VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours Chapter 3 – Devoted to Attack the Rabbits

 “Well …”

After a while, the blacksmith pondered and said, “Brave warrior, I really need your help.”

Su Bai’s eyes lit up, and he immediately said, “Just say it!”

“Well, my quenching liquid is running out. I need some red-eyed rabbit eyes to make them. They are in the red grassland not far from the village.”

“Are you willing to help me?”

When the blacksmith finished speaking, a system prompt popped up in front of Su Bai, asking him whether to take the quest.

Needless to say, of course, take it!

“Ding! You have accepted the quest of the Novice Village Blacksmith: [Quenching and Rabbit Eyes]”

[Quenching and Rabbit Eyes]

Difficulties: F

Requirements: Collect 20 red-eyed rabbits.

Progress: 0/20

Reward: Experience value *300, silver coin *3

There was no equipment reward for the task of the blacksmith, but it had more experience and two silver coins.

After receiving the quest, Su Bai left the blacksmith shop.

Continued to stroll, went to the tailor’s shop, and received a quest.

He was asked to go to the wild, kill 20 cat demons corroded by demonic energy, and collect demonic cat skins.

The difficulty level was E.

Awards are: Experience *500, Silver Coin *3, Cat Demon Armor *1 (optional parts)

Then he went to the shabby bar in the village, where only two or three villagers were drinking, and also received a quest.

The quest required Su Bai to kill the Goblin and collect 10 Goblin Hearts.

The difficulty was also E level.

The rewards are: experience*500, silver coins*3, intermediate life potion*3, intermediate energy or magic potion*3

It was pretty bountiful.

There were a total of four quests. After receiving them, Su Bai didn’t see any more important NPCs.

There were all only small children. Even if Su Bai went up, these small children were busy playing and ignoring him …

So Su Bai was about to set off.

He spent ten silver coins and bought ten bottles of healing potions and ten bottles of energy potions.

[Lower-level health potions]

Level: lv1

Quality: Excellent

Category: consumables

Cooldown: 15 seconds

 Details: After use, 120 points of HP were restored within 10 seconds.

[Low-level energy potion]

Level: lv1

Quality: Excellent

Category: consumables

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Details: After use, restore 70 energy points within 10 seconds.

The price of the two potions was 50 copper coins a bottle. Although the price was a bit expensive, the effect was not bad.

There was also a low-level ordinary quality potion, which only cost 20 copper coins, but the effect was good.

Unfortunately, intermediate potions need lv5 to be used.

Otherwise, he would buy intermediate potions.

After the preparation, Su Bai walked outside the village, ready to kill!

A few minutes later.

Su Bai came to a deep red grassland.

The grassland was very vast. There were many rabbits half a man tall. People stand up and walk up and down with a big stick.

Just in case, Su Bai first lost a probe.

[Despicable Red-eyed Rabbit]

Level: lv3

Category: Ordinary Monster

HP: 1000

Damage: Physical Attack 43

 Skills: Rabbit smashing peach

Affix: This is a despicable guy, be careful of its stick!

“My God, 43 attack damage, it will kill me in one hit?”

Su Bai secretly lamented and opened the information about the Rabbit Smashing Peaches.

[Rabbit Smashing Peaches]

Level: lv1

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Damage: Normal attack *250%; there is a certain chance of triggering fatal damage.

Details: Red-eyed rabbit wields its stick because it is not tall enough. It would only pay attention to the enemy’s following three routes.

Su Bai, “…”

Wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, this rabbit is really shady…

This game is too unfriendly. The next task is to face the monster.

He had only 40 HP when the Rabbit had 1000 HP.

After complaining about it, Su Bai still went out and picked a single rabbit.

Throwing a stone over attracted the attention of the red-eyed rabbit.


The Red-eyed rabbits roared violently, and the already red eyes became even more red and violent.

Brandishing a big stick, it rushed towards Su Bai.

“Hey, the speed is not fast. The body is estimated to be too big, so the speed is slow.”

Su Bai was relieved a lot, and he still fought.

Under the condition of the rabbit’s slow speed, he still had the confidence to kill without injury.

Soon, the rabbit rushed to Su Bai’s body, and the stick in his hand aimed violently at Su Bai’s lower body.

The opening was a rabbit smashing peaches!

The momentum was violent, and this hit was enough for Su Bai to die several times…

“Whoosh ~”

But Su Bai stepped aside, easily dodged, and stabbed it with a backhand sword.

Although he had never used a sword, Su Bai felt good.

The sword stabbed accurately, hitting the neck of the red-eyed rabbit.

According to Su Bai’s experience in online games, some online games have the mechanism of weakness and injury, and this game also had it.

-178. Vulnerability crit!

Sure enough, a numerical value popped up, which proved Su Bai’s idea.

Even with level suppression, Su Bai still hit 178 points of serious damage!

The red-eyed rabbit’s HP bar was instantly empty!


The red-eyed rabbit froze for a moment and then screamed.

Its eyes were red, turned around and hit Su Bai with a stick again.

Of course, this attack had no power before, just normal attacks.

But Su Bai still didn’t dare to underestimate him. After all, ordinary attacks were enough for him.

Fortunately, the red-eyed rabbit’s attack speed was very slow.

Su Bai stepped sideways again, still getting out of the way easily, with a backhand sword.

This time, he inspired the skill of “Penetration Strike.”

Su Bai felt the heat flow emerging in his body, which spread to his arm, and his arm muscles were solidified, and his sword potential was obviously fierce and powerful.

-247. Vulnerability crit!

Damage explosion!

It’s almost breaking 300!

Two swords went down, and almost half of the red-eyed rabbit’s HP dropped!


The red-eyed rabbit was incompetent and furious and turned to hammer a stick at Su Bai.

Su Bai still stepped aside, dodged, and sent a sword stab.

-181. Vulnerability crit!

Although the red-eyed rabbit damage was terrifying, its attack was still relatively simple.

You only needed to wait for it to attack first and send a sword attack while it was slow and exhausted to live.



-179. Vulnerability crit!

The last sword fell, and the red-eyed rabbit screamed and stumbled to the floor.

Added 60 points of experience to Su Bai, and the experience bar soared by 20%!

Over level and killing, the experience was quite impressive.

Su Bai picked up the red-eyed rabbit on the ground.

Two eyes, a dozen copper coins.


 Su Bai complained, putting things into his backpack.

He only needed nine more red-eyed rabbits to be killed to complete the blacksmith’s quest.

With experience, Su Bai soon got started, killing monsters faster.

Basically, one could be solved in less than half a minute!

After becoming more proficient, he even pulled two red-eyed rabbits.

-183. Vulnerability crit!

-177. Vulnerability crit!

“Pumping ~ ~ ~.”

“Pumping ~ ~ ~.”

The red-eyed rabbit died suddenly, dropping out its eyeballs and a dozen copper coins.

He killed five in total, and 120 experience points were absorbed. Su Bai suddenly burst into golden light, and he leveled up!


Su Bai gained five free attribute points.

After thinking about it, Su Baiquan added … Strength!

Su Bai’s creed was that as long as you kill all the monsters, you don’t have to worry that you will die!

After adding points, he continued!

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