao’s memory of that time.

“Could it be related to that painting and statue?” Sun Hao asked.

” Well, not bad!”

“The green pine in the painting flew out directly and transformed into a world tree and transformed Jade Lake Palace into a holy place!”

“That dragon-shaped carving, which also has the remnant soul of the Space Dragon Ancestor, captured the corpse puppet four generals on the spot!”

Hearing Huang Rumeng’s words, Sun Hao was so shocked that he didn’t return to his senses for half a day.

I didn’t expect that what I gave away would be so terrifying. There was nothing simple about what the system had taught him. This was really terrifying.

Sun Hao listened to Huang Rumeng’s words with a shocked expression and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

“The eels that I ate were actually all dragons?”

“The big bird I ate that day was actually a divine beast?”

“Oh my God, everything I ate was so terrifying?”

“Also, in the eyes of others, those cabbages are all immortal divine medicines?”

“Hiss ……”

Sun Hao drew countless breaths of cold air before calming down. No wonder people with great strength were all kinds kneeling when they saw him.

So that’s how it is! In that case, everything makes sense! However, do not rush to be happy first.

There are mountains beyond the mountains and people beyond the people! The strongest among the strongest!

One must test out one’s strongest strength. Then, obtain the cultivation techniques and embark on the path of cultivation.

Reaching the peak of the universe and blocking those cosmic giants that’s his goal!

“This is a soul-devouring worm that can devour souls?”

Sun Hao took out a few soul-devouring worms, put them in his hand’s palm, and started to measure them. But he saw that they were lying in his hands, shivering, not daring to move at all.

“Are they really that scary?” Sun Hao asked.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng nodded, and in her eyes, there was nothing but fear, “Once they are allowed to multiply, it will be a disaster for the whole world!”

“Master, we won’t. Don’t listen to her nonsense!”

“We are the most friendly bugs in the world!”

At this time, several voices came into his mind. When Sun Hao heard them, he couldn’t help but look puzzled. These bugs, they actually recognized him as their master?

“Hoo ……”

With a wave of his right hand, all the Soul Devouring Bugs flew out and circled around Sun Hao.

When Huang Rumeng saw this scene, she couldn’t help but contract her pupils, and her face showed a great shock.

“Listen up, from now on, and you can’t devour other people’s souls at will!”

“Except for the bad people, of course!”

“Do you understand?” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, master!” All the soul-devouring insects shouted in unison.

“From today onwards, you guys follow Rumeng and protect her!”

“If she loses a single hair, you guys don’t need to exist in this world!”  Sun Hao’s voice was icy cold.

Once these words came out.

“Hoo ……”

Some kind of law power that the naked eye could not perceive enveloped these soul-devouring insects.


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