The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 160: Give This Lttle Kun Kun to Me

Yuan Ancestor looked at Lu Yiping in shock and anger, just now Lu Yiping swung Lei Hao, Chen Youqian, and others into the Kun Peng Ancestral Land, each of them, were shooting at him.

So within the ancestral land, he had just been busy dodging Lei Hao, Chen Youqian, and others.

However, Lu Yiping’s last stroke, the Kun Peng Divine Sect, the five major sects of the Lifeless Sect two thousand dimensional lords, tens of thousands of Heavenly Gods all blasted into the ancestral land, he simply had nowhere to hide, and could only escape from the ancestral land.

“Who the hell is your Excellency?!” The Yuan Ancestor was shocked and enraged and looked at Lu Yiping with significantly more fear in his eyes.

There was no plane law, but the power was so strong!

It was so strong that people couldn’t describe it.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Lu Yiping’s body, and their eyes were shocked and frightened.

Lin Ze and the others who had originally come to Kunpeng Sect with Lu Yiping had a creepy feeling when they recalled that they had talked and laughed with Lu Yiping before.

This young man with deep eyes, calm, relaxed, and easygoing turned out to be a beast.

At this moment, suddenly, a large group of masters flew into the sky in the distance.

Originally, all the attention of everyone was on Lu Yiping’s body, but when they saw the arrivals, there was also a commotion.

“Peerless Wine Saint!”

The founder of the Peerless Tavern! He was also the only named disciple of the Saint Demon.

“Lord Cheng Shuanglong!”

“Lord Zhou Lin!”

“Lord Miao Qingyang!”

When everyone saw the existence of a deity behind Peerless Wine Saint, they were shocked and shouted.

These were all supreme overlords who had followed Lord Saint Demon back then and followed him around.

“Eighteen of them!” The old ancestor of the Mysterious Heavenly Sect, Ji Tian, was shocked.

The eighteen great war gods that followed the Saint Demon were all dispatched this time.

“Didn’t the Peerless Tavern reject the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s invitation? Why are you coming out now? “Someone said.

Everyone was surprised.

Previously, the Kun Peng Divine Sect Lei Hao personally sent an invitation to the Peerless Wine Tavern’s Peerless Wine Saint, hoping that the Peerless Wine Saint would come to the Kun Peng Divine Sect event and besiege Lu Yiping together, but the Peerless Wine Saint rejected it on the spot and blasted the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s messenger half to death.

Now, however, the Peerless Wine Saint personally led the eighteen warriors under the Saint Demon to come.

To the astonishment of everyone, they only saw that the Peerless Wine Saint came to the scene and then flew towards Lu Yiping without stopping his footsteps.

Cheng Shuanglong’s eighteen people followed after the Peerless Wine Saint.

When everyone saw this, they felt even more surprised.

“I heard that Lu Yiping demolished the Mysterious Ancient City’s Peerless Tavern, the Peerless Wine Saint shouldn’t be looking for Lu Yiping to settle the score, right?” A patriarch said.

“How is that possible? Gu Wushuang couldn’t possibly go against Lu Yiping for a mere Peerless Tavern! Unless Gu Wushuang’s head was caught in the Chaos Iron Door.” Another Patriarch shook his head.

Under the gaze of everyone, Gu Wushuang led Cheng Shuanglong and eighteen others to approach Lu Yiping.

At this moment, the Kun Peng Divine Beast in Lu Yiping’s hand was still as straight as a dead corpse.

As he got closer to Lu Yiping, Gu Wushuang looked at the Kun Peng Divine Beast that was as straight as a corpse, and felt his heart speeding up.

Cheng Shuanglong, Zhou Lin, Miao Qingyang eighteen people, who followed behind Gu Wushuang, Isn’t that true?

Eventually, Gu Wushuang and Cheng Shuanglong’s eighteen people arrived in front of Lu Yiping, and suddenly, Gu Wushuang and Lu Yiping knelt down and said respectfully and unusually, “Disciple Gu Wushuang pays respects to Master!”

“We pay our respects to Master Ancestor!”

Cheng Shuanglong, Zhou Lin, Miao Qingyang eighteen people worshiped in unison, shouting loudly.

The strongest people from all sides were silent.

“Master Ancestor?!” Lin Ze was taken aback.

