VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours Chapter 4 A Strange Ring Dropped

-205. Vulnerability crit!




-467. Fatal! !!

When Su Bai stabbed a red-eyed rabbit in the chest, beating and hitting, terrifying damage suddenly burst out.

Exactly 467 points!

That red-eyed rabbit had lost more than half of its HP bar, so it was emptied directly!

Su Bai was stunned for a while!

“It’s terrifying damage; is it a fatal mechanism? How to trigger it? “

Su Bai pondered and then continued to pull monsters.

Next, he tried to hit the red-eyed rabbit in the chest and heart area.

However, fatal damage was a bit difficult to trigger.

For the time being, he didn’t know how it was triggered. Maybe it was related to some hidden attributes, such as luck and flair.

But it did not matter, and it was not a big problem.

Several red-eyed rabbits died by Su Bai’s sword a few minutes later.

Pick up the eyeballs and copper coins, and collect the eyeballs of 20 red-eyed rabbits.

Not planning to hand in the quest, Su Bai opened the map and walked toward a forest.

There was the place of the silver ring snake.


Not long after, Su Bai arrived.

He stood outside and probed carefully.

Then, he saw a big snake in the low grass.

It was more than two meters long, with thin thighs and a black body. There was a silver ring in the middle of the body.

“Mom, it’s really oozing…”

Su Bai looked at it, a little staggered. In modern society, this kind of snake was quite rare. It looked really scary.

Launching a probe, the information appeared.

[Silver Ring Snake]

Level: lv3

HP: 800

Damage: physical attack 29

Skills: Poison Injection

Details: Fierce viper, flexible. Be careful of its fangs; it was not a good thing to be bitten by it!

It looks OK. The HP and attack power were not exceptionally high, even a little low.

However, there was also the skill of injecting poison. It felt a bit unusual.

Su Bai points to the detailed skills.

[Poison injection]

Level: lv1

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Damage: Poison damage 23

Details: The silver ring snake bites the enemy and injects snake venom into it, causing 23 fixed poison damage for 10 seconds.

“It seems that we should be careful with its fangs. The poison damage is really high …”

Su Bai said secretly.

After confirming that the silver ring snake was alone, Su Bai went out and attracted the attention of the silver ring snake.


It raised its head, and the cold snake pupil stared at Su Bai. The snake hesitated and made a hissing sound.

“Come on.”

Su Bai hooked his fingers on it.

Being ridiculed, the silver ring snake swam decisively towards Su Bai.

The speed was much faster than that of the red-eyed rabbit.

In a few seconds, it came to Su Bai’s front, and a slender snake tail wrapped around Su Bai’s ankle.

Fortunately, Su Bai was not a vegetarian and responded quickly.

Moreover, he had the title to bless his three kinds of speeds.

Therefore, Su Bai can still keep up with the speed of the silver ring snake.

He jumped back, slashed his sword at the snake’s tail, and used a penetrating strike.


There was no critical strike triggered, but the damage was still high.

It was estimated that the defense of the ring snake was lower than that of the red-eyed rabbit.


With a painful hiss, the silver ring snake swung its tail wildly and struck Su Bai.

The speed was really too fast, so Su Bai avoided it and got hit.


His HP bar was immediately empty by a third, and Su Bai took a potion while chopping out a sword.

Hit me, and you want to run?


Still no crit damage.

“Well, do you want to play melee?”

Su Bai thought, be careful, and plan to find a chance to fight at a close distance.

Before long, he waited for his chance.

The snake’s tail attacked him, and Su Bai ducked him.

The attack fell through, and it took time to recover.

 It just so happened that the penetration strike hit the CD (cooldown), and Su Bai took this opportunity to pierce out with a sharp sword.

-957. Fatal! !!

When the sword went down, a huge scarlet number appeared on the head of the silver ring snake.

Fatal damage!

Under the terrifying damage, the silver ring snake didn’t say a word and was killed.

“Is the fatal damage trigger mechanism when the monster drops to a certain amount of health and attacks the fatal weak spot?”

Su Bai guessed, breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at what the silver ring snake dropped.


He let out a cry.

Because besides the silver ring snake’s body, there is a small ring.

“My luck is so good? It actually dropped equipment.”

Su Bai beamed, scrambling to pick up what came out.

A snake gall with a faint silver light and a faint scent in the fishy smell.

A dozen copper coins.

Finally, it was the ring.

The ring was white all over, its texture was like whey, and it was white with transparent ice.

The style was also exquisite and feminine.

Su Bai squinted his eyes and found a few brilliant rays of colorful light lingering inside the ring, which looked extraordinary!

The grade quality was not low!

How can there be such a thing in Novice Village?

Or by an ordinary monster …

Su Bai thought, probing the information of the ring.

[? ? ? ]

Grade:? ? ?

Quality:? ? ?

Category: Rings/Accessories

Attribute:? ? ?

Details: I didn’t know who left the ring in the jungle and was swallowed by a silver ring snake.

To Su Bai’s surprise, the attributes of this ring were all question marks!

That was to say, the level of this ring at least surpassed Su Bai level 5 or above.

This was outrageous!

A monster of lv3 could drop at least lv8 equipment?

That was impossible!

Su Bai held his chin up, and his eyes flashed, “According to my experience, there must be a hidden task behind this ring or something.”

“Well, I will go back to Novice Village and ask the village chief.”

Determined, Su Bai collected the ring into his backpack and continued to collect the snake gall.

With experience, it was much easier to kill.


“hissing ~ ~ ~”

In about 10 minutes, Su Bai killed the tenth silver ring snake.

Suddenly, golden light bloomed on him.

His HP and mana were all full, and he had been upgraded.


This time, at the 5-point free attribute point, Su Bai still exerts full strength.

It is worth mentioning that the Flying Cloud Sword, along with his level promotion, also reached lv3.

[Flying Cloud Sword]

Level: lv3

Quality: Silver

Category: Weapons

Attributes: Strength +23/ Intelligence +8

Damage: Physical attack +75/ Magic attack +18

Special attribute: Water attribute enhancement +16

Special addition: water attribute attack

Special damage: when attacking, add 7% water damage

Weapon skills: Deep Cloud, Freezing Water

Affix: Rumor had it that this sword was once a cloud in the realm of God, which fell to the mortal world and was cast into this sword by a great blacksmith.

[Note: This weapon will be upgraded equal to the player’s level, up to lv10. 】

Great improvement!

The physical attack went straight from 35 to 75.

Strength also increased by 11 points!

Su Bai’s physical attack had been greatly improved, reaching 189!!


Feeling comfortable, Su Bai turned off the panel and prepared to return to Novice Village.

After coming to the wild, the map information was open.

The tailor and the bar owner’s quest was to go deep into the level 5 area.

The trick was that I had to be careful. It was better to go back and prepare more HP and mana potions.

By the way, I could also hand over the quests of the village chief and blacksmith and explore the situation of the ring.

In ten minutes, Su Bai returned to Novice Village.

Without players, the novice village was still at peace.

Although there were few NPCs, they were harmonious and beautiful, just like a paradise.

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