It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 354 – Another Beauty Falling From the Sky

In the front courtyard of Sun Hao’s residence.

Venerable Qinglian, with her lotus clothes fluttering, walked out from the ten thousand-colored divine lotus and stood in front of the temple like a fairy with beauty beyond words.

“Hoo ……”

The two cherry trees directly transformed into two little lollies and came forward, pulling the hands of Venerable Qinglian with one to the left and one to the right.

“Sister Qinglian, why did you let that little girl go? She should die for daring to take something from the Master!” Xiao Fen said.

“Little Fen, be kind, and don’t kill anyone at the slightest whim! Isn’t that right, Sister Qinglian?” Xiao Fang said.

“Hmph, we’re Shura Twin Saints. We’ve never seen a Shura as virtuous as you! What a disgrace!” Xiao Fen said.

“This is what the master taught me, you have been with the master for so long, and your killing heart doesn’t change. You are the disgraced one!” Xiao Fang said.

” Alright!”

Venerable Qinglian let out a soft whimper, and the two little lollies immediately shut their mouths and stopped talking.

“She shall not die!” Venerable Qinglian said.


Xiao Fang was startled, “Sister Qinglian, how come?”

“I can’t tell. It is better for you not to know!”

“The cause and effect of each of these, in the underworld, has its own destiny!” Venerable Qinglian said.

“Then where did you send her?” Xiao Fang asked.

“I sent her to the master, and I think the master has his own way of dealing with her!”

At this point, Venerable Qinglian swept her gaze and enveloped the entire mansion, “Everyone!”

“Buzz ……”

An unending sound vibrates up.

The surging aura soared up, and flew to the venerable Qinglian, and saluted respectfully.

“Venerable Qinglian, what is your order?”

“Please tell us if there is something. We are duty-bound to do so!”

Looking at these thousands of figures, Venerable Qinglian’s face showed seriousness, and she said in all seriousness, “Everyone, the master’s experience in the mortal world is over, and the Dark Era will open again!”

“We must go and make some preparations so that when the master reaches the peak, we can also reunite with our peak power!” Venerable Qinglian said.

“Yes, Venerable Qinglian!” All of them nodded in unison.

“Ah? Sister Qinglian, are we leaving? Who will open scented flowers for the master to smell if we leave?”

“Yes, Sister Qinglian!”

There was a lot of reluctance in the eyes of the two Shura Saints.

“Let’s all leave a split body!” Sister Qinglian said.

“However, the doppelganger has no consciousness and will not have a spirit!”

“It doesn’t matter, the main task is important. We don’t have much time left!”

There was a gloomy look on Venerable Qinglian’s face.

“Hoo ……”

The thousands of figures rushed to the sky and soon disappeared into the depths of the universe.

At Sun Hao’s residence, the cherry blossoms bloomed as usual, and the ten thousand-colored divine lotus continued to bloom with a flash of dazzling brilliance.

For all this, Sun Hao did not know.

At this moment, he was holding the final cultivation method, and with a big wave of his pen, he wrote the transformed formula on the paper.

After that, he placed it aside.

“Young Master, how is it?” Zhong Li Lang asked.

“Ai ……”

Sun Hao shook his head slightly and sighed secretly. Just now, he had read thousands of merits and learned a lot of abilities. But he still didn’t have any immortal or spiritual power in his own body. He still looked like a mortal.

However, when an immortal king was in front of him, it was enough to take care of the immortal with a single finger.

As for the Immortal Emperor, it was impossible to determine without having fought.

“I never thought I would possess such terrifying strength just by acquiring a supreme physique!”

“If I could obtain a technique that matches my physique, wouldn’t it be no ……”

 The more he thought about it, the more excited Sun Hao became.

“Young Master, is there nothing that you desire?” Zhong Li Lang asked.


Sun Hao nodded slightly, “Grand Dean, I’ve disturbed you for a long time, so I’ll bid farewell today!”

“My lord, how can you say you are bothering? This is your home!” Zhong Li Lang said.

“Many thanks, we have something to do, so we’d better take our leave now!”

“Take care, Young Master!”

Sun Hao took Huang Rumeng up into the sky and flew into the immortal boat.

“Young Master, are we returning to the Great Demon Mountain?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“Yes, let’s go back first and ask Miss Xiao Lan. In the meantime, with her hundreds of thousands of years of experience, she must know where there are powerful cultivation methods!” Sun Hao said.

“En, this is a good idea!” Huang Rumeng nodded her head.

“Let’s go!”

With a single thought, Sun Hao set up the immortal boat and hurriedly headed toward the Great Demon Mountain.

It wasn’t long after the immortal boat left the Supreme Court.

“Boom ……”

All of a sudden, a sound rang out.

The whole immortal boat was trembling slightly.

“What’s going on here?”

With confusion, Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng walked out of the immortal boat at the same time and looked at a scene on the bow, and couldn’t help but shrink their pupils. Only to see that a woman in white was falling on top of the boat.

Currently, she was not awake, fell on the boat’s bows, and did not move. This woman was precisely the Charmed Race – Xue Mei. 

Judging from her figure, she should be a beauty. Rumeng also fell down from the sky before. Why now, another beautiful woman fell down? In this world, do they like dropping beautiful women?

Sun Hao thought secretly and came forward.

After lifting Xue Mei, Sun Hao couldn’t help but change his face slightly. He saw that Xue Mei looked too much like Huang Rumeng, except for the lack of elf ears and different hair color; everywhere else, she looked the same.

Oh, right, this girl seems a bit more plump. When one looks at it, one will have a surge of blood ……

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and then looked at Xue Mei, and he was frozen in place.

“She looks very similar to Rumeng, except for the hair and ears. There seems to be no difference!” Sun Hao was murmuring, with a face full of doubts.

After reaching the Immortal Emperor level in terms of strength, one could change their appearance at will.

However, Sun Hao could confirm that this girl had not changed her original appearance.

In this world, two people were so similar. Twins? Impossible! If twins, this girl must also have elf ears and golden hair. Then why do they look so similar?

Why did she fall on his boat? How did she pass out? A series of questions came to Sun Hao’s mind. For a while, there was no clue.

When he looked at Huang Rumeng, her surprised expression was no less than Sun Hao’s.

“Rumeng, do you know her?” Sun Hao asked.

“No, I don’t know her!”

Huang Rumeng shook her head slightly, “Young Master, can you take a look at how she is?”


Sun Hao grabbed Xue Mei’s right hand, and after a probe, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, she just fainted. There’s no serious injury!”

Then, he took out some medicinal solution and fed it to Xue Mei.

“Rumeng, please take this girl down to rest!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay!” Huang Rumeng carried Xue Mei to rest.

Sun Hao went back inside the immortal boat and sat there, secretly thinking.

This world was full of strange things. There were some things that were completely against common sense, just like those two cosmic giants, that were simply unimaginable existences.

Who were they? Why did they appear there? Why could I see them myself? When would they fight their way to the Purple Sun Planet? Is there anyone who can deal with them not?

A series of questions rushed through Sun Hao’s mind. For a moment, the shocked mind could not be calmed.

“Since I have this permanent BUFF, I can’t waste it, and I need to upgrade some more people! It’s best to find some reliable ones!”

“When we get back to the Great Demon Mountain, I’ll discuss it with Alliance Master Luo!”


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