It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 338 – Sealing the Ancient Fortress, Scourge of the Mind

Demon Ancestor Mountain, at the center of the Burying Demon Mountain Range.

Here, there was a flat ground.

A semicircular fortress with a height of 100 meters stood on the flat ground. From a distance, it looked like a huge circular tomb. The fortress was made of black stone, with no doors or windows on it.

Each stone was covered with dense formations, one after another, forming a large seal formation.

On the ground around the fortress, every 100 meters,  there was a circular formation plate carved which was used to release mana and produce the power of suppression.

On top of each circular formation, there was a body sitting there, motionless.

The wind blew, and the clothes on his body were hunting and torn apart. Under the clothes, a skeleton was wrapped.


Suddenly, bursts of vibration sounded. The whole fortress was trembling. Waves of qi shot out from the crevices of the ancient fortress stones and rushed straight to the sky.


Every time the wave of qi hit the sky, it would create a crack. The turbulence of space roared in the cracks, making people feel numb.

After a long time, the vibration of the fortress gradually stopped.



Several figures rushed over quickly; these people were Huang Youli and the others. They stood in front of the fortress, their eyes motionless.

Afterward, Huang Youli ran to the front of a skeleton, tears in her eyes unconsciously falling, “Ancestor!”

Hu Liena glanced around, and finally, her gaze was fixed on a skeleton. Without any hesitation, he ran away and hugged him, “Ancestor, you…”

Hu Liena cried sadly.

After a long time, the two of them recovered from their sadness.

“Mother, this is the ancestor?”Hu Luociao asked.


Hu Liena nodded, “You two don’t stand still, help me out and bury all the seniors!”


Everyone moved quickly, and in less than a moment, they buried dozens of skeletons in place.

Standing in front of the grave, Huang Youli led everyone to bow and salute.

“Seniors, you died for the Demon Ancestor Mountain, we will never forget it!”

“Everything that follows, it will be left to us!”

Huang Youli turned around, looked at everyone, and asked, “Are you ready?”

“All right!”

They nodded together with faces full of determination.

“Hoo ……”

They transformed rapidly and sat on top of the circular formation plates in different directions. The immortal energy in the body was mobilized, placed in the palm of the hand, and pressed on the formation plate.

“Phew ……”

The formation on the ground lit up with dazzling light.

“Swoosh ……”

Rays of light flew from the formation and poured into the fortress.

 “Phew ……”

These rays of light flowed throughout the ancient fortress along the formation pattern on the ancient fortress.

The blinding light lit up from the ancient fortress, forming a channel of sealing power rushing into the ground.


A roar came from the ground.


The fortress trembled up and down sharply and seemed to be breaking apart. From a distance, From afar, it looked like boiling water hitting the lid of a pot, and it was alarming to watch.

Huang Youli showed an extremely solemn expression on her face and yelled, “Seal with all your strength!”

The six of them frantically extracted the immortal power of their bodies and released it on the formation.


A burst of sealing power whistled down and surged into the ground.  With each whistle, a miserable howl would be heard from the ground.

“Stop! Stop it!”

Suddenly, there was a human voice from the ground.

After Huang Youli and the others heard it, they did not stop and desperately extracted the immortal power from their bodies and poured it into the fortress.

“You guys hurry up and stop, or you will die!”

“I’m the Rift Sky Ancient. You got the wrong target!”

“Hurry up and stop. I can’t suppress it anymore!”

Bursts of roars kept coming.

“Humph, it’s you that’s sealed! You are an ancient beast that endangers the world, give up your life here today!” Huang Youli roared.

“You are really mistaken. Although this seat is an ancient beast, I have not harmed the world!”

“If you don’t stop, you will definitely leave your lives here!”

“Listen to what this seat says, leave quickly. Otherwise, it will be too late!”

Such sounds came into the ears of several people from time to time, and they were shocked.

However, the crowd did not stop and became even more frantic.


A harsh and miserable howl came from the ground, and then the sound gradually stopped.


There was a tremor in the sky. The spatial cracks and spatial turbulence gradually disappeared. Those birds that were confined to the sky fell directly to the ground. Peace was restored all around.


Huang Youli looked around at this scene, and after taking a few breaths of relief, she stood up one after another.

“I’m too scared, and the Rift Sky Ancient can affect a person’s mind!”

“Yes, it’s true. I almost believed it!”

“Fortunately, I was strong-willed. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable!” 

The crowd came together. Huang Youli genuinely smiled, “Thank you all for your hard work, and I didn’t expect this crisis to be resolved!”

“Aunt Huang, don’t be polite. It is our responsibility to guarding the Demon Ancestor Mountain!”Hu Luociao said.

“Yes, Aunt Huang! We should thank the young master for his help, and it was his help that made us grow to this point!”Hu Luoxian said.

“Xiaoxian is right!”Huang Youli nodded, “I thought we would die here like the ancestors. It seems that I thought too much!”

“The Young Master has done everything, and he should be well aware of the situation here!”

“He instructed us to come here, so he must have absolute certainty!”

Having said that, Hu Luoxian walked up to Hu Liena, “Mother, have I completed this great task?”

“Not bad!”Hu Liena nodded.

“Great, you can follow the Young Master in the future!”

Hu Luoxian’s two fox ears kept shaking with an excited look.

“That’s only if the Young Master is willing to let you follow!”

“With Sister Rumeng around, what’s the point of you following him?” Hu Luociao said.

“Serving tea and pouring water, I’m good at everything. Sister Rumeng is already a demon emperor. Can’t you let Sister Rumeng do everything?”Hu Luoxian said.

“Huh, what I’m talking about is that they live in a two-person world. What are you doing next to them!” Hu Luociao said.

“Don’t worry about it!”

Hu Luoxian raised his head high and looked proud, “I see you. This is jealousy!”

“Say it again!”

“I said you are jealous!”


“It hurts……”

“Lighten up, my ears are going to be broken by you!”

Huang Youli and Hu Liena smiled knowingly when they saw this scene.

After nodding to each other, Hu Liena said, “Okay, we should go back!”


Everyone stepped forward, but they hadn’t taken a few steps.

At this time.


There was a vibration from the fortress.

This sudden sound startled a few people. Looking back, everyone couldn’t help but their pupils contracted, and their faces changed drastically. The hairs all over their bodies exploded, and the endless cold enveloped the whole body.

“This…what the hell is this?”

“Mother, I…what should we do? My heart seems to stop beating!”

“Me too, this…this thing is not something we can deal with! Youli, what should I do now?”

“Nana, listen to my command later. Everyone runs separately! If anyone is able to run, hurry up and tell the Young Master about it!”


With a shout, several people resorted to various means and fled quickly.

However, it was too late …

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