The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 99 – Mr. Yin’s Style is Like This

Translator: Aprilie

You know, which country could leave energy now?

There were many countries that wanted to cooperate with the Yin consortium, okay?

Mo Zixin calmed down quickly after experiencing Yin Sichen’s ridicule!

He deserved to be the best existence among the Mo family descendants, and he quickly saw the situation in front of him.

Yin Sichen had nothing to fear.

It was true that he would cooperate with the Mo family, but how to cooperate, it was necessary to talk about it!

Mo Zixin relied on his military and political background, and naturally he was proud.

Therefore, Mo Zixin also developed a habit of having a superior attitude, no matter who he cooperated with.

For the Yin family, Mo Zixin was the same.

But Mo Zixin forgot. Yin Sichen was not afraid of him at all.

In other words, the Yin consortium was not afraid of him at all!

Even if Mo Zixin was so powerful, he could only cover the sky with one hand at that point, and he couldn’t cover the other part of the sky.

Besides, the foundation of Yin’s consortium was not in the country at all. The Yin family would play with you when they were happy. If they were not happy, they could pack their stalls and go abroad at any time.

Would the Mo family just stare by then?

The most important thing was that the Mo family’s hand couldn’t reach N city and S city.

To put it bluntly, these were also Yin Sichen’s territory!

Now that Mo Zixin had offended Yin Sichen, how could the leaders of N city and S city agree?

How could it work?

Therefore, even if it was a loss, Mo Zixin had to smile and keep his face down.

It was quickly after figuring this out that Mo Zixin’s heart became more stuffy.

He had never been defeated in his life and had never met a real opponent.

But with Yin Sichen, he stumbled hard.

Sure enough, Yin Sichen really was a character who could fly in the three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia!

Seeing that Mo Zixin seemed to have figured it out, Yin Sichen didn’t talk nonsense anymore. He threw the contract on the table to the ground, and patted the new contract on the table.

Yin Sichen was so spiritful, and he looked at Mo Zixin so excitedly, “That contract is indeed a bit fucking, I have criticized my assistant severely! This contract is what I really want to talk about today. So, President Mo, are you ready to cooperate with me?”

At this point, what else could Mo Zixin say?

Yin Sichen had calculated all his possibilities, and blocked all his roads!

What could he say besides working well together?

Mo Zixin couldn’t help but sighed and said, “Everyone outside said that I was a business emperor who was comparable with you. At this moment, I realized how outrageous what the outsiders said… However, Yin Sichen, these aren’t the only cards I have, you know? Becoming a man is more than enough!”

Otherwise, I didn’t mind cutting off a few of your arms!

Yin Sichen smiled suddenly.

Not only did he move one of Mo Zixin’s arms last night, he also cut a small tail this morning, directly investing money to acquire Mo Zixin’s subsidiary in his hometown.

Yin Sichen wanted Mo Zixin to understand that the Yin family was rich and capricious!

Mo Zixin took a deep breath and said nothing more. He directly opened the contract on the desk and looked at it carefully from beginning to end.

This contract was much better than the previous one, but many conditions were still very demanding!

Mo Zixin frowned and said, “Since we have been honest and open, shall we reconsider this proportional issue?”

“There is nothing to discuss,” Yin Sichen directly refused. “President Mo should know the extent of the domestic energy shortage. It seems that short-sightedness is not your style.”

Mo Zixin gritted his teeth for a while.

Since childhood, he had never been so stubborn!

If Mu Ruona saw this scene, she would pat Mo Zixin’s shoulder very sympathetically.

It’s okay, brother, you’re not the only one. Really, my boss hasn’t won Yin Sichen for so many years.

If you complain about it once, my boss has been depressed for his whole life.

He had never turned over from Yin Sichen’s hands…

Yin Sichen said unintentionally, “I heard that the northwest is also very interested in energy…”

Yin Sichen clicked to the end, the following words need not be said, the other party should also know what it meant.

Sure enough, Mo Zixin’s complexion changed drastically!

Northwest was also a land of energy!

Yin Sichen knew that his task was almost completed today, and suddenly stretched his waist and said, “The weather is getting colder! I heard that the place where you live is like spring in all seasons?”

Mo Zixin’s eyes flashed violently for a few moments, which only suppressed the anger at the bottom of his heart and said, “Mr. Yin, you really is extraordinary! This contract is really too important. I can’t reply at the moment, I need to go back. Hold a general meeting of shareholders to make decisions.”

Yin Sichen made a light gesture.

Mo Zixin gritted his teeth again.

Obviously, they were all rising stars and the hopes of the family. It was okay not to compare. In such a comparison, Mo Zixin suddenly understood Yin Sichen’s mood at that time!

In the meeting room, the two decided to cooperate in a pleasant way. Gu Xixi made a quick turn and finally unlocked all the equipment in the area.

