It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 352 – What’s the Harm of Dying if You Can Do Something For Young Master

Great Demon Mountain, at the foot of the mountain west of Sun Hao’s residence, in a secret room of an attic.

In the secret room, three people were sitting. It was none other than Flower Immortal, Luo Liu Yan, and Chen Daoming.

“This is how things are!” Chen Daoming said.

Luo Liuyan breathed a long sigh of relief and secretly said, “Fortunately, Young Master arrived in time. If not, the consequences would have been unthinkable!”

“It looks like I still underestimated them and didn’t prepare earlier!” Luo Liuyan was full of shame.

“Lord Luo, don’t say that. You are the one who can best understand the Young Master’s intention!”

Chen Daoming looked at Luo Liuyan with admiration, “By the way, the cultivation technique he needed, is it a divine level cultivation technique?”

Luo Liuyan frowned slightly.

“If it’s really as you said, then the Young Master indeed needs a divine grade cultivation technique!”

“However, divine grade cultivation techniques are generally only possessed by Gods, and in these one million years, Gods have not appeared. Where can we find them?” Luo Liuyan secretly sighed with a look of helplessness.

“I do know of three places bound to have divine-level cultivation techniques!” Flower Immortal said.

Hearing this, a brilliant light flashed in both Luo Liuyan’s eyes, “Where?”

“They are the Rulai Buddha Kingdom, Burial Emperor Island, and the Origins of Evil!”

“However, these three places are all extremely dangerous!”

“Even for the Rulai Buddha Kingdom, only recognized Buddhist disciples can enter!”

“Others who rashly go there will only lose their lives!”

“Legend has it that there are several powerful deities who went to the Kingdom of Buddha and never came out again!” The Flower Immortal said.

“What about the other two places?” Chen Daoming asked.

“As for this Emperor Burial Island, it is said that it is the fallen place of the gods during the ancient dark period!”

“There definitely has a lot of techniques left behind by the gods!”

“However, inside there, Immortal Emperor powerhouses have all entered but not returned, and their level of danger is no less than that of the Forbidden Land!” Flower Immortal said.

As soon as these words came out, Chen Daoming and two others drew a breath of cold air. The forbidden land was a place that no one wanted to talk about.

It was the most dangerous place on every living planet. Unexpectedly, this Burial Emperor Island was also this terrifying. When one thinks about it, it makes one feel a sense of fear.

“What about the Origins of Evil?” On Chen Daoming’s face, there was a last glimmer of hope.

“As for the Origins of Evil, although it is not as dangerous as the other two places, it is still far more dangerous than ordinary life forbidden areas!”

“There is also the dark era of the god’s battlefield. Countless abyssal monsters died there, and there were also many gods who died there, leaving behind their inheritance. I think there must be a lot of god-level techniques!”

“However, after the death of the abyssal monsters, a large number of evil qi was born. Once contaminated, it affects a person’s mind; the light one is a nervous disorder, unable to recognize the direction, the heavier one goes into madness, and the body dies!”

“In addition to the evil qi, there are also many divine power turbulence. Before reaching the immortal emperor, it is impossible to resist, and if you can not dodge, there will be death!”

“In addition, it is said that the monsters there are also extremely powerful and extremely difficult to deal with!”

“Even the strongest Immortal Emperor do not dare to guarantee that you can come out after going in!”

When the Flower Immortal said these words, the faces of the two people kept changing.

“So dangerous, Lord Chen. I think you should not go!” Luo Liuyan said.

“It is because of the danger, and I must go!”

“The Young Master’s test, how can I not complete it!” Chen Daoming had a firm expression.

“Lord Chen, the matter is very important. To rashly go ahead, I am only afraid ……” said the Flower Immortal.

“Not a problem, to do something for the Young Master, what harm would there be in dying?”

In Chen Daoming’s eyes flashed a different kind of sharp aura, and his face showed a determination that had never been seen before.

“To tell you, today I listened to the Young Master’s song, and my physical body has grown to an unimaginable level!”

“Ordinary immortal emperor in front of me will never be able to withstand a fist of mine!”

“My realm has also reached the realm of the ninth-grade immortal king!”

The moment these words came out. Flower Immortal and Luo Liu Yan’s pupils contracted, and their eyes were filled with the light of envious admiration.

Just now, when Chen Daoming went to the Supreme Court to provide support, he was still only a First Grade Immortal King, but when he returned, he had reached the Ninth Grade Immortal King.

How many times this strength enhancement was simply unimaginable. “Promoting from the first rank to the ninth rank Immortal King, this is simply ……”

“It looks like Young Master has become stronger again!”

“Yes, I wonder if he has finished cultivating in his mortal body yet?”

“I really hope it’s over so that if there’s anything, we can ask him directly!”


Luo Liuyan directly refused, “Even if he has finished cultivating, you can’t ask!”

“The world’s cause and effect are too complicated, and once you let him involved in it, I am afraid it will only lead to a terrifying crisis!”

“We must not ask directly before we have absolute strength!” Luo Liuyan said solemnly.

The Flower Immortal and the other two people nodded and looked at Luo Liuyan. Their eyes blossomed with a different kind of aura, “Lord Luo, you cultivated the Cause and Effect Dao?”

“I am!”

“The more I cultivate cause and effect, the more I feel the terror of this dao!”

“Such a character like the Young Master in every word; many causes and effects are involved!”

“Therefore, you must not ask each other casually!” Luo Liuyan remarked.

“En, I understand!” The two people nodded solemnly.

“Elder Hua, where are the Origins of Evil?” Chen Daoming asked.

“The Origins of Evil are a million kilometers away in the northeast of the Tian Luo Continent, there is a land of extreme cold in there, and the entrance is right at the pole!” Flower Immortal replied.

“In that case, there is no time to lose, and then I will take my leave!” Chen Daoming exclaimed.

“Wait, I’ll have someone go with you!” Luo Liuyan said.

Chen Daoming was stunned, then shook his head slightly, “Luo alliance master, you are still not strong enough!”

“I think it’s enough to have me alone to go this time!”

“The Young Master will be back soon. If there are any instructions, you need to take care of it!” Chen Daoming said.

Hearing these words, Luo Liuyan looked stunned, after which she nodded slightly.

“Good, do everything with caution!”

“Don’t worry!”

Chen Daoming stroked a handful of silver hair, revealing a face of confidence.

As he stepped away, his figure flickered and departed in a hurry. After Chen Daoming left, Luo Liuyan heaved a heavy sigh, “Ai ……”

“Alliance Master Luo, why are you sighing?” Flower Immortal asked.

“Elder Hua, I have an uneasy feeling that something big is about to happen!” Luo Liuyan said.

Hearing this, Flower Immortal’s body trembled, “I also have this feeling. I thought it was an illusion!”

“Everything is obvious and under our control, but it’s terrifying!” Flower Immortal said.

“Yes, with our current strength, in front of that crisis, I am afraid that we are not even qualified to be cannon fodder!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Then don’t stand still. Let’s hurry up and go to the Great Divine Tower to cultivate!”


One after the other, the two of them turned at a rapid speed and quickly rushed towards the Taiji Divine Tower.

Soon, the two of them entered the Great Divine Tower. Not long after, the two entered the Great Divine Tower.

Above the Great Demon Mountain.

“Buzz ……”


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The sky shook with layers of ripples. A girl dressed in white robes walked out from the ripples and stood in the sky.

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