Everyone knows that Gu Wushuang is the named disciple of Lord Saint Demon and the ancestor of Gu Wushuang. Wouldn’t he be the master of Lord Saint Demon!

“Lu Yiping is Lord Saint Demon’s master?!” A Plane Lord giant was somewhat in disbelief.

Saint Demon!

Straddling the Nine Heavens, the Divine Lands, the Hell of the Underworld! Invincible for a full three eras.

In these 100,000 years, if we talk about who had the highest prestige, it was undoubtedly the Saint Demon.

Even many ancient existences 100,000 years ago were far inferior to the Saint Demon.

But no one knew who was the master of the Saint Demon.

Now, the Ancestor of Lightning Punishment Lu Yiping was actually the master of the Saint Demon!

The Yuan Ancestor looked at Gu Wushuang and was also dumbfounded.

Although he has not been in the hidden world for many eras, he also knew about the Saint Demon.

Gu Wushuang, Cheng Shuanglong, and the others knelt there, in fact, so nervous that their palms were sweating.

“Get up.” Lu Yiping said indifferently to Gu Wushuang, Cheng Shuanglong, and the others.

Only then did Gu Wushuang, Cheng Shuanglong, and the others get up respectfully as if they had been pardoned.

At this moment, Lu Yiping still pinched the Kun Peng Divine Beast’s enormous wings, Gu Wushuang, Cheng Shuanglong, and others stood by the side of the Kun Peng Divine Beast, as small as dust.

“So fellow Daoist is the master of the Holy Demon.” Yuan Ancestor came back to his senses and cupped his fist to Lu Yiping.

He addressed Lu Yiping as a fellow Daoist.

Lu Yiping was the Saint Demon’s master, and in his opinion, was of the same generation as him.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull came to Lu Yiping at this time, looked at the Kun Peng Divine Beast, and smiled at Lu Yiping, “Master, give it to me I also want to try to play it with my hand.”

Lu Yiping threw the Kun Peng Divine Beast to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull took the Kun Peng Divine Beast, then picked it up and directly swung it.

The Kun Peng Divine Beast brought up rolling waves of Qi and then came across Yuan Ancestor.

Feeling the terrifying power contained in the Kun Peng Divine Beast, the Yuan Ancestor’s face changed dramatically, and his whole body surged with the laws of the realm, fiercely slapping both palms at the Kun Peng Divine Beast.

With a single slap, his palm force was like a tsunami, and 110,000 golden rays of plane laws bloomed.

“One hundred and eleven thousand plane laws!” Cheng Wushuang and the others were shocked.

Many giants, who cultivated for a thousand years, might not be able to increase the power of a hundred thousand plane combat power, while for a Master of the Plane was even more difficult to condense a single plane law.

Yuan Ancestor, however, possessed 110,000-plane laws.


He slapped his palm on top of the Kun Peng Divine Beast.

The Kun Peng Divine Beast gave a lurch.

But in the next moment, suddenly, the Kun Peng Divine Beast swept across at an even faster speed.


Everyone saw the Yuan Ancestor, who had cultivated 110,000 plane laws, was hit by the sweeping blast and shot directly into the Kun Peng Ancestral Land, just like Lei Hao, Chen Youqian, and the others earlier.

The sky-shaking noise was endless for a long time.

Everyone looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and couldn’t speak for a while.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull waved the Kun Peng Divine Beast in his hand and said, “It feels pretty good, in the future, if you don’t like who you see, you can practice with this little Peng Peng.”

Everyone was speechless.

Half of the Kun Peng Divine Sect mountain gate size-Kun Peng Divine Beast, can it be called small Kun Peng?

When The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said this, he smiled at Lu Yiping, “Master, can you give me this little Kun Kun?”

Come on, just now the little Kun Peng, now the little Kun Kun.

“You don’t need your iron rod?” Lu Yiping said.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s weapon was the largest pillar of heaven in the General Palace of the Sword Heaven, only this time out, it had not been taken out to use.

Of course, apart from the Universe Cauldron, Lu Yiping also had a weapon.

“To kill these people, you can’t use the heavenly pillar yet.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “This little Kun Kun is more suitable.”

Lu Yiping smiled, so he let him be, and stepped into the Kun Peng ancestral land.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull sealed the Kun Peng Divine Beast and threw it into his own spatial divine weapon, following Lu Yiping into the Kun Peng Ancestral Land.

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