Who made the rules!

You had to sign it yourself!

Mu Ruona had an indifferent expression and said, “Don’t bother, I guess we won’t be here for long.”

Huh? What did she mean?

As for the contract that Yin Sichen came up with, Mo Zixin could only sign it!

If you were not there, don’t let the two get together.

To be honest, both of them had pretty faces, if they caught the flowers…

Gu Xixi’s thinking had moved towards the unrestrained side, and she would never looked back…

Gu Xixi said to Mu Ruona, “Okay, I won’t be with you anymore. I have to go back quickly! For this cooperation, I have read a lot of books and read examples. I can’t miss such a great opportunity to practise! I will go first, alright!”

After finishing this sentence, before Mu Ruona could stop her, Gu Xixi had already run away.

Mu Ruona was someone who knew Yin Sichen very well.

Of course she knew why Yin Sichen deliberately led Gu Xixi away.

It was just that this woman seemed to be a little too confident.

As soon as Gu Xixi returned to the meeting room, she found that the atmosphere was a bit strange and harmonious!

Oh my god, how could Mo Zixin still laugh so happily at such a cheating contract?

Was he really the Mo family?

Would he be just watching Yin Sichen pit him like that?

Was this unscientific?

As soon as Gu Xixi came in, Yin Sichen quickly raised his eyes.

Gu Xixi was worried that the two would fight, so she ran all the way, her face was reddish and her breath was slightly gasping.

Yin Sichen looked at Gu Xixi, and somehow he remembered that night. It was the same face that night.

When Yin Sichen thought of this, he suddenly realized that Mo Zixin was still around!

He couldn’t let Mo Zixin see Gu Xixi’s beautiful side.

Yin Sichen strode over and directly combed Gu Xixi’s hair with his fingers, covering Mo Zixin’s sight with his body.

Gu Xixi was upset to see Yin Sichen suddenly become so gentle to her.

Yin Sichen, what do you mean?

I finally suppressed all my thoughts about you, what do you mean by coming over and teasing me again?

Didn’t you fall in love with Lin Xiaoya? Are you going to tease her?

Yes, I didn’t know what to do the other day.

I was also delusional that I could go further with you.

You have told me to give up with practical actions, and I have done it according to your requirements. What else do you want?

That night, it was like… It was like a dream!

Everyone was an adult and there was nothing we couldn’t bear.

Yin Sichen’s eyes sank when he saw the impatience in Gu Xixi’s eyes.

Did she like Mo Zixin so much?

Or was it because she had a face that looked exactly like Yun Ye, so she should like Mo Zixin even with it?

Yin Sichen felt that his heart was burning up at the thought of Gu Xixi smiling at Mo Zixin.

Gu Xixi whispered suddenly with a smile, “Hey, what are you crazy about? Why are you pulling my hair?”

Yin Sichen came back to his senses. He hadn’t controlled his strength just yet, and he pulled out her hair.

“I didn’t pay attention just now, or else… I won’t be pulling off your hair.” After finishing this sentence, Yin Sichen lowered his head and asked Gu Xixi to pull his hair.

Seeing Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi so blatantly show love, they blinded all the single dogs present.

Gu Xixi greeted Yin Sichen’s playful eyes, and her whole person felt bad.

Yin Sichen… Are you seducing me?

“Cough…” Mo Zixin could no longer look down.

Although he knew that Gu Xixi was not Yun Ye, the two were really alike.

Mo Zixin really couldn’t be indifferent.

When Yin Sichen heard Mo Zixin finally make a sound, a trace of such an expression flashed in his eyes. 

Yin Sichen tested Mo Zixin’s attitude towards Gu Xixi, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

It seemed that the lesson was not enough…

Gu Xixi finally reached out and slapped Yin Sichen’s hand, lowering her voice and saying, “That contract…”

“It’s none of your business, you don’t need to care about it.” Yin Sichen said quickly, “Gu Xixi, you’d better put away those thoughts that shouldn’t be there, I don’t mind letting you understand your responsibilities again!”

Gu Xixi heard Yin Sichen’s words, and suddenly her cheeks turned red!

Today’s goal had been achieved, and Mo Zixin had no mood to stay.

However, when he said goodbye, Mo Zixin looked at Gu Xixi meaningfully and said, “I heard that you like to grow flowers, Miss Gu. Coincidentally, I just bought a villa where the mountains are full of flowers. I will Invite guests and friends to enjoy the flowers there in a few days. If you don’t mind, please come together.”

Gu Xixi quickly looked at Yin Sichen.

Mo Zixin immediately said, “I will send you the invitation when the time comes.”

Yin Sichen’s eyes smiled unclearly, “How come we say no to President Mo’s invitation?”

Yin Sichen made the speech, and Gu Xixi’s face was relieved, “Naturally.”

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