It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 353 – Scram!

Great Demon Mountain.

“Buzz ……”

As the sky shook with layers of ripples, a girl walked out of it. There was no expression above her delicate features. If Sun Hao were here and saw this girl, he would be surprised. This was because, from her appearance, she looked very similar to Huang Rumeng.

However, the difference was that this girl did not have elf ears, she had long black hair, and her eyes were also black.

By the looks of it, it was extremely characteristic of oriental beauty. Voluptuous body, curvy and round, making it impossible to look away. She was the one who came out from the Charm Race, named Xue Mei.

“Over there!”

Xue Mei looked at the Great Divine Tower not far away, and a flash of brilliant light flickered. She soon returned to her normal expression. She stood high in the sky, watching from afar instead as if looking for a gap. Or rather, in search of whether a high-level individual was guarding it.

“There is no powerful aura. Could it be that my secret technique is not working?”

Xue Mei stood in place and frowned slightly with a thoughtful look.

“Whew ……”

She released her divine thoughts and enveloped the mansion where Sun Hao lived.

After a moment, she withdrew her divine thoughts.

“It is very ordinary and common, like a mortal residence?”

“How can a mortal residence have my clan’s divine weapon?”

“No matter, capture it first. Otherwise, it’s not good to be caught by them first!”

Xue Mei used the afterglow to look behind the corners of the mouth raised, a look as if there is a smile.

“Whew ……”

Her figure flickered and instantly disappeared in place.

It wasn’t long after she left.

” Buzz ……”

Up in the sky, a layer of ripples shook up. A transparent figure slowly coalesced out and transformed into a skinny scholar. He was standing in the sky, looking at Xue Mei’s back. The corners of his mouth raised a smile as if it was not there.

“Sure enough, it’s a Charmed Clan divine weapon. By following this girl, I really found a divine weapon!”

After muttering to himself, the skinny scholar turned around and looked back at the void, “I think everyone since you’re here, don’t hide!”

As soon as these words came out.

” Whoo ……”

A shadow of a figure coalesced and took shape, walking to the side of the thin man.

“Haha, the green-faced scholar, I didn’t expect you to come so soon. I guess your family’s ancestor sent you here!”

“The same for you!”

The skinny scholar looked at a scarred strong man and spoke indifferently, “The divine weapon is right in front of you, each and every one of you; why aren’t you moving?”

” Green-faced scholar, you are asking this plainly. Is it amusing? If you have the ability, you move first!”

“That’s right! Whoever is able to obtain such a divine weapon is a powerful person with unparalleled skills, so let’s just take a look!”

“Don’t be anxious; someone is naturally more anxious than us. That girl will definitely rush forward, and there is no danger before going on, isn’t it better?”

Watching this scheming guy, the green-faced scholar smiled and shook his head. The folding fan in his hand snapped open and slowly fanned the wind. In this winter, fan wind is indeed a bit strange.

“Everyone is right. We just watch!”

The green-faced scholar nodded slightly, and his gaze swept directly to Sun Hao’s residence.

Only to see.

” Hoo ……”

A figure slowly coalesced and took shape outside the courtyard door.

It was none other than Xue Mei.

She stood at the courtyard door and gently knocked on the door, “Is anyone home? Excuse me?”

And yet.

At this moment, there was no one in the courtyard.

Everyone was in the Great Divine Tower to cultivate.

After several times of asking, Xue Mei relaxed.

With a forceful push, she found the door tightly closed and could not be pushed open.

” It looks like no one is home.”

” In that case, then ……”

Xue Mei looked at the Great Divine Tower, and her eyes bloomed with a different kind of refined aura.

Afterward, she glanced at the green jade scholar and the others hiding in the distance and smiled coldly, “A bunch of cowards!”

” Watch me!”

Xue Mei rushed to the sky and flew towards the Great Divine Tower.

After she dashed into the front courtyard, her expression suddenly changed dramatically.

Endless pressure stretched from all directions, causing Xue Mei to gasp for breath and sweat coldly.

“Not good!”

As soon as these words fell.


There was a loud sound.

A tremendous force directly bombarded Xue Mei’s body.

Instantly, Xue Mei’s body was like a stream of light, flying out of the nine heavens and disappearing.

With such a scene, the Green Jade Scholar and others were stunned in place and could not calm down for a long time.

“This …… is the immortal emperor pressure!”

“Really is the immortal emperor. Fortunately, we did not rush over. Otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable!”

“Too terrifying; this is completely not weaker than the old ancestor pressure!”

The group of old monsters secretly wiped a cold sweat and secretly said that it was so close.

In the next second.

Everyone’s face even changed dramatically, and their whole body trembled violently.

” Buzz ……”

An immortal emperor’s mighty pressure hurriedly enveloped all of them.

At this moment, they couldn’t catch their breath and had difficulty breathing.

Their hearts seemed to stop beating, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

” Scram!”

There was a booming sound that rang in their ears. All of their bodies, uncontrollably, flew backward out, all flying beyond the nine heavens.

Standing in the void, the green-faced scholar secretly wiped a cold sweat—the color of fear and panic written all over his face.

“Immortal Emperor, I can’t believe he didn’t kill us!”

“It was too close, so scary!”

“Everyone, what should we do? Are we just going to give up?”

Huh? Give up, do you think it’s possible? When a divine weapon comes out, how can you let it go!”

After saying that, the green-faced scholar took out a messenger talisman, immediately attracting everyone’s attention.

“Starfield transmission talisman? Green-faced scholar, you do have money!”

“Worthy of being from the Green Feather Sect, so much richer than us!”

The envious glances kept sweeping in.

When the green-faced scholar heard this, he shook his head for a while, “You guys, don’t pretend. You dare to say that you don’t have a star field transmission talisman on you?”

When these words came out, they all showed a look of shame.

Each one of them took out the star field transmission talisman and started sending messages.

After sending a message to each old ancestor, they all gathered together again.

“I say, everyone, what should we do now?”

“What else can we do? In front of those Immortal Emperor powerhouses, we don’t have the power to fight!”

“We can only wait for the old ancestors to come over. I think we will be able to obtain the divine weapon by gathering the power of all our old ancestors!”

“There is only one divine weapon. After obtaining it, then how should it be divided?”

” We don’t have to worry about that, and the ancestors will find a way to distribute it!”

“I hope the old ancestor comes quickly. In case a great power comes, nothing will be left for us!”

They murmured to themselves, looking into the void. Their eyes are full of expectation.

“Huh, where is that girl? How come she’s not here?”

The green-faced scholar swept his gaze around and did not find Xue Mei’s figure.

“Oh, you still do not understand this?” The man with a sword scar said.

“It’s hard to say that the girl is dead?” The green-faced scholar asked.

“That’s for sure!”

The scar man nodded, “Daring to take food from a tiger in the hands of an immortal emperor, what is the difference between seeking death?”

“In that case, wouldn’t the Charm Race Emperor have to come personally?” The green-faced scholar asked.

“It looks like yes! I hope the Charm Race Emperor will come slowly, or else we, as a group of forces, won’t even be able to drink even the soup!”

They muttered, with bitter looks on their faces.

In the Sun Hao residence, on the other hand, it was a completely different scene.


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