It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 337 – Here I Come!

To the west of the Tianluo Continent, there was an endless ocean. This ocean was called the Endless Sea.

On a huge island.


A dull and loud sound kept coming.

“Hoo ……”

Shock waves kept whistling out. The ground shook, and the sand and gravel trembled.

At the center of the island, a giant ape held an iron rod in his hand and fought with a skeleton monster.


A loud sound would burst out every time they collided. The shock wave of terror kept whistling in all directions.


Their weapons collided, and the fire splattered everywhere.

“My evil clan of 108,000 islands, hundreds of millions of brothers, have all been destroyed by you!”

“This hatred is as deep as a sea of blood and must be avenged!”

“Today, you will not leave! You must leave your life here!”

The skeleton monster spouted human words and kept waving the great sword.

The great in his hand was like bullets, numbing the great ape’s hands numb with every attack.

The tiger’s mouth had already cracked, and blood covered the entire iron rod. However, the great ape did not give up; he gritted his teeth and persisted, struggling to support. Behind him, four figures fell to the ground, their faces pale.

These four people are the four masters and apprentices led by Ning Mingzhi.

“Master, why is this last difficulty so great? Big brother can’t stand it anymore! What should we do? What should we do?”

The pig demon screamed again and again.

“There is no way!”

Ning Mingzhi was as angry as a gossamer and reluctantly squeezed out a sentence, “Since we can’t cross the 81 tribulations, I guess this is fate!”

“It’s all my fault, and I’m not strong enough to protect you all!” Ning Mingzhi’s face was full of apologies.

“Master, don’t say that. I don’t blame you! Blame me, blame me for being too weak!”

The drought demon gritted his teeth and struggled, trying to stand up, but he was too heavily injured to stand up.

“Big brother, come on!”

“You are wearing the armor given by the Young Master, and you will be fine!”

The one-horned horse’s eyes blossomed with a light of hope and spoke.

“If it were not for the armor sent by the Young Master, how could Big Brother hold on until now?

“I’m afraid we will be wiped out long ago!”The pig demon’s face was full of bitterness.

Their eyes were all fixed on the great ape.

Only to see.


The great ape gritted his teeth and roared, aiming the rod at the skeleton giant and smashing it down.


There was a loud noise.

The great ape was hit by the force of the anti-shock and stepped back, and it took a long time to stabilize his figure.

“Dead monkey, stop your struggle!”

“It’s useless!”

“Die early and be born early!”

“When you die, I will refine you into a puppet of this seat!”

The skeleton giant said sentence by sentence, with the great sword in his hand swinging flexibly.


A sword fell, and the air roared.


The giant ape was unable to react and fell down with a bang.


Both his legs kneeled down, and the ground crumbled layer by layer and sank downward.

The skeleton giant with the great sword in his hand pressed against the iron rod, emitting a piercing high-frequency dry sound.

The giant ape’s hands trembled, and his entire body was trembling violently, ready to collapse at any moment.


There was a loud noise, and the great ape fell heavily to the ground. The entire iron rod flew out directly.


The speed of the sword did not decrease, and he quickly slashed at the head of the great ape.


“Big brother!”



Four cries of alarm rang out at the same time. They closed their eyes and did not dare to see this tragic scene. As they watched, the great sword was about to cut the neck of the great ape.

At this time.


Two golden phantoms flew from the void. One entered the great ape’s body and the other into the iron rod.

At this moment, the injuries on the giant ape’s body recovered rapidly.


However, the speed of the sword did not decrease, and it still fell on the neck of the great ape.


There was a sound.

This sword was like slashing on a divine weapon. The sword in the hand of the skeleton giant cracked directly.

However, it wasn’t over, and a recoil force ruthlessly crashed into the skeleton giant.


The skeleton giant flew upside down and hit the ground heavily, blasting dust into the sky.


The great ape flew slowly, standing in the air, his body blooming with golden brilliance.

His body shrank rapidly, and finally, it became the size of a human.


The armor on his body broke away from his body and flew out.


There was a sound of metal cracking. The armor broke apart in the sky and split into three. As if it had consciousness, it changed rapidly.

One piece turned into a purple gold seven-star crown.

One piece turned into a pair of lotus root silk step cloud shoes.

One piece turned into a piece of chain golden armor.

“Ding Ding……”

These three pieces flew quickly and were directly put on the monkey demon.


The monkey demon opened his eyes, and two golden rays burst out.

He stood in the air, looking in the direction of Demon Ancestor Mountain, and bowed deeply, “Young Master, your great grace, I will never forget it!”

“Old fellow, come here!”

The monkey demon let out a soft cry.


Heaven and earth trembled. The iron rod inserted into the ground flew rapidly and landed in the monkey demon’s hand. At the moment, the monkey demon held the iron rod.


Cracks spread throughout the iron rod one by one. Above the iron rod, a layer of iron skin peeled off, revealing its original shape. The dazzling golden light lit up from the iron rod. On it, there are a few golden characters written in large letters, “Ru Yi Golden Rod!”


The golden rod kept circling around the monkey demon with an expression like a puppy cheering when he saw his owner.

“Alright, alright!”

“Are you satisfied with the flesh body that Young Master rebuilt for you?” The monkey demon asked.


The golden hoop rod kept circling and trembling up and down, as in nodding.

Watching such a scene, Ning Mingzhi and others in their eyes couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

Suddenly, Ning Mingzhi’s scalp exploded. He pointed behind the monkey demon and yelled, “Be careful!”

However, it was too late.

Only to see.

Behind the monkey demon, the skeleton giant picked up the black giant sword, with the momentum of cutting everything, aimed at the monkey demon’s head and slashed it down.

All these, the monkey demon seemed to have not discovered them. Or, he didn’t have time to react at all.


The sky was torn apart by the giant black sword. Terrifying might, pressuring heaven and earth, straight down.

The moment the giant sword was about to cut the monkey demon.


The monkey demon snorted coldly, and his cold killing intent burst out. He turned his head and waved his hand.


The golden rod rapidly grew longer, hitting the skeleton giant on the eyebrow instantly.

The giant black sword that fell was set in the air, a few centimeters away from the monkey demon.


The dao seal centered on the eyebrows of the skeleton giant cracked and spread to the whole body.


The skeleton giant’s body cracked a little bit and exploded into dust. Even the giant black sword in his hand was no exception.

Such a scene directly shocked Ning Mingzhi and the four of them. The expressions on everyone’s faces were surprisingly similar. Words cannot describe the shock and disbelief.


The monkey demon retracted the golden hoop, turned into a ray of golden light, and sent it into his ears. Then, he flew down and came to Ning Mingzhi and others.

“Phew ……”

He took a soft breath. A wisp of golden light surged through their bodies. At this moment, everyone recovered quickly from their injuries. In less than a moment, they recovered as before.

After a long time.

Ning Mingzhi returned to his senses, stood up, and looked at the monkey demon up and down, “Little monkey, you?”

“Master, my name is not Monkey; my name is Sun Wukong!”

Having said that, in the eyes of the monkey demon, a murderous intent burst out.

He stared at the West, “Old Tathagata, wait for this seat!”

After regaining his mood, Sun Wukong spoke again, “Master, in fact, I just regained my memory just now!”

“Recovered your memory?”

Ning Mingzhi’s eyes were full of puzzlement.

“Master, listen to me carefully!”

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