It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 348 – Summon the Blood Wolf, Slaughter Everything

“Ka-cha ……”

There was a sound.

The shockingly huge sword chopped Zhong Liren’s outstretched hand into two pieces.

“Swoosh ……”

The severed hand and body, like a kite with a broken string, fell straight down.

“Boom ……”

With an explosive sound, Zhong Liren crashed into the ground. He looked at Chen Daoming, and the corners of his mouth rose.

“A bit interesting!”

There was an ice-cold smile on Zhong Liren’s face. A wave of immortal energy gushed out from his severed hand.

“Gu Gu ……”

His muscles and meridians hurriedly twisted. In less than a moment, his severed arm grew out again.

“With his severed limb regenerated, he …… is at least a second-rank immortal!”

There was trepidation on Chen Daoming’s face. In one move just now, all the immortal energy in his body had been withdrawn cleanly. Unexpectedly, it only made Zhong Liren break an arm.

There was a realm gap, like a heavenly rift, in front of him. No matter how powerful one’s talent was, there was basically no chance of winning if one crossed a great rank to challenge.

“Dare to take the Young Master’s belongings, and I will fight with you!”

Chen Daoming stroked a handful of his silver hair, lifted his Chai blade, and rushed over.

“Humph, insolent!”

Zhong Liren leaped up and instantly engaged in battle with Chen Daoming.

“Boom ……”

The explosive sound kept on, and the airwaves rolled. Zhong Liren looked calm, with each strike seemingly casual.

The first thing that happened was that Chen Daoming was completely pinned down and had no power to fight back. The more he fought, the more shocked Zhong Liren’s face became.

” His physical body is actually this terrifying. It’s interesting!”

“However, so what?”

“In front of absolute strength, you have no chance to win!”

“No more playing!”

After this voice.

“Boom ……”

Chen Daoming’s body turned into streams of light and fell rapidly to the ground, with dust exploding into the sky. He was unable to stand up even after struggling several times.


Zhong Liren reached out with his right hand.

“Hoo ……”

Chen Daoming’s body flew straight up uncontrollably and landed in Zhong Liren’s hand in one fell swoop.

“I only keep people who are useful, say it, where is the Godly Cunning Immortal?” Zhong Liren asked.

“I pooh! If you want to kill, then kill!”

Chen Daoming spat out a mouthful of spit without the slightest concede.

“Hehe ……”

Zhong Liren laughed coldly, “I hope you’ll still be so tough-mouthed later!”

“Hoom ……”

Zhong Liren waved his right hand, and a few strands of purple light, like a poisonous snake, drilled into Chen Daoming’s body.

Chen Daoming’s face twisted in pain, his teeth clenched, but he did not say a word. Soon, Chen Daoming passed out from the pain.

“His bones are so hard!”

“Who is this Godly Cunning Immortal that is worthy of such protection from you?”

“I’d like to see how much longer you can hold out?”

Zhong Liren waved his right hand, and several strands of purple light drilled out from Chen Daoming’s body.

Soon after.

Chen Daoming then woke up leisurely.

“If you don’t want to be tortured, you’d better tell me everything honestly!” Zhong Liren said.

“Oh, old man, do not think you will ever know!”

After saying that, Chen Daoming closed his eyes and did not move a muscle.

“If you don’t tell me, then I’ll kill Zhong Li Lang!”

Zhong Liren pointed at Zhong Li Lang and threatened. A touch of heartache flashed in Chen Daoming’s eyes.

Then, he raised his head high, “If you kill him, what does it matter to me? If you want to kill, kill!”


Zhong Liren’s expression was stagnant. Unexpectedly he encountered such a difficult and hard-to-chew bone.

“I see how hard your bones are!”

A few strands of purple light quickly drill into Chen Daoming’s body. There was endless pain, constantly coming.

Chen Daoming clenched his teeth but did not say a word. Soon, he fainted from the pain again. After a few times of torture by Zhong Liren, no information was given.

hong Liren clenched his teeth, and his eyes bloomed with an icy smile.

