It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 344 – Collecting All the Blessing Points and Seeing the Cosmic Giant Again

On an immortal boat flying to Tianluo Continent.

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and asked, “Rumeng, why are you not the demon empress anymore?”

Huang Rumeng stood up and walked to Sun Hao’s side.

“There are two reasons!”

“First, I don’t like being a demon empress, and I like an unrestrained life!”

“My mother handed me the throne, and I had to take it!”Huang Rumeng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao nodded slightly. Rumeng thought the same as himself.

Although she has a high position, becoming a demon empress, she will also be concerned about the demon ancestor. Wouldn’t it be better to be an idler, travel all over the universe, and see the beauty of the world?

“What about the second?” Sun Hao asked.

“Second, of course, it’s you, Young Master!”

Having said that, Huang Rumeng blushed slightly. She sat next to Sun Hao, holding his hand with her both hands, “Young master, I know you like to live unrestrained!”

“Binding you to the Demon Ancestor Mountain, I am not willing to see it!”

“You are willing to stay in the Demon Ancestor Mountain for Rumeng, and it is really condescending to you!”

“I also know you have something to do, so I am not suitable to be the demon empress!”

Huang Rumeng’s eyes were filled with fiery eyes, and she stared at Sun Hao in a daze.

Hearing this, Sun Hao nodded secretly. This girl, Rumeng, was really good. She knew him so well.

If it weren’t for lack of strength, how could it be possible for him to stay at home all the time. Now, by reciting the scriptures, he’s already super powerful.

Around him, he had Blood Wolf and Rift Ancient. There were not many who could threaten them.

However, the cosmic giant in his dream was like a stone pressed against Sun Hao’s chest, and he felt shivering from fear.

“External force is external force in the end, and the most important thing to improve your own strength!”

“Let’s see how many blessing points are there?”

Thinking like this, Sun Hao opened the blessing point panel. After a look, his eyes bloomed strangely.

Only to see on it, it clearly showed: 912033. With only a few tens of thousands, he could collect 1 million.

At that time, he could obtain the supreme physique and embark on the path of cultivation.

 Sun Hao was in the process of excitement.

“Ding, the blessing point is +1.”

“Ding, the blessing point is +1.”


A dense beep sounded. On the panel, the numbers were jumping quickly.




“It’s full!”

Sun Hao stared blankly.

Sun Hao didn’t know that on an island in the Endless Sea, at this moment, it was when Sun Wukong swung a stick and killed countless abyss monsters.


Sun Hao’s consciousness came out of his body uncontrollably. He fell down in a daze and hit Huang Rumeng’s arms.

It looked like it was gnawing… The scene was indescribable. Huang Rumeng blushed and hugged Sun Hao but did not stop him.

“Young master……”

Huang Rumeng’s voice was barely audible, and her face flushed directly to the roots of his ears.

A moment later.

There was a hint of panic in Huang Rumeng’s sapphire eyes, and she seemed to find something wrong.

“Why aren’t you moving?”

“Young master!!!”

Even after yelling a few times, Sun Hao didn’t respond.

Huang Rumeng helped Sun Hao up, and after a look, she couldn’t help but change her face slightly.

After the divine thought glanced at Sun Hao, and after his breath was normal, she took a long breath.

“Young master, it seems that you are too tired. You should take a break!”

After speaking, Huang Rumeng carried Sun Hao into the room and laid him flat on the bed.

Then, she took a stool, dragged her cheeks with both hands, and stared at Sun Hao’s handsome face in a daze.

“No, I have to practice hard!”

“I must be worthy of the young master!”

“Strive to reach the divine realm as soon as possible!”

Thinking like this, Huang Rumeng sat cross-legged on the ground and began to practice.

The words were divided into two ends.

After Sun Hao fainted, the place he came to was in the starry sky of the universe again.

At this moment, the cosmic giant was facing him with his back.

Two beams of light ejected from the eyes of the cosmic giant and swept into the depths of darkness.


Sun Hao’s scalp exploded.

Looking at the depths of the universe, he couldn’t help frowning, and his face was full of panic.

Only to see.

In the darkness, another cosmic giant walked out. Every step could span a star field. Wherever the giant feet went, the planets shattered one after another.

Even the star, unable to withstand its coercion, turned into a stream of energy pouring into the cosmic giant.

This moment.

This cosmic giant also lit up with dazzling red light, like a star, making it impossible for people to look directly.


The two cosmic giants opened their mouths at the same time and let out a silent roar.

Then, they began to fight. It was unstoppable.  A burst of cosmic turbulence rushed through the darkness.

Everywhere it went, it annihilated everything. In an instant, Sun Hao was blasted into dust.


A sharp pain came.

Sun Hao’s consciousness shattered instantly.

Waking up again, his consciousness had returned to his body. He stared at the ceiling blankly, not moving for a long time.

One cosmic giant was already terrifying. Now two cosmic giants were simply unimaginable.

The problem is that the two of them were still fighting. In case they came running to the Purple Sun Planet for a fight, who would be able to resist?

At this thought, an overwhelming sense of urgency surged through his body.   He tried to struggle but found that he could not get up.

A stream of coldness ran through his meridians. This coldness was rapidly transforming his body.

“Is this the Heavenly Dao Body?”

Sun Hao was startled slightly.

Eyes, no, it should be said that his body of consciousness reveals ecstasy.

Finally waited until this day.

It was not easy.

I don’t know how awesome my talent will be after this transformation.

Can I break through to the qi condensation realm in one day and break through to the foundation-establishment realm in one month?……

The more he thought about it, the more excited Sun Hao became.

He also became more and more eager. He felt the changes in his body and waited quietly for the moment of recovery.

“Young master, it’s been ten days. Why haven’t you woken up yet?”

At this moment, a gentle voice was heard.

“Rumeng?”Sun Hao looked startled, “Have I been sleeping for ten days?”No way? It feels only a few seconds!”

 “Rumeng, Rumeng ……”

Sun Hao yelled several times in a row but found that Huang Rumeng seemed to have not heard him.

Only to see Huang Rumeng skillfully unbuttoned his clothes and took off his clothes. At this moment, Sun Hao was barenaked in front of Huang Rumeng.


Sun Hao’s heart seemed to jump out of his throat, and he was extremely nervous.

Isn’t this too stimulating?

All souls are about to ascend to heaven.


There was a splash of water. Huang Rumeng dried a towel and wiped it back and forth on Sun Hao’s body.

“Young master, even if you never wake up, Rumeng will always be by your side!”

Huang Rumeng murmured to herself, wiping Sun Hao’s body, not letting go of every corner, leaving no trace of dirt.

“Young master, what’s wrong with you? How come your body is still so dirty when I wipe it several times a day?”

When the towel was gently rubbed in the basin, the entire water basin turned muddy and thick as ink.

Huang Rumeng took the washbasin and walked away quickly.

Soon, she replaced it with another basin of clean water and wiped it back and forth on Sun Hao again.

Accidentally, she touched a place she shouldn’t have touched.


Like an electric shock, Sun Hao’s soul ascended to heaven. The divine dragon came out of the sea and roared wildly in the nine heavens. (*ahem)


Huang Rumeng let out a scream and took several steps back in fright.. Her face flushed, and she covered her eyes with her hands, not daring to look.

“Young master, are you awake?”

Huang Rumeng shouted.

However, there was no response.

“Scared me to death!”

Huang Rumeng patted her chest and walked back to Sun Hao.

Then, a small hand… 

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