It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 349 – Are You Looking for Me?

“No …… don’t!”

“It’s over, it’s over!”

Looking at the blood wolves with a monstrous aura pouncing on them, all the people were submerged in endless despair.

As they watched. The blood wolves were about to pounce on them.

At this moment.

“Woo ……”

A burst of sorrowful cries rang out.  All the blood wolves stopped. They prostrated in mid-air, shivering.

Their tails were blocked behind them, their strong furs exploded, and their eyes were filled with fear. It seemed that they had encountered a natural enemy.

“How can this happen?”

Zhong Liren revealed an inexplicable look. His gaze swept around, and his face changed slightly.

Only to see.

A five-meter tall blood wolf with a handsome youth seated on it.

The youth raised his hands and feet, the Dao rhythm flowing and Immortal power floating looked like a heavenly god descending, without anger.

The person who came was none other than Sun Hao.

He looked at Zhong Liren and spoke indifferently, “Are you looking for me?”

The voice was not loud, but it reverberated between heaven and earth.

With that sound.

The oppressive power that was pressing down on everybody instantly disintegrated. Everyone stood up, looked up at the sky, and a strange and refined aura bloomed in their eyes.

“Young Master is here, great!”

“Unexpectedly, it was the Young Master who saved us again!”

“Young Master has become different!”

Everyone murmured, and the light of adoration swept on Sun Hao in waves.

Zhong Liren was slightly stunned when he heard this. When he looked at Sun Hao and used various secret methods. No matter how he looked, Sun Hao had no power fluctuation, just like a mortal.

It was impossible! How could the Godly Cunning Immortal be a mortal? If so, how could he brew those immortal brews? Could he kill an immortal with one punch? Could it be that he didn’t do it, but the Immortal King-level Blood Wolf under him did?

However, how could a mortal make an immortal king submit?

At this moment, Zhong Liren was confused, and for a moment, he couldn’t understand it.

“Humph, whoever dares to kill my son must die!”

Zhong Liren secretly made a decision and took two steps forward, “Are you the Godly Cunning Immortal?”

“Sort of!”

His own strength was no longer weaker than Rumeng’s. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with admitting that he was the Godly Cunning Immortal, or should he?

Sun Hao had a distinguished temperament without any anger.

“Huh ……”

On Zhong Liren’s face, there was an ice-cold smile.

“Did you kill Zhong Li Jingtian?” Zhong Liren asked.

“Zhong Li Jingtian?”

Sun Hao frowned slightly and showed a thoughtful look. Afterward, there was a moment of clarity. Not long ago, he had borrowed Rumeng’s power to kill Zhong Li Jing Tian with his fist.

Who lets him be so arrogant and overbearing that he does not count human lives?

It is hard to kill people’s anger.

Is it not possible that this is his old man – Zhong Lixiao?

Kill the young one, and come the old one?

This world, it is really like this.

But this is too fast, right?

I have only just collected the full blessing points, and I haven’t had time to cultivate yet!

It’s good to practice with him and see how muscular my supreme physique really is!

“You are Zhong Lixiao?” Sun Hao asked.

“Zhong Lixiao?”

“Haha ……”

“Old man is Zhong Liren, Zhong Li Jingtian’s uncle!”

“Kid, I won’t talk nonsense with you. You brew the 1,000-year immortal wine for me!”

“Old man will consider giving you a quick pain!”

Zhong Liren looked at Sun Hao, showing an expression that he was sure to finish him.

“What about if it is the otherwise?”

Sun Hao looked at Zhong Lilang, who was seriously injured and unconscious, and a flash of killing intent flickered.

“If not, you will suffer greatly and leave this world with resentment!”

As soon as these words were finished.

“Puff ……”

In Sun Hao’s hand, a wisp of white flame rose up. The sudden sound startled Zhong Liren.

Could a mortal actually invoke the flame dao?

Narrowing his eyes, he released his secret method and swept directly to Sun Hao’s hand.

No matter how he looked at it, this strand of flame in Sun Hao’s hand was ordinary and looked without any might.

“Kid, you are not going to use this wisp of flame against old man, right?”

“Just with this, you also want to hurt old man? Dream on ……”

Before the words fell.

“Swoosh ……”

The white flame turned into a thousand wisps and hurriedly pounced on all the blood wolves.

“Puff ……”

In just an instant, all the blood wolves were burned into flying ashes. There was nothing left when the wind blew. To the point of death, none of them let out a scream.

Zhong Liren froze, his forehead sweating coldly, shivering, and feeling down. A wisp of ordinary flame burned thousands of Immortal King realm blood wolves into flying ashes.

This method is simply unimaginable. Not even himself could come close. Could it be that he was not a mortal but an immortal king, no, an immortal emperor?

At this thought, Zhong Liren’s body shivered, and his whole body was without any intention to fight.

At this moment, he only wanted to escape.

“Swoosh ……”

Without any hesitation, Zhong Liren turned into a vanishing light and hurriedly ran away.

“Did I allow you to leave?”

The words came out of the Dharma.

The immortal energy around rushed and formed a cage and, in an instant, trapped Zhong Liren in place. The immortal power cage did not seem to have much power. However, blasting on it, there was no reaction.

After exhausting his methods, Zhong Liren was unable to break free.


“If I had known, I should have listened to Zhong Yi’s words!”

Thinking like this, Zhong Liren’s face was filled with remorse.

“Don’t you come over!”

“Don’t blame me for destroying this place if you come over again!”

“Let me go. I won’t bother you again!”

“This way, you’re better off, I’m better off, and everyone is better off!”

Zhong Liren said one sentence after another, and his voice was full of tremors. Sun Hao walked towards Zhong Liren step by step as if he didn’t hear.

” Releasing you?”

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“Supreme Court’s tens of thousands of lives, and you want to kill them just like that? If you can’t beat me, then you want me to let you go?”

Sun Hao’s voice was full of killing intent.

“Just a bunch of ants. Why do you care about them so much!”

“Is it worth offending my Zhongli family for them?”

“If the old man dies, not to mention the Zhong Li Family, even the Galactic Battle Fleet will not spare you!”

Zhong Liren let out a burst of hysterical roars.

“Ants? In my opinion, you are the ants!”

“Today, you must die!”

His voice was not loud, but it conveyed a shocking aura. Zhong Liren did not say anything but only looked at Sun Hao coldly. At the corner of his mouth, there was a smirk that seemed to be non-existent.

That expression, as if he was in control of everything.

” Ho ……”

Zhong Liren smiled faintly, “Kid, thanks for listening to me talk so much nonsense!”

“Next, prepare to receive destruction!”

“Haha ……”

Zhong Liren looked up to the sky and laughed like a madman. This voice echoed between heaven and earth leisurely. With the sound of laughter, a black cloud suddenly surged up from the calm sky. The whole heaven and earth, in an instant, the darkness, unable to reach five fingers.

“Hoo ……”

Black clouds rapidly rotated up and enveloped the entire Supreme Court compound above.

“Buzz ……”

There was a red light illuminated. A blood-colored claw, from within the black clouds, peek out. This claw enveloped heaven and earth, giving off eerily cold and violent auras. This aura, with shocking pressure, enveloped everyone.

At this moment.

All the people of the Supreme Court were like sinking into hell, their bodies trembling violently. The endless fear crawled all over their bodies like black ants.

“What is this…… thing, so huge!”

“So scary, I feel like walking into hell!”

“It’s over, are we doomed?”

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