“Since you don’t care about him, not bad!”

“Good, I’ll slaughter the whole world and see if you still do not say anything!”

“Then let’s start with this Supreme Court!”

After saying that, Zhong Liren pointed his right hand toward the sky.

“Buzz ……”

The sky was rapidly vibrating. Several layers of blood-colored ripples emerged.Blood wolves burst out from each of the ripples.

They covered the entire sky. Every single blood wolf emitted the aura of Immortal King realm, and with one look, it made people’s scalp tingle and break into a cold sweat.

Above the square of the Supreme Court. Numerous immortal cultivators were standing on it and looked up at a scene in the sky with cold sweat on their faces.

“The sky …… God, so many blood wolves!”

“What a terrifying aura, these are all Immortal King realm blood wolves!”

“Is this …… trying to destroy our Supreme Court?”

All people murmured, with eyes filled with horror.

The terrifying pressure, spilling down from the blood wolves, loomed over every immortal cultivator.

At this moment.

Their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

Their bodies were like carrying a massive mountain on their backs, which was extremely difficult to struggle.

“Puff ……”

One by one, they fell to their knees and trembled. When Chen Daoming looked at this scene, his face turned incomparably unsightly.

“it’s all my fault for not being strong enough!”

“The crisis came so quickly, and I can’t believe I couldn’t guard the Tian Luo Continent!”

“Young Master, I’m sorry, I am useless!”

Chen Daoming closed his eyes, and his tears fell in torrents. He could not bear to look at this tragic scene.

“He he ……”

Zhong Liren coldly laughed with a smug smile on his face.

I finally caught your weak point, didn’t I? Now, let’s see if you still won’t talk!

“Kid, I’ll give you one last chance, talk or not?”

“Don’t be in a hurry to answer because your answer can be related to the lives of tens of thousands, no, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people!”

“Even your family, among them!” Zhong Liren said.

“Family members?”

Chen Daoming’s body trembled. It seemed to touch a certain switch that should not be touched. Memories rushed down like water.

“Good baby, come and let mother hug you!”

“So well behaved, my little Ming is the most well-behaved!”

“Wow, it’s amazing! He has reached the Immortal King realm at such a young age!”

“He’s only five years old and already in the Immortal King realm. What’s there to brag about? He’s my son!”

“Father, child will try to become stronger!”

Then, the image changed. Another piece of memory flooded into his mind. It was in front of a mountain forest. The one holding himself was a middle-aged man.

“Uncle, what’s wrong? Where are my parents?”

“Xiao Ming, it’s okay, don’t worry!”

“Where is this?”

“This is the supreme heavenly realm!”

“What, we’ve come to the heavenly realm? How wonderful! Are there really gods here?”

“Xiao Ming, of course, there are. Your father went through a lot of trouble to send you here. You must work hard and become a God!”

” Uncle Xiao, I will!”

“The heavenly realm is just like our human realm, and there are also many sects. The one that Uncle Xiao chose for you is the Overlord Sword Sect, which is very powerful in the heavenly realm!”

“Great, I’ll definitely work hard! By the way, where is my immortal power? Why is it missing? I …… how did I become a mortal?”

“Xiao Ming, when we get to the heavenly realm, we are mortals. We have to start from scratch!”

“Xiao Ming, work hard!”

These two images keep intertwining in his mind, Chen Daoming clutched his head and released a painful scream, “No ……”

Seeing Chen Daoming’s appearance, the corners of Zhong Liren’s mouth rose, his face full of smugness.

“Do you want them not to die, then say it quickly!” Zhong Liren said.

Chen Daoming gradually cleared back to a normal look. He looked at Zhong Liren and spit out a mouthful of saliva, “I pooh!”

Zhong Liren’s face was twisted, and his expression was ugly, “Since that’s the case, then fine, destroy them for me!”

“Howl ……”

The blood wolves roared, descending from the sky and pouncing on the people of the Supreme Court